Thursday, February 7, 2019

Horus Circle- Trusting Your Inner Guidance

The following is a transcribed account of the recorded group session I facilitated with, Falcon God, Horus. His words and message are shown within " " marks. The rest of the content is from my intuitive impressions of what He was showing to me. Visit previous blog posts for other sessions with Horus, and, The Divine Egyptian Council; for more information.

After settling the group in….

From the heart center, allow yourself to rest in there…. I’m feeling the presence of Horus in His bird man form. Standing among us. Feeling His strength. Connecting up as a group. Continuing to reside in your heart, breathing. Horus is extending one of His hands out with some energy to prime us. Calibrating to His frequency. Continuing to breath.  Noticing what you notice, inhaling, exhaling.
He has now shape shifted into His falcon form. You can imagine whatever you’re imaging, notice what you notice. 

He takes flight. We are going to travel with Him as a group hearing His falcon shrills. You can just imagine flying with Horus whatever that looks like to you. Not having to do anything at all, except
just allowing. He flies higher and higher in the sky taking us with Him. He flies in a circular of motion right to left. A funnel of time, space. Flying with him as this funnel opens up more and more. Noticing what you notice. Hearing more of his falcon cries. He’s just speeding up in His circular flying motion, creating a form of light in a funnel shape.
Traveling with Him to a place you have known before. A place in your consciousness that maybe you have forgotten about in this life time. Coming forward into that remembering. Hearing more of His falcon shrills, calling us to a place of remembering. That place of deep remembering all the way to your cellular make up before you were even embodied.

We have traveled to the other side with Him, to His 'classroom.' I am seeing Him in His bird man form again. Continuing to breath notice what you notice.

I’m looking at the profile of Horus. You may see something different or nothing at all. It s all ok. You may be noticing subtle waves of energy throughout the body. Relax and allow theses waves of light to cleanse through the cells, this golden light. Allow the cells to vibrate as this golden light, from Horus.

I see Horus with His hand in the meditation ohm position, the thumb and middle finger together, He’s holding that facing out toward us.

What I’m seeing with the visual of His hand position… its as if He is pulling out a symbolic white paper like receipt, pulling it out from the middle of the clavicle. This is strange imagery… but as if He’s for each of us, pulling this whatever size looking receipt out of our mid clavicle. 

This is all the times in this lifetime and other lifetimes where you didn’t trust your intuition or you were punished for being an intuitive…. Its essentially anything that is holding us back from fully embracing our Intuitive Self. Other lifetime embedded memories, and from this lifetime as a child. Perhaps you were very open and awake as a small child and your caregivers maybe weren’t on the same page, so shut that down.  It's as if He’s extracting memories, whether they are conscious or unconscious.

Now what I’m seeing is a, in the same clavicle area, its like an open black hole…(where the trachea is located) It also looks like outer space when I go into that. I believe that is representing consciousness that we are, where we come from. Pure consciousness uninhibited by any mistaken beliefs.

Seeing star constellations and them being connected by light. As if a map is being built. While this is going on I’m seeing a pyramid in the night sky and its glowing the tip is emanating energy coming all of that. I believe this represents pyramid technology that we are a part of. What those pyramids symbolize when they were originally built, which was a connection to the stars and the divine alignment in which the stars are all interconnected and intertwined with each other and then with Earth and all the living beings of the planet. 

Seeing purple, like an amethyst, in shape of a water drop, coming forth. This energy is for the brow chakra. Its coming forward. You might also just notice the brow. As if this is embedded in our brow. Feels as if there is some clean up to do. To be struck and Activated. 

Back to seeing Horus again, His profile, and holding His staff in His right hand. Now He is facing us front on, with His staff in front of Him. 
Noticing what you’re noticing, experiencing what you’re experiencing. There is some energy coming out from of this staff. Feeling like its coming into our heart chakra to open up even more, feeling soft, pulsing energy.

Seeing along with Horus, the Goddess Maat. She is kneeling with Her wings expanded. She is accompanying Him. She’s wearing golden looking garb and has expanded wings beside Him. Showing up for extra support in Her presence.
Also seeing a round sphere like burnt orange color, like a marble, that’s coming forth. It is representing the Eye of Horus. They are prepping us for this download, for this Eye of Horus. If your brow is feeling activated, or you’re noticing energy, or if its tense, its ok, just continue to breath. The crown chakra on top of your head may also be activated.  Just acknowledge whatever you’re noticing.

It appears as if Horus, with His staff, with this energy frequency, and Maat, is going to drop this orange looking sphere….. in our third eye. She is coming around and dropping that in each and every one of us. That’s dropping in.

This is representing stability in your Knowing, as in trusting. Almost like a platform for speaking from your intuition. Solid foundation. A reference point of your Intuitive Self. Feels like it's filling into your consciousness. Also feels like a very clearing kind of energy.
Now seeing a close up of Horus’ face, His bird head face…
Have the impression that Horus is inserting his beak in the forehead, the third eye, to make more space. Hearing a blessing from Him.
Seeing crystal quartz looking energy starting to fill that third eye space, and now that amethyst looking tear drop shape coming forth with the crystal quartz supporting it. Continuing to breath. As this upgrade is being installed in your consciousness. New sensory software.
It's as if you traded in your old car, and got a brand new one. Some new technology in your conscious. (something to this effect --> )

Maat, the Goddess is like tech support, hooking everything up here around the crown of your head...Using Her energy. Horus is just overseeing it in His support.

Now lets turn on this new Intuitive Knowing. These things are showing up to me like flipping the screens on. The ability to look into different timeless. Like sitting before multiple monitors, screens that’s the way I see this. so we can better choose which possibility or reality that seems more in alignment. Its like being in a control room.

We can play with this. Lets go for a little test run.
If there’s anything going on in your life right now that you are conflicted about or not quite sure what to do trying to make a decision about something. Go ahead and bring something like that forward.

We are going to use our new, upgraded third eye...with this particular situation. You can imagine sitting in a control room with four or five monitors around you. You can put the current situation directly in front of you. Tune into the quality of the life situation, how it feels, how it looks, visual. There’s that reference. Lets look into some other possibility states, if you say, yes, to this. Lets see what pops up by saying yes to it, and notice how that feels, whatever possibility that will create. Notice how that feels. If it feels light, exciting, joyful, or perhaps it feels dense, heavy, or maybe something else. Notice what you notice, or maybe you see some other imagery with it. We will reference point that one.

Return back to the situation at hand. You may notice that situation shifted by just feeling into the yes possibility state. Let’s look at if you say no to it, or choose another possibility that you have. See what appears and what it feels like…. Just allow all that information to come into your consciousness and reference point that.

Again, lets turn back into our current situation where it stands now. What happens if you just don’t choose anything at all? What does that feel like?
If you have multiple choices, you can feel into each of them.

Feels like we are going to get some upgrades in our emotional body. Sometimes our emotions cloud our knowing. Other peoples beliefs, mom and dads, lets just give those back to them, the ones that did not serve you. Sometimes our intuitive choice does not necessarily make logical sense at the time but that does not mean that its not in alignment for your best good. Or sometimes our intuitive choice does not make sense to other people and who might doubt or judge you, again that does not mean that is not in alignment for you. We are just going to drop any and everybody else’s  judgements and beliefs, and stories out of your Intuitive Knowing that don’t serve you. So give yourself permission to drop those out. Those belong to other people, not to you. Connect and align with your True Divine Self that you are now, and forever before you were embodied in this lifetime. This is your True Self. The All Knowing Self. Clear of judgement, clear of any emotions.

Amygdala in the brain, where we process emotions, we are getting an upgrade there. Subtle energy coming through the amygdala. Lining up the brain stem, fight or flight response. Just releasing any old programming, traumas, in this lifetime and any others that interfere with your Divine Knowing, your Divine Self, that connection.

Seeing a very clear colander of light extending through the top of the head, through the face, all the way into the heart center. Showing a very clear path to that connection to your Higher Self.
This is also buzzing the cells, this Light, your Higher Self, so your cells have a reference point to what that feels like, your Intuitive Knowing, enhancing your body’s awareness. All the way down to the base of the spine. Just allowing yourself to be wherever you are, experiencing whatever you’re experiencing.

Feeling your connection to your Higher Self, that All Knowing Being. For a little contrast, come back down into the body and feel that, your human self. Then noticing the subtle connection to your Higher Self, that vibration, come back to that. Feeling the overlay.

Hearing some words from Horus:  “You are, True One, you always have been. This is your Divine Knowing beyond your human experience. You are here to bring this Divine Knowing forward into this lifetime just as you have before. You are guided by this Light, this Light of Knowing. You are not the shadow, that is illusion. You are this Light. This vibration. The shadow keeps you stuck and forgetful. Choose freely my friends. All is your learning. Rest in this Light of Knowing. Trust it."

Its feeling as it is time to go back with Horus. If you have any questions for Him you can have a brief question/answer with Him, or you can just be in this energy. Beautiful Light.

We are feeling complete, this session is complete. Horus has shape shifted back into His falcon form.
We are going to come back with him, hearing His falcon shrills, we travel with Him as a group. Allow yourself to fly with Horus. Coming back with Him. He flies in that circular motion. Back through that funnel of time and space. Bringing all this remembering back here with us.
Coming back in easily and gracefully, coming back into this time and space, back into this room. Feeling the infusion of this conscious connection in the body. Breathing. Taking however much time you need to integrate back here to this 3D reality. Feeling your toes and fingers, your breath. Allowing this energy just to settle. Whenever you’re ready you can open your eyes at your own pace.