Friday, April 28, 2017

April Divine Council Journey- Resurrection Purification Ceremony

The following entry is transcribed from a recorded hour long shamanic style group journey session, intuited and transmitted by, Jennifer Yost. You may also check out previous blog posts for past journey sessions.
Begin by connecting into your breath and body, establishing a strong awareness and flow to each, grounded in Earth Gaia.

Horus stands behind me, letting me know He is ready when we are.  Give yourself permission to receive the highest and best healing, blessings, and teachings from these, Divine Ones, for the highest best good for all involved on all levels.

Horus transforms into His falcon bird body, flying through the sky, I hear His falcon shrills. He begins to fly in swirling spirals in the sky, wings expanded.  Circling and circling, we fly with Him as a group together through the portal that He is opening up. Allow yourself to come through this portal, traveling as a group into this other plane of consciousness, this other state of being that is our Truth.

 As my vision begins to clear more, I see a scene of a mountain range off in the distance. An oasis of mountains, Himalayan looking mountains perhaps, a green color to them, not necessarily any snow on them. Before the mountains is a very golden, shiny looking pyramid building. With Horus, we follow Him leading us over to this golden pyramid that has a bright golden sheen to it.  

We gather near some stairs that we are going to walk up to the entrance of this pyramid as a group. See yourself walking up these stone stairs, as we come up to a landing outside of the entrance. Isis is standing there to greet us. She is holding an ankh in one hand and Her staff in the other. The staff is in the right hand and the ankh is in the left.  It appears She has handed Her staff to Horus who is standing before us in front of the entrance and He is giving us directions before we enter. Isis now hands the ankh to Horus and He holds it up with His left hand. 

Allow yourself to notice what you notice with the energy of this ankh that it is emitting to the group. You might even be able to hear the energy as a frequency, a sound frequency throughout the body, all the way to the cellular make up of the body.  Waves of energy coming through, allow yourself to receive this blessing of the ankh’s energy, and what it symbolizes of eternal life; Your True Divine nature; the doorway inward.

Now its time to enter the building through the dark entrance. We enter and follow Horus and Isis down a dark corridor, lit up by torches on either side of us. We now come into a chamber with the rest of the deities are waiting for us.

We come before Lord Vishnu. He has light blue skin. I am noticing His crown today, golden with some sort of pink foliage. His cobra snakes are not activated right now, He seems to not be showing those at the moment. He is also being joined by the other blue skinned goddess who plays a stringed instrument, Saraswathi.

Noticing Vishnu’s conch shell that He holds, there is sound coming from it along with Saraswathi’s stringed instrument. We receive a sound bath from them. Vishnu’s message, “You are enlightened ones from birth. You’re here to remember. You’ve come a long way, divinely loved and cherished in our minds and hearts.” He extends His lotus flower out before us, “This is, The Flower of Life, that you have been Blessed with. You are pure energy, all else is illusion. Your fears your worries your doubts, all illusion, constructs of the mind. What this flower represents is your Divine Truth, you are This, This is That. Go forth in your eternal knowing.’

I see Vishnu’s face very clearly, His black, long hair, His light blue skin with His cherry colored lips, black eyebrows. He is transmitting energy from His face. Allow yourself to receive this energy from Vishnu, as Saraswathi plays Her stringed instrument to help integrate the energy. This flushes out all of our impurities; impure thoughts, beliefs, that are no longer in alignment with who you truly really are. Allow these impurities to fall away as they dissolve to this sound energetic bath. As we receive this sound healing, I notice my lower chakras where Divine Creation stems from. These chakras feel like they’re getting an upgrade. Fight or flight response as well as how we create. A new way of being when faced with fear. A new way of being in your creative process. In a state of allowing, knowing that you are protected and guided at all times in you Divine Knowing.

Now we shift to Horus. He is in His bird man form, and is holding His golden staff in His left hand, Anubis is with Him. It appears the scene is changing, they are showing us another gateway, that they are going to accompany us to go through. I also see Osiris, the Father. We go with Anubis and Horus through this gateway of energy, that looks like moving white light, like being in hyper space. Allow yourself to go into this gateway of time and space, its appears to be a worm hole.

We then drop out of the worm hole we traveled through into a chamber looking space, that looks like a cave, with black slate rock. Osiris is sitting on a poofy red looking pillow with golden tassels hanging off each corner of it. I can see His green skin and His headpiece, His white crown, and is wearing a white robe. We are invited to sit before Osiris with Anubis and Horus on either side of Him.

I see in my minds eye what appears to be Hathor the ox (cow), I see an image of an ox, a head of an ox, the color of the ox head is black, like the slate rock color, golden ring in the nostrils of the nose of the ox, the white horns that are curving upward with the sun disc between them, Hathor is also here with us in the chamber. With Her, I see the winged symbol with the sun shining brightly, the symbol of resurrection of all that there is and ever was.

Horus is now in His falcon form as we are about to receive a download from Him accompanied by Hathor energy, into our Heart center. The imagery that I am seeing is like a compartment where your heart is being opened now, like a panel. We are going to receive an upgrade for our cosmic hearts. Horus is doing this, seeing him also fly, simultaneously rewiring our heart center, reconstructing it to match more in their frequency… The frequency of the heavens, the frequency of the majesty of the seas, the oceans, the flowers, nature kingdom… The birds, the bees, the insects, the animals. The animal kingdom, plant kingdom, insect kingdom;  all that is natural.
A geometric looking shape now comes in, like a geometric ball. Its constructed of triangles but in ball shape. And it is being dropped into our heart center chakra. Inhale and exhale to allow this download to come through. Now that’s uploading sacred geometry throughout the body, in all the systems of the body; the meridian system, belief systems… This is your sacred divinity being brought to the forefront of your memory of your consciousness, your divine knowing, its creating a clear space for That, for you to be present with it connecting simultaneously with That, its just right there.  An angelic being now coming in to view, with a cosmic background, is blowing a trumpet, an angelic winged being, with light skin, its calibrating us to this heavenly frequency for integration, a very celestial quality.

Now we are receiving a blessing from Father Osiris. Noticing the color of His face, His green skin and chin beard, along with his crown. He holds his arms open, “This is your divine opening, you have spent lifetimes here. This is not new, you have known this all along, and now you are living it embodied in flesh and blood.” He’s holding a sphere of energy between His hands, a ball of energy. My impression of the sphere is that it is symbolic of the record of man/ mankind; the remembering. We receive an Activation from Him. This ‘sphere Activation’ is representative of a seed that is within every human soul, spark of life, blue flame, a Life activation of sorts.
This feels like it’s being activated near the solar plexus where the base of the solar plexus is.  All you have to do to activate this is with your own permission to do so. Imagine like a pilot light turning on. Whenever you are ready, you can turn on your pilot light, or ignite it like a lantern light… Eternal flame of Truth, your soul spark. This is your resurrection. Rise. You are now free to rise out of all that you have come from, like a malting of sorts; like shaking off an old shell of what you once identified as, or was, whatever that is. And now just being metaphorically reborn, coming out of this egg shell/egg, newly hatched. New skin, new eyes.

Now we are receiving a blessing from Anubis, God of the Underworld. He holds His golden staff, He congratulates us from rising up out of, The Underworld once again. We receive a purification of
waters from Him, water droplets, seeing a waterfall that Anubis is standing next to. As we leave this chamber we have gathered in, and as we do so, Anubis is standing to the side of this falling, purifying water. Now with our new sense of knowing, new bodies, our way of sensing through the body, as we enter back through that portal, that worm hole we traveled through, we are going to pass through this purifying water. One by one, allow yourself to walk under this water fall of the purifying essence of water with Anubis’s blessings, and let that worm hole propel you though time and space once again. Like a giant cosmic water slide. As we one by one pop back into that original chamber that we were gathered in with Vishnu and company.

All of us gathered back into the main chamber, we see the Goddess Maat, the goddess that is the keeper of the Feather of Truth. Standing together, She comes around with Her
Feather of Truth, tapping it right on our chest, over our hearts, one by one, tap, tap, tap, tap, Activation! This is a solidification of this ceremony. She also appears to be giving each of us a gentle kiss on the forehead with Her blessings.

Now we shift to the more personal cauldron segment with Isis and Ammit. You may now transmute any pattern in your life, behavioral, relational, or some area you are feeling stuck, let that come into your awareness, and allow whatever this is for you to turn into a symbol, let it transmute into a symbolic image. Whenever you are ready, approach the cauldron before Ammit and Isis, and drop it into the cauldron for Isis to transmute, and for Ammit to devour. It’s no longer needed, its served its purpose. You have received all the blessings that it has provided, it is time to learn in a new way that better serves you today, let yourself be This. The segment closes into the question answer portion. You may ask any questions to the deities, you may have your own conversation with them. The response can come as a feeling, clear message, image, impression or maybe nothing at all, it is your experience. Take this time to have your inquires answered. Finish up your exchange with the deity or deities you were interacting with, thanking them. You know the rest. Close out the q/a segment.

My attention is directed back to Vishnu, and the quality of the other deities present. Lakshmi is shown, with peach colored skin; a celebratory vibe, Krishna playing His flute, feels very celebratory. They are clapping, their instruments being played; I see Ganesha. They are very happy with us, very glad that we have joined them today and received what they have offered us. Hanuman, the monkey God, Mother Mary, Yeshwa, Thoth, are seen; really a rejoicing state for us. They are telling us to go in peace, we’ve known the way all a long, we have all that we need, and always will. “We love you, we invite you to just Be.” Lakshmi steps forward, wearing some sort of orange pants, with a vision of gold coins, and a stringed instrument; it feels like she’s giving us a blessing, “All the abundance within you is to share with yourself and others freely, free from fear, all is Love, in the expression of God.”

The energy feels like it increases in frequency, as I see the sun God Ra, rising. Bask in the energy from Ra, this light bath from Ra, bright sun, ball of energy.

As we end the closing blessing, we bring our hands together in our minds eye or literally, giving thanks and praise, reverence from all that we’ve received from these Divine Ones.

We gather up as a group, as we are ushered out following Horus, walking back out of the chamber down the dark corridor, lit up by torches, we come back through the entrance onto the platform, outside the building. Isis is outside with us, she closes out the session, saying farewell. One by one walking back down the stairs onto the ground of the Earth, following Horus. As a group we take flight with Horus, as He transforms into His falcon form, up into the sky, taking us with Him, He circles in swirls opening up that portal of time and space, we fly with Him back through the spiral.

Now coming back into your body, in this room that we are sitting in where we began this journey process, feeling your body, legs, fingers and toes, breathing freely and easily throughout the body, bringing your awareness back into this 3D reality to reacquaint yourself to this time and space.