Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Divine Egyptian Council Journey Highlights March 2016

In our recent journey to meet with The Divine Egyptian Council, it opened with a blessing by Vishnu with his lotus and mace. Thus far, it seems we are always come before Vishnu first upon entering the chamber of deities. He gave us a calibration to his lotus flower that represents fertility and creation. In one Hindu creation story, the lotus sprang from Vishnu's naval as he considered the creation of man. The mace that Vishnu holds symbolizes mental and physical strength. The mace also represents the strength of time in the sense that nothing conquers time and, by comparison, nothing that stands against the mace can conquer it. This was a connection to the divine presence within that is timeless.

Kuan Yin showed us, 'The Fabric of Time,' with the phrase, "A stitch in time, saves nine." We were given the paradigm of self forgiveness of all that exists in the now. Everything is simultaneous, being in the present moment transcends all in our perceived timelines that the illusion of past and future depicts. It is from the present reference point you meet your Beloved Self of True Love with nothing to forgive but your humanity, that is the pathway to the Soul Self.

Mother Mary was scene holding her cloak open with energy that showed up in multiple colors and frequencies offered to the group. Upon internet research, it is found that this act is referred to as, 'Mary's Mantle.' Mary's Mantle is said to be a protective blessing from the Mother of God, holding you close to her heart of compassion. This journey's theme was very much about the compassionate heart and True Love that the Saints and Gods/Goddesses supported us to realize in our consciousness during this group healing with them.

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