Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Travel to the Sphinx- Meet Ramses

January 2020
Sphinx Journey

The following is a transcribed account of the recorded group journey session I facilitated with, Falcon God, Horus; featuring, Anubis, Thoth, Osiris, Rames II, Isis, & Nefertiti. This was a channeling of the sacred site of the Sphinx. The words of the Gods/Goddess's are shown within " " marks. The rest of the content is from my intuitive impressions of what they were showing to me. Visit previous blog posts for other sessions with Horus, and, The Divine Egyptian Council; Visit previous blog posts of sessions or http://www.IntegrateHealing.com for more information.

Horus stands in the room. In His bird man form. Wearing His crown, holding His staff in His right hand, slightly out in front of Him. He is looking upon us in the group. Notice what you notice. Begin to connect with His energy.

He says, "Greetings my friends. We travel today together as One, for your Initiation in your Divinity. Bringing forth more Light, allowing more Light. Divine Ones. The outside is cracking open for more Light to come forth. Belief systems coming down for more Light to come forth. Truth. That is You. Let us begin in your journey.”

He has shape shifted into His falcon form taking flight, hearing His shrills, we are going to travel with Him. Notice what you notice, imagine what you imagine, flying with Horus, as He flies higher into the night sky. Hearing more of His falcon shrills. Going into a more galactic scene with Him. Deeper into our consciousness. Into all that there Is. As He begins to fly into a circular motion, right to left creating this funnel of time and space, we travel with Him.  Going deeper and deeper into your inner Knowing. Into this funnel that Horus is opening up.

I now view the image of the Sphinx monument. You can notice what you notice. There is no right or wrong, be wherever you are. I am looking at a front view of the Sphinx, as if suspended in the air. Blue sky behind it, before this monument that is made of tan stone. Taking in this energy. Just being curious. Breathing.

Now it appears that we are on the ground with Horus, because He is now in His bird man form. It appears we are before the Great Sphinx, in front of part of the left paw, our right, facing it. We are going to gather here as a group. Horus is facing the Sphinx, we stand behind Horus.
Noticing what you notice. Almost as if I’m viewing some sort of cavern looking.... don’t know if its an entrance of sorts. Have one image of us, and the group with Horus, and keep seeing this image off to the left, some sort of cavern…. Almost cave like. Just hanging out here.

Looks as though Anubis is joining us. Seeing Him in my mind's eye, among the group here. And appears Thoth is also joining us, see Him with His tablature that He’s usually depicted with, and instrument device that He records with. Kind of off in front of us, off to the side to the left, in front of us. Anubis and Horus in front of us to the right, still with their backs turned to us.

I keep seeing a visual of this cavern looking entry point, I guess… it appears there is some sort of figure coming forth out of it towards the group. 

Maybe Osiris, all I can make out is a white looking gown, I believe a white crown that Osiris is usually depicted with, that’s why I think its Him, and holding a golden curved crook staff… yeah, it’s Osiris, I see His green skin, black chin beard. He is walking towards the group from this cavern opening. I believe He is going to address the group.

He stands before the group, noticing what you notice. Your experience is your experience. 

Osiris is saying, "You are here today to remember the Truth of your Knowing. The Beings before us built this. It is sacrament to them. You are here today to Know this. Come with me now.”

He’s turning around, it feels that we are to follow Him. You can imagine yourself walking, following Osiris, into this cavern looking, open cave like structure…. Inside the Sphinx?  It’s looking as if we’re walking along here, cave like walls, it’s not dark to me, walking on a dirt path. 

You can notice what you notice. Seems to be lit up by torches on the walls. It’s as if it’s opening up to an open outdoor space, appears to be palm trees on other side, but it’s like a monument type… there’s the dirt road, and on the sides are long slabs of stone structure, on either side of us, with some palm trees I believe. Outdoor… big open space. 

I’m also seeing carvings of, I don’t know the names of them, but big stone carvings that maybe you’ve seen pictures of, I’ve seen pictures of… the big stone carvings of, I don’t know their names, in the rocks, like three of them, sitting in thrones, I think two of are male, one is female. Being shown these carvings… I think previous ancient pharaohs that were made into monuments—I’m hearing "Ramses," one might be, Ramses. 

Chin beard, being shown those…. Ramses seems to be of particular interest here. Ramses was descendant of the Beings who built the Sphinx, is what I’m being told, or the impression I have. "Many moons ago, many births ago. You have been here before, before time existed. There is no time." Noticing whatever you’re noticing.

I’m now looking at a side view of the Sphinx. I have an impression that we are going to receive an Activation. An Activation is coming... And I’m now looking front on to the Sphinx head, and it’s appearing in a golden appearance, the head of it looks like it has a gold to it, with a reddish gem in the center point of the head of the Sphinx. Those of you familiar with the bust of Tut, the sphinx is looking like that almost, with the gold and the head dress, with the red, some sort of gem.

There is energy beginning to come out of the eyes of the Sphinx. All you’re going to do is just breath. The red gem stone is also being activated. We are going to receive this energy.

Notice what you notice, breathing. As these light beams extend from the eyes of Sphinx, with the red gem hue energy coming from that. Noticing the brow and throat. Frontal lobe of the brain. Noticing what you notice. Allowing yourself to receive this energy. Coming into the heart center. The color of this energy does look like this ruby red hue. Feeling it swirling around in the heart center with an exciting joyful vibration to it. This vibration, at the cellular level. Bringing in that energy as it fills up the chest core.

I’m seeing a female Goddess come forth. I believe it’s Isis. I’m hearing toning from Her. She is saying, "You are here to remember the love that you are." Hearing Her tone some more. Helping us integrate this energy. And Her eyes, they are activated, almost look like two diamonds as eyes. She’s beaming energy from Her eyes, like diamond light, into our eyes, so we can see how She sees, through Divinity.

Notice what you notice, experience what you are experiencing. More toning from Isis. This is also activating the pituitary gland, lighting that up.

As She continues to tone with this energy. Seeing upgrades in how we process information to help us navigate through fear. Brow chakra feels as though it’s receiving an upgrade. She continues to tone. Allow yourself to be in this energy. Feels as though this energy is transcending through all of our lifetimes, upgrading our experiences and karma from other lifetimes. Kind of like escalating us in this lifetime, move us further along in our Knowing so we don’t have to repeat some old lessons. Receiving a nice upgrade from all of our other lifetimes into this one.

She is saying.... she is taking us back through time as we know it, other embodiment's. “You are One Now, everlasting Light. Be here Now.”

Experiencing whatever you’re experiencing with this energy. Whatever is happening, notice what you notice.

Keep seeing imagery of a trident looking instrument with Isis, a tuning fork of sorts, is my impression. ‘An instrument of Knowing.’ It has different energy from this instrument, it's sound, toning. It's as if She is holding this trident looking instrument out in front of Her to us.

Receive this energy from this instrument. Auditory sound from it is like, sound healing, sound toning for instrument. "The sum of all parts." Also representing the Trine, the Holy Trine, the three prongs. "Trident of Truth."

Seeing imagery of the great pyramid all in alignment with 'That,' what 'that' represents, aligning with that pyramid that is also with the Sphinx, or in line with the Sphinx. Breathing. Experiencing what you’re experiencing.

Seeing a visual of an actual lion and hearing it’s beast like sounds it makes. Walking about with it’s big mane. Its energy is among us, this lion. Feel the strength of the lion, the power of the lion. The quality of the soul Self, the True Self, this lion energy. The Sphinx is also symbolic of this energy. Have the impression that’s why its part human and part beast to demonstrate this symbol of the soul.

I’m looking at, I believe a pharaoh, I believe it's Ramses. Looking at a man, wearing an Egyptian headdress…. Seeing this man as a man, Ramses, he’s bear chested, wearing a tunic, sandals, headdress, might have a little bit of black eye make up. He’s in his royal regalia, ceremonial attire, has a gold neck piece, gold bracelets. “Pharaoh.” “Ramses.”

He’s here to bless us. Almost like a high priest, or priest like…. I don’t really know anything about Ramses.

He’s saying, “I am a True One. I am ruler of this land. I come forth in peace. Harmony. Trust. Exchanges of gold for all. So that we may live as One Kingdom. One Knowing. With these Beings among us. These Gods, Goddesses. You’re hear to encapsulate This. Feel this balance. Balance of Knowing and Truth within existence in human form. We live in this balance, give and take, flow. Enough for all.”

He’s just before us, looking at us. He feels very solid in his Knowing and presence.

“Let me share my riches with you so that we all may prosper. We prosper together as One. This is True Power. True Power of Knowing that there is more then enough for all to celebrate. This is how Earth living is meant to be. This is what the great Sphinx, is. Prosperity for all. When you are connected into Source, you know this, you live this. It is when you become separate, you forget. You live in fear, greed, despair. Connect into One. One Truth, your Truth, our Truth. The heavens are here as One, connected to This. These monuments were put here to Remember this everlasting Knowing. There is no war when you Know this.”

Seeing a cobra snake come forward. Looking at it front on. Noticing what you notice. Letting the words of Ramses be embedded in your consciousness of Knowing awareness. Feels like this cobra snake, we may receive a strike from it to transmute fear programming that keeps us from our Divine Knowing.

It is going to strike, at least for me, the left side of the neck. You can experience whatever you’re going to experience. If you’re open to this cobra snake to strike you, it is striking. Breath. Fangs are digging into the left part of my neck. Transmuting old toxic belief systems of fear. The venom feels like a golden energy going throughout the body.

It’s now finished it’s bite, I see it back out in front again. Noticing what you notice. Inhaling, exhaling. This snake is also a symbol of protection. Protection of your Knowing. Wisdom. It’s a snake from Isis, one of Hers, is my impression. Experiencing whatever you’re experiencing. Feeling energy throughout the body, be curious about it, allow it to flow. Feeling energy down my right leg, more so on the right. Golden energy.

Isis is holding a sphere, resembles what selenite looks like, it’s a white cloudy crystal. She’s going to drop this sphere through the heart chakra. Receive this, representation of Divine Creator. She drops that in.

‘Reborn into your next level Knowing. Rebirth into this Remembering from which you come from;’ Is what this sphere represents, Creator.

Coming back, looking at the profile of Sphinx again, noticing what you notice.  Hearing the word, “Resolute.”

I do see the other Goddess, Nefertiti, see Her in a flowing white gown, and blue crown. I see Her among us, Her energy. She is a teacher of Oneness.

And Master Thoth recording this in our consciousness with His stone tab. Our sacred geometry. Consciously connecting us to that. Blueprint of our Knowing. He is lighting that up. It’s like coming online kind of feeling. Being curious of whatever you are experiencing.

Now I’m seeing a front view of Nefertiti, of Her face, a very beautiful woman. Feeling the quality of  Her. She’s coming around to each of us, giving a blessing. Almost as if I see Her, giving, what looks like a little white pearl, I don’t know if it’s a pearl, but it looks like one. She’s coming around and putting that in the palm of your right hand, pressing it into the palm of each one of us, and then closing the hand around it. Some sort of blessing, and She chants over you. Receive this blessing from Nefertiti, priestess, queen, teacher. Teacher of Divinity.

Divine Love from Her, as She’s just very happy that we’re doing this ceremony with them. Supportive love from Her. Feeling heart to heart with Her energy.
You might notice your right palm with this pearl shaped stone, the energy of that in your right palm. Notice what you notice there.

Ramses is thanking us for coming here today. For us to go forth in Knowing and Love.

(Ramses) “Do not be swayed by fear. You are not that. Fear is a lie. Your Truth is your Knowing. Stand in This. Go forth now. You are a part of My Kingdom.”

We are going to follow Horus back through this open courtyard, with slabs of long stone on either side on a dirt road, heading back. Guess we are maybe between the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid, Feels as though we are headed back toward the Sphinx from which we came. Imagine whatever you are imagining. We walk as group with Horus, Anubis is also with Him. Feels as though Isis is following the group. Looks like we are walking through the Sphinx, inside of it. Now seems as though we are back as a group in the front part of the Sphinx where we began at the left paw.

Horus is saying, “It is time to fly with me.”

We can say good bye to these Beings who showed up today and worked with us. Isis is giving one final blessing to the group. Thoth is also standing there, seeing us off, feels like. Feeling this connection.

Horus is shape shifting into His falcon form as He takes flight, we travel with Him. Hearing His falcon shrills. He travels up into the sky. Imagining what you are imagining, flying with Horus. Flying higher and higher, back into that galactic scene, He takes us with Him, back through that funnel of time and space, back through our consciousness, we travel through this galactic funnel with Him, hearing more of His falcon shrills. Coming back into blue sky. Horus brings us back here into this room, gently bringing all of your awareness back into the body, landing gently, back into this room, this space, this time, this 3D embodiment with all the knowledge we received. Coming back in, breathing. Taking your time. Whenever it feels right for you, open your eyes.