Friday, July 22, 2016

First Divine Council Mtg Oct '15

The following description is from my initial handwritten journal entry after the very first journey group session we did.  It was The Council's full introduction to me, and the group who were present. It was in, June 2015, when it became clear that I was to begin connecting groups of people to experience the deity energy that I had been working with since, 2012.  My process began during a healing treatment I was receiving from a colleague in, 2012, when, Horus, spontaneously first appeared to me. I/we did not know who he was at that time- he looked like Hawkman from Superfriends. I later researched who I had seen in my mind's eye during the healing, and discovered the being was, Horus. From then on, periodically over the next three years, when I would be receiving a healing session with a colleague facilitating it, Egyptian based deities would come through, along with other Saints, and deities from various backgrounds, giving me upgrades/downloads/blessings in my consciousness. It seemed like different Initiation Rites they were taking me through, but I did not understand why they were coming to me, until after a final 'graduation' ceremony in, June 2015, when they called me their, "Anointed One," and, "Chosen One," (I believe I am, "A" Chosen One, I've been told there are 250+ others like me on the planet who have also been "chosen" by them to bring their energies/wisdom through to humanity now).  Following that session, I had a revelation that I was to be their ambassador to connect groups of people to their energies and teachings.  I planned my first group session to take place in, October 2015, not knowing exactly what to expect, but trusting Horus and company, would take me and the group to another plane of reality to meet with them. Talk about trust your intuition!  Enjoy these impressions of our first, Divine Egyptian Council Meeting, below:

As every journey begins, Horus, is by my side energetically, before going into the trance state. I can feel His presence every time, in his man-bird form. He takes flight in my mind's eye as His falcon self, I hear His falcon shrills, as I watch Him fly in a circular clockwise motion to open the 'veil' or 'worm hole,' for us to travel through.  After traveling through, the next imagery I see is what looks to be, The Temple of Luxor, and it was new looking. We walk up some stairs with Horus leading us through two big stone doors that open, to enter the chamber where the rest of, The Council, is waiting for us.


We first come before, Vishnu, the "headmaster."  He blessed us with the Light of Unity consciousness.  Then each deity, one by one, step forward and introduces their self.  Set, is to the left of Vishnu; Anubis on the right of Vishnu; next to Set, is Ammit; Isis next to Anubis; Osiris next to Ammit; Thoth next to Osiris; Maat next to Isis; and, Horus, who stands with myself and our group. Plus, there was a 'royal' scribe which appeared as human- no shirt, with a bottom tunic, wearing jewelry, straight shoulder length black hair, with Egyptian eye make up.

   Royal scribe 

After the introductions, Osiris was holding a cosmic egg or seed that was downloaded to each group member.  I believe the seed of higher Sacred Purpose.  Isis had golden thread that Maat connected the group to for connection with, The Council.  I saw some sort of scroll with code on it written in gold.  Perhaps the Sea Scroll.


In the next segment, a cauldron appeared with orange flames for us to through an 'issue' in for transmutation.  I instructed the group to make their 'issue' into a symbol to toss into the cauldron. Isis and Ammit did magic over the cauldron, Isis chanting with, Ammit, there to eat any ego parts that were hindering to us.  After that, we moved to the Q/A session with the rest of, The Council.  Set answered most, along with Anubis, Vishnu.

Next, The Council, downloaded a pyramid with a diamond in the middle of it.  The pyramid then dropped in the middle of the group and started spinning, reflecting Light like a disco ball, around to all of us.  Then we were bathed/cleansed in white Light; the throat, third eye, and solar plexus chakras getting the download.  Then two cosmic cobras came in with a solidifying bite to each group participant.  Once this process was complete, the energy settled down, and it was time to exit the chamber with Horus, and return back to our 3D time space continuum.

Those in attendance reported feeling intense energies and enjoying the journey. After this journey, it occurred to me that perhaps the cobra snake symbolism seen on Egyptian pharaohs' head dresses derive from, Vishnu's cobras...? It is man who has labeled the many different Gods & Goddesses into cultural and religious origins, not the deities, whom are just different expressions of GOD, and appear to all team together to help us Remember who we Truly are.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Alchemy of Divinity- July '16 Journey

In this journey, Horus brought us to a different kind of building that was not like any from previous structures we've entered to meet with, The Divine Egyptian Council. This building looked like something out of van Gogh's painting, 'The Starry Night.'  It was dark, kind of the coloring of the stone, labradorite, with two steeples, set apart from each other. We followed Horus up the stairs, where Isis met us outside the dark doorway entrance, and placed a gold spec on each of our third eye's, prepping us to come before, The Council.

We then entered the chamber to come before Vishnu. He held his mace out in His left hand, and lotus flower in His right to begin our first download/blessing. The pink flower opened and cosmic stars lifted out of the petals, it signified, 'Flower of Truth/Divinity,' and we each held a lotus flower in our left hand. Maat then gave each of us the, Feather of Truth, in our right hand. We then tapped the top of the lotus with the feather to ignite, 'The Alchemy of Divinity,' and dropped the activated flower into our heart chakra. 

Next, Anubis, Isis, and Set, stepped forward and took us on a boat/gondola that had a set of three oars, a galactic voyage through a void/abyss of darkness, emerging into pure Light. We are met by Osiris, I heard, "I Am the Father." Osiris then takes us before the Sun God, RA, whereupon our chest cavities opened upward in a V-shape, filled with pure Light energy, a solar download, coming up the spine, cellular/DNA upgrade.

Then, Mother Mary appeared, and gave us a healing for wounds we received from our mothers, releasing resentments to Her; and releasing regrets as a mother to, Her.  She absolved us or our wounds/wounding, placed her hand on top of each of our heads, followed by a kiss on top of our heads.  She then placed a hand on the upper back, between the shoulder blades, where upon, Jesus, showed up. He stated, "I Am The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, I Am a representation of this."  I then saw a chalice that He blessed, and the Sun/RA dropping into, 'The Cup of Divinity.'  Jesus told us to drink from this, "Cup of Divinity," and stated, "The Cup Runneth Over;" "This is Your Divinity;" and I saw energy/liquid overflowing from, The Cup. He put a Golden Plate between our shoulder blades before drinking from, The Cup.  With this gold plating install, I saw the pyramids' golden tips with a sun beam hitting them.  After we drank from, The Cup, He then brought a ruby/garnet colored gem into our hearts for integration. Jesus also depicted the Lamb with Him. A cobra snake then appeared and bit us on the front left side of the neck to solidify the attunement. It felt like it was for the knowledge of the ancients to be Remembered in our DNA.

After the blessing/attunement from Jesus and RA, we got back on the boat with Isis, Anubis, and Set, and came back into the chamber with the rest of the deities.  We then did the transmutation segment of anything group journey members wanted to shift in their life with Isis and Ammit, followed by the Q/A session with the deities and attendees.

To close, Set, presented us with a golden staff, accompanied by Ganesh, to use when we are in the Darkness of not knowing, to open to the Light when feeling lost. Vishnu then gave a final blessing to the group with his mace. It appeared His mace was shooting out cosmic stars, kind of like shooting fireworks out of a tube. It felt very celebratory, with the message, "Go play in your magic," was the statement from Vishnu.  We exited the chamber with, Horus and Isis, and returned back into our 3D plane of existence with Horus, ending the journey session.

I usually get some intuitive impressions before these sessions. For this one, a week before, the phrase,  'Alchemy of Divinity,' had come through for the lesson the deities would be imparting on us, with the imagery of the chalice depicted on the Tarot card, Ace of Cups, but I wasn't connecting that with, The Holy Grail. And then two days before the journey, I received the impression that Osiris would be taking us before RA for a solar DNA upgrade,   It did not dawn on me until the day after the journey, talking with a friend who attended it, that the cup we drank from was, The Holy Grail.  I was saying to her, "I wonder what would come up if I Googled Jesus and cup of divinity?"  My friend replied, "Uhh, The Holy Grail."  Duh! And, Wow. What an honor and blessing to receive. Since the journey, I have been experiencing much more flowing synchronicity and grace. I must say, I felt altered for a couple days after the session, as my body and consciousness adjusted to the energetic upgrades. I am excited to experience more journeys and teachings from the deities! Stay tuned for another session most likely in, September.