Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February '17 Divine Council Journey

Featured Teachers:  Set & Quan Yin

Coming into the meditation, feeling the energy of Horus, the Falcon God of Truth, we prepare ourselves to fly with Him. Off He goes into His Falcon Bird form into the sky, flying in a circular motion, opening up the doorway for us to travel through, opening up a portal.  Allow yourself to go there using your imagination, knowing you are divinely supported.

We come into a different land, it appears to be day time, day light. A desert looking background. We’ve landed on a green grassy patch with a vibrant tree, we stand under the tree with Horus. As a group we follow Him as He leads us over to a clearing, I imagine this is what Egypt looks like, as we walk to a building that looks like a pharaoh head, the mouth is the doorway.

We approach the building walking up the brown stone stairs to the place of entry where we are greeted by Isis, Goddess of Magic and also known as the, Mother Goddess. She has some sort of exchange with Horus, then comes over to the group. She has a golden chord that she is walking around the group with, calibrating us energetically as a group to enter inside to the deity chamber. She circles the group with Her energy and with the energy of the golden chord.  She is wearing a beautiful tiara looking crown, golden with green emerald stones and a ruby looking gem in the middle of the tiara. We receive energy from Isis’ crown, she transmits it to the group before we enter, and places a white petal from a flower in the palm of our right hand before we enter, perhaps a lotus flower petal.

 Isis now enters through the doorway as we follow Her inside with Horus following behind the group. We walk through a torch lit hallway, the walls are made of tan looking stones. We now enter into a chamber to join the rest of the group of deities who await us.

I first see Ganesha with His elephant face and ivory tusks, wearing an orangish, reddish, gown looking wardrobe, holding a golden scepter, to help open the ceremony.

We stand before, Vishnu, His skin color is blue. His cobra snakes around His head are out but relatively neutral in their expression. I notice His golden disc halo outlining His head. In His lower left hand, He holds a lotus flower that He extends out to the group. His mace is held in His lower right hand. In His right upper arm hand, He holds a golden spinning disc, “scepter;” a spinning scepter of sorts. In His upper left hand He holds a conch shell, hearing a horn frequency sound, perhaps from the conch shell. Isis stands off to the left of Vishnu.

Vishnu: “You are divine creators of your own realities. You can awaken to your creations consciously creating all that you wish and desire. It is all right here for you, all you have to do is choose. Your obstacles or what you call obstacles, are also your creations. You choose what you create. It is not done to you, it is done for you. Follow your heart. Get out of the mind. Trust. Trust your intuition that is the mind of the heart, your intuitive Self.”

Now seeing Set, who is showing His teeth. He appears to be a cross between a canine and donkey looking creature, and part man. He has ears like a donkey and a long snout that is kind of canine looking at the same time.  Noticing his teeth sticking out of his mouth, but not in an intimidating way, I hear, “Grin and bear it.” This presentation of Set's message made more sense after the journey in that, when surrounded by chaos and others' fear, 'grin and bear it,' while seeing it through.
Set:  “You always know, its just a matter of tapping into that knowing of what’s true for you.” Not getting caught up in what the external illusion appears to be but coming back to you and what you know deep in your heart. We get so caught up in the external world, we get confused, turn that inside out, come back into your heart and view the world from this place not the other way around from the mind.  I see a visual, of being heart centered, and in doing so, clearing obstacles, creating a clear, concise path.

Set leads us down a hallway, walking with Horus and Isis from the rear of the group, and Maat, the Goddess of Truth, She holds the Feather of Truth, and a golden staff in Her other hand.  Walking down the corridor with Set, it is light where we’re walking but dark in front of us. It seems to relate to how we have to move through life now in the new paradigm, the present moment being all that we know, and what’s in the distance is an unknown. Learning how to trust in what’s right here now to lead us the way instead of basing it off of trying to figure out the future.

We come into, an open grey stone color floor, outdoors, patio like, with a covering over our head, we look out to green grass, with a leafy tree, feels like we are in a stone gazebo of sorts.  We are being joined by Quan Yin, who looks to be dressed in a red colored, flowing gown with pink arm coverings, flowing dress. She sits on giant bean bag looking, pillow. Set stands to the right of Her. We sit before these two Teachers.
Quan Yin:  “Grace. We can be in grace when fear is not present.”  Sounds like she sings a toning melody to the group. “Free as a bird,” kind of like a bird song of sorts. She energetically gives us a reference point for divine grace, what that feels like, we receive a kind of map of from her, for divine grace. Very soft energy, loving, compassion, all the way down to the cellular core. “You are free.” As in, ‘free as a bird.’ “You are loved and you are free. The world you live in is full of chaos and fear, but there is also this other side there you can access, a loving grace that is always there.”  I see a visual: standing in nature, two streams, one is black, representing chaos and fear consciousness, and on the other side, the stream is pinkish and crystal blue water flowing; you can choose which stream you pay attention to, you have the choice. The crystal pinkish blue represents loving grace. 

Set holding a golden looking horn, he has it up to his mouth, playing it, tones coming from it. His message: “Divine ones, you have the power to choose. Wake up to this power within you. You have chosen to be here at this time to discover this in these times of fear, in these times of chaos. Choose your Power, it’s your innate Knowing that you came into this lifetime with. You have access to so much wisdom, you are just barely scratching the surface. So much wisdom that you have carried with you from all your other life lessons from all your other lifetimes. You have this knowledge, it is buried within, but now it’s time for you to access it.”

 Download from Set:  the horn he was playing was a primer for us. Visual:  top of the head, around the crown, is essentially gone. A cosmic egg, seeing top of egg shape coming out of the top of the crown of the head. We receive an activation of the cosmic egg from, Maat tapping the Feather of Truth on top of the egg to remember who we are. “This will direct you in your Divine Knowing. You know the Truth, you always have. Now you can remember more freely, clear the clutter, clear the chaos, it’s all an illusion. This is the Truth right here, this is the All Knowing. This is the Truth of the One of that which you are.”

Next, I see a golden looking hand, that is extended, palm open and facing outward with different kinds of inscriptions on it, hieroglyphs perhaps, ‘hand of man.’ ‘It is the knowing that you have remembered time and time before, so returning to that.' I hear the phrase, “To thine self be true.” Then the golden hand enters through our heart center and core, encoding us with this remembering, all the way down into the Earth’s energy and field. Hearing trumpet like instrument again, and toning from all the deities, Quan Yin, Set, Isis, Horus, and Maat, receiving sound healing to integrate these downloads into our consciousness. After researching this 'golden hand,' I believe it is the Hamsa Hand, that is recognized and used as a sign of protection in many times throughout history, and  has been theorized that its origins lie in Ancient Egypt.
After this download, Isis gathers the group up. Quan yin: “Go in peace, share in your Divine Love, this is your Power, this is your Truth. You are One.”  Set leads the group out as we say good bye to Quan Yin, thanking Her. She says she is happy to provide this lesson here today for us.  We follow Set back through the corridor the way we came, with Isis, Maat and Horus’ quiet presence. We enter back into the original chamber, greeted by, Ganesha and Vishnu with the other deities present.

Thoth, the record keeper of all time, with the resemblance of a blue heron head. Thoth holds His tablature with His version of a pen, a spike kind of thing to His tablature. Perhaps He is noting this experience…. “I am the Keeper of All Records, here to impart the knowledge you have already known.”  He offers a cube looking shape with soft corners, it’s almost holographic looking, I hear, ‘cube of consciousness.’ Thoth drops this cube between the throat and heart chakra.  Isis supports the download with Her energy. ‘Another tool for remembering what you’ve known from other life experiences when you’ve been able to see past the veil of chaos, a tool to help you remember in those moments of fear.’  It feels to have a very calming effect on the nervous system, an upgrade to it, so we can be less reactionary when there is something fear provoking in our outer world.  We can have more of a pause instead of a knee jerk reaction. We can show up more calm when others are fearful, less pulled into other people’s fear.

 Next the group takes part in the, Isis, with Ammit, magic cauldron segment in which any patterns participants want to transmute to a higher consciousness, they can symbolically toss it in Isis' cauldron.

Followed by the Q/A segment, where participants can ask any inquiries to the deities to answer.

Concluding the Q/A portion, now we stand before Vishnu, His snakes are more active, moving around with their snake tongues showing, very active. Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu, one of His many versions, playing His flute. We receive a blessing from Krishna while He plays flute. The Goddess Lakshmi who is associated with abundance, Her skin color is regular flesh color, long black hair, very beautiful. She is paired with Krishna. Both are connected to Vishnu in their presentation together. A very joyful impression from Lakshmi, “Enjoy your abundance, you have all that you need. There’s no such thing as lack and greed. Look within. You are the answer. I love you.” 

Ganesha blesses us. Vishnu gives final blessing to the group. He feels very happy, “Go forth in your goddess/god version of yourself.”  Ganesha imparts us with His medicine of removing obstacles.

We say good bye and thank you, following Isis and Horus, leaving the chamber, walking back out through the hallway we entered in, coming outside to the entrance where it is still day light. We gather as a group outside the entrance. Isis takes back Her golden chord releasing us as a group. She says, “Good bye and thank you.” Gives us Her blessings, and returns back into the entrance as we follow Horus down the stairs to the ground and take flight with Him. He returns back into his bird falcon form in flight, taking us back through the spiral  of time, back into our 3D-4D and 5D at times, consciousness.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

May I Have This Dance?

Take a deep breath, a few even, take a moment to breath and connect with it.
Tender times seem to be all around. I am noticing old wounding and trauma coming to the surface within me and with many whom I am in relationship with, family, friends, clients, colleagues, even brief encounters with strangers. Many of us are experiencing great losses of loved ones, relationships, health; deaths of all kinds. It is being reflected in our outer world at large. In 2016, we have seen losses of many great iconic artists in music, and film, tragedies of war in our humanity, unrest worldwide, a pivotal, tumultuous, and revealing, US Presidential election; event after event, kicking up many old wounds and trauma within all of us.  There is a great amount of us in pain, suffering in fear, while there are many whom feel great expansion of love; it is a beautiful spectrum of colors.

We have fought with each other to greater degree over humanitarian and political issues, as the stakes seem to rise. Monumental, personal connections, and relationships have been severed and lost. Friends, lovers, perhaps family members have moved on, going in separate ways. A great big soup of pain stirring out there, among us, with each other. We are all swimming, drowning, and floating in it.

Perhaps we don't agree on grand issues, or differences within our interpersonal relationships. How aware can you be of your own inner wounding that is triggered by the Other, the catalyst? The Other may be a political figure, or it may be your mom, husband, wife, lover, friend, co worker, or even a stranger, teachers and students of every sort. How awake are you, as you feel anger, sadness, and pain?  How long of a moment can you take to connect within and feel what you're experiencing? Really FEEL IT. It hurts. It aches. It consumes. It wants. It hides. It runs. It distracts. It blames. It cries, and yells. It can shake, and it can plead for you to pay attention to it, to love and have compassion for it, and the Other.  Or, you can turn away from that pain that's deep inside, and look outward to cast it away, on to the Other, only for it to return again, from another, Other.

How transparent you are coincides with how deeply you allow to feel what's triggered inside, own it, and love that fearing, doubting, hurting part of you that just wants your loving attention, to be seen, assured, and to be guided. That Other you are experiencing, is just working through their wounding and healing too, reflecting it back. We are having a dance with each other. A grand waltz of inner and outer transformation.

We have our defenses, the ways in which we protect ourselves from hurting. Maybe its expressed in a need to be right, or a lashing out; instead of just being with our wound, instead of projecting it onto the catalyst that brought our consciousness to the unconscious wounding that's bubbling up.

We all have experienced loss in our lives. Losses of all kinds. As I write this, I feel a vulnerability, hurting and healing heart, beating.  It is tender, it's raw, and it is loving at the same time. When I am able to be present here, it is salvation, there is clarity and grace. The last few years have been a time of exponential growth felt through varying degrees of pain and love.  2016 has been a douse, laced with highs, while intensifying as we move into, 2017. We are growing and evolving.

It seems we are going through the washer right now, collectively, as a human race, broadcasting it within our inner circles.  We are doing this together as, One Mind and Heart, while seemingly separate, simultaneously. We are in an overhaul of healing, at a time like never before in our evolution in human consciousness. Despite the outer and inner chaos, It is all OK. We are All OK. We are Remembering who we Are. We have just forgotten at times while in this pain.

But we can wake each other up in loving grace, we can do it together by loving the pain within ourselves first, creating a greater opening for compassion to give to our self and to the Other, our outer, faithful dance partners. This is the grand awakening I am experiencing, as I sift through lost dear ones from break ups, deaths, or through some tragedy. Life is full of intrigue, suspense, drama, comedy, romance! How good can you dance in these genres, with yourself, and with Others?

We are all dancing the same songs in different ways. We stumble, trip over our own feet, stub a toe, or a foot, step on our dance partner's shoes, or even take a fall to the floor in a big face first swan dive. Or some of us may be quite light on our feet, have a few moves to show and share to make a more graceful dance movement through the song, no matter how off kilter it may be. And of course, we get to experience fun dance partners that dip and spin us, show us the ballroom in great thrilling delight. The dance and the partner experiences vary, we get to choose and learn the next dance after mastering the last one, some come easier than others.  The Dance is the Mystery of what we call, life.

You are not alone. I am with you as I am experiencing something similar. Aware or not, Divine Beings and God, are always present in their loving support for you. The people you are connected to, are with you, no matter the current state of the relationship, you are eternally connected, experiencing the same expressions through different dances. Underneath the pain, fear, anger, sadness, or regret, is Love. Pure Love. This is the open, clear pasture in my heart I am feeling now, as I write these words. To come to this open space in my heart, I acknowledge my pain and hurt feelings. Acknowledge and account for my responsibility in the dance, and love myself through the loss(es). I become more conscious of my pain and awaken to love, free to move more gracefully because the illusion of being without is dissolved, the outer reality is temporary.

We experience loss in every moment because we are continuously evolving into a new form, huge or minute. It's all the same outcome, just different ways of getting there, expressed through pain or bliss. And, when we've explored and spent time enjoying this new pasture of clarity, peace, and joy, we find ourselves in after a healing, we begin another learning path, and dance our way to the next pasture of beginning a new but familiar dance lesson. Beginnings and endings, are one in the same, both involve pain and pleasure, arriving to them.  If you align in the design of reincarnation, this is our soul's purpose that we chose before our embodiment, expressed through the personality, and shaping of our choosing; then during it, as we learn to play the cards we have drawn, dancing our way through it.

I love you so much because I feel this loving connection deep in my heart, from my soul self. It is unconditional pure Loving Truth that fills me up and provides all of what I need to heal the wounding that returns me to this great Loving compassion. When I'm not tripping over my personality's desires that are not in alignment with the soul's love, I am able to let go much more gracefully, not afraid of loss because I can turn to this Love for healing, I am never really alone, even if the outer illusion seems so. From this conscious Love, I am able to turn to my, 'loving adult self,' as I term it, that has taken years of healing to be transformed from, 'wounded child parts,' within the personality.  It is never ending, like peeling an onion, each time getting a little better with the dance, as another layer of a hurtful pattern is played out with myself, and with the Other.

If I have acted in ways to you that have been hurtful, unloving, unkind, or unforgiving, I am sorry. I truly am, and I may stumble again, but hopefully not to the same degree as before. Like you, I am doing the best I can, as I figure it out, waking up along the way, trying to get it 'right.' And I know you are doing your best too; I love and forgive you for it. It's an ongoing process, until we die.  A process of awakening to Love in whatever way that serves us best of our conscious or unconscious choosing.

So, cheers to you, and cheer's to me. Here's to pain, here's to love. They both serve us, and we serve each other in learning through our connection. I love you even if we don't see eye to eye, or no longer share the dance floor with each other, or are currently, clumsy dance partners. One way or another, you have been a catalyst for me to discover a new found love with in myself that brings me to heal my pain, and love more deeply then before. You lead me to the next dance partner(s) to learn another swan song of love for me to experience.

Blessings. I love you, and I thank you for this dance. You are never alone. We are all in this life time together and it is all temporary. Nothing lasts forever, except for our eternal connection with God, to our Self, and eternally to each other. Until we meet again, and again, and again.

Friday, December 16, 2016

12/16 Divine Council Journey

Before going into this journey, I had the impression from Vishnu and direct focus of it from Him as, "Understanding Compassionate Truth."  Rather timely teaching given the acute turmoil amongst us, post election of, Donald Trump.

This journey travel with, Horus, brought us to a building that looked like it was in the shape of a pharaoh head with the entrance entering into it. Or a building that looked similar to the Sphinx of sorts. I interpret the building depiction as possibly representative of man.

Outside the entrance, we were greeted by Isis, as usual, and saw her with a primitive tool that looked like it had a wooden handle and a blade at one end. Something like the two tools on the left in the image below.  I had never seen her holding such an object; after reflection post journey, it may of been symbolic of a 'leveling tool' for her prepping us before entering the chamber with, The Council. She also placed a small diamond in our third eye, while transmitting some sort of energy through her ice blue color eyes into ours.  Once she finished with us, we then followed, Horus, into the building.

Now in the chamber, we first, as always, came before, Lord Vishnu, for His opening blessing upon us.  He began moving all of his arms, they were very active in motion, holding the lotus, mace, chakra sphere, and conch. I had never seen all four of Vishnu's arms be active at once. Lots of energy from Him, along with high sound frequencies. During this segment, I also saw the stringed instrument of, Sarasvati, and Her lighter peach color skin. First time I had seen her in a journey,. Her name meaning is, "one who leads to essence of self knowledge," from post internet research. 
After the opening blessing from Vishnu and Sarasvati, Vishnu showed me His image in multiple mirror images, with the message that we are the same but with different and multiple reflections and preferences.  All the infighting among us of these perceived differences are a distraction from the Truth that we are all the same, just have different expressions and preferences of it.

Set then came forward concurring with Vishnu's point of the fighting we do with each other is pointless since we are essentially fighting over the same thing, caught up in how it may look different from the other, but is the same thing, just varying preferences, but there is Truth at the core level.  He depicted two people each standing in their own circle of light, signifying their own individuality/beliefs, etc. and how we can 'respectively' touch our circle with someone else's but not enter their circle, or try to pull them into ours. Respect each other's circles without having to convince or fight about it. Anubis then came forward and took us into a cosmic void, until I saw a white light through the void travel.

A male figure came through this white light that felt like it was, Source. As the figure became more clear, He looked like an elder, bald man, with a big white beard, dressed in a white robe.  It was, Melchizedek, 'God of Light.' He opened up, "The Book of Life," before us, which is also referred to as the, Akashic records.
I believe we received a healing to the cellular/DNA level with this download from, 'The Book of Life,' for all the wars of man though out time.   Melchizedek also identified Himself as, "I am the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit, a version of this."  Giving another message of, Oneness, that is expressed in multiple ways, depicting the same thing. But we get caught up in who can refer to themselves as this Trinity, some would argue that title is only reserved for, Jesus Christ. There are many depictions and versions from what the deities have shown me in many of these journeys.

After the segment with, Melchizedek, Anubis dropped what looked like a clear light bulb into the space between our heart and throat chakra. My impression was that this download was a calibration to our inner Light/Truth, a reference point for us to remember when in a state of righteousness. Anubis then took us back to the chamber with, The Council. We then did the usual transmutation cauldron segment with Isis and Ammit, followed by the Q/A portion with the deities, to answer our personal and general inquiries.

We closed with a final blessing from Vishnu that I experienced through high frequencies of energy from his conch.  After, we were escorted out of the chamber with Horus, Isis, Set, and Anubis. We gave thanks, and Horus brought us back to our 3D plane of existence, ending the journey session.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Sept. '16 Divine Egyptian Council Journey

This journey featured teachers, Thoth and Quan Yin, in the lesson of manifesting the soul's desires, or Divine Purpose.  It is also the first one that I audio recorded, so check for the mp3 in it's entirety to be available at, http://www.IntegrateHealing.com ! This blog post is the 'dream' as recalled without listening to the recording to preserve a natural essence.

When we landed into the plane of existence after traveling with, Horus to, Meet with The Divine Egyptian Council, He took us to a pyramid structure, in the dark of the night. We walked up some stairs to the entrance, where we were met by Anubis, holding his Ankh, and Isis, who placed a pedaled pink flower in each of our hands, and put a golden headband around each of our heads, before entering the structure.  We then followed Horus and Isis into the chamber, with Anubis following the group inside to the rest of The Council, who were waiting for us.                  
We then came before Vishnu, He blessed us with his energy, along with Krishna, playing his magical flute. Monkey God, Hanuman, whom, had not joined a Council session before, offered his energy to the group for help in bringing 'puzzle pieces together.' Followed with, Blue Tara, whom was also making a first appearance, to help in the gentle removal of obstacles.  I was not very familiar with either of these deities, I was not sure in my identification of Blue Tara, at first, since I had not encountered her before- she felt like a softer version of Kali, and thought maybe she was Lakshmi, after seeing imagery of gold coins, but didn't quite seem like Lakshmi, especially since this Goddess was blue skinned, so I believe it was actually Blue Tara after matching how she appeared in my mind's eye with images from the internet, and reading about her significance, that seemed to coincide with the journey theme, along with her appearance with, Hanuman, as they are known to work together. The image of the gold coins, I believe is the message that you are worthy to receive great abundance, and do, when obstacles of fear and anger are removed. Curiously, I was feeling irritable coming into this journey session, and also heard from other participants feeling similar, so perhaps Hanuman and Blue Tara showed up to help us in moving through the undercurrent of anger.
After this opening greeting and blessings from these deities, we then followed Thoth, Isis, and Anubis, up a large open ascending spiral, stone staircase, into another chamber that took us to, Quan Yin.
We came before Quan Yin, who held a vase, that had energy coming out of it. She explained that the vase represents the form that our manifesting energy takes when we create something, but the vase is only but an illusion because it can be destroyed. Everything returns back into the energy from which it was created.  She then held a lotus flower in her hands, it was yellow, with pink highlights on the petals. The impression from her was that the lotus represented the soul's desire, it is the True essence to your Purpose. We each held this lotus from Quan Yin in our hands, as she spoke about it. Thoth then began scribing on his tablet in some sort of code. I saw metal plates for each of us with this code on it that is the encoding of our soul true divine purpose that we chose to fulfill coming into this lifetime. It was as if Thoth had now uncovered this 'soul plate' in our consciousness to remind us, and now have a reference to look upon when we feel lost. We then dropped the lotus flower download from Quan Yin and Thoth into our heart centers, as the seeds of compassion in finding our way to fulfill our life's purpose.  Compassionate Desire In Action, activation!

After the activation with Quan Yin and Thoth, Nefretiti came in to share her graceful beautiful energy to use when manifesting desires. Such a BEAUTIFUL feminine energy and deity! She circled the group several times with her energy, with the message of, "grace is beauty allowing to unfold, without force."

After the segment with, Nefretiti, Osiris appeared. He healed us of wounding from our fathers, and offered His unconditional, loving support, as the Divine Father, and that we can align in His Fatherly pure loving energy and support, "Let Him be the Father figure you never had," was a message I heard from Him. He also allowed us to give Him our fears that have been inhibiting us from our True potential, to just give them all over to Him, like a child looks to do with their father when frightened.  It was a very loving patriarchal healing, and nice follow up from July's Council Journey when we received a wonderful healing of motherly wounds from, Mother Mary. (See July blog entry)

Once we finished with Osiris, we then followed, Isis, Thoth, and Anubis back down the stone stairway, to return into the chamber with, The Council.  We then did the cauldron transmutation segment of personal patterns, relationships, situations, with Isis and Ammit. After everyone dropped their personal pattern into Isis's magic cauldron, we then moved into the Q/A segment for the group to ask their questions to, The Council.

Upon closing the Q/A session, a form of Buddha appeared, and I heard, "Bodhisattva." The group then received a golden sphere download that dropped through the crown of our heads down into our core, emitting golden energy that then dispersed throughout the body, radiating outwardly into our auras.

Once that download was complete, I heard celebratory horn trumpet like instruments being sounded, and we said good bye and gave thanks to the deities, and exited the chamber with Isis, Anubis, and Horus.  Horus then took us back to the 3D plane of reality, from which we came from.

This journey seems to of upgraded us in Remembering our Divine Purpose, and removing obstacles to fulfilling it.  Each member had their Purpose revealed to them in their consciousness, and now can reference back to the energy of this journey to invoke inspired action when feeling stifled. The compassionate lotus seed download from Quan Yin will provide us more gentleness in our process of discerning our way, and opening our capacity to love ourselves more fully as well as extending this love to others.

Friday, July 22, 2016

First Divine Council Mtg Oct '15

The following description is from my initial handwritten journal entry after the very first journey group session we did.  It was The Council's full introduction to me, and the group who were present. It was in, June 2015, when it became clear that I was to begin connecting groups of people to experience the deity energy that I had been working with since, 2012.  My process began during a healing treatment I was receiving from a colleague in, 2012, when, Horus, spontaneously first appeared to me. I/we did not know who he was at that time- he looked like Hawkman from Superfriends. I later researched who I had seen in my mind's eye during the healing, and discovered the being was, Horus. From then on, periodically over the next three years, when I would be receiving a healing session with a colleague facilitating it, Egyptian based deities would come through, along with other Saints, and deities from various backgrounds, giving me upgrades/downloads/blessings in my consciousness. It seemed like different Initiation Rites they were taking me through, but I did not understand why they were coming to me, until after a final 'graduation' ceremony in, June 2015, when they called me their, "Anointed One," and, "Chosen One," (I believe I am, "A" Chosen One, I've been told there are 250+ others like me on the planet who have also been "chosen" by them to bring their energies/wisdom through to humanity now).  Following that session, I had a revelation that I was to be their ambassador to connect groups of people to their energies and teachings.  I planned my first group session to take place in, October 2015, not knowing exactly what to expect, but trusting Horus and company, would take me and the group to another plane of reality to meet with them. Talk about trust your intuition!  Enjoy these impressions of our first, Divine Egyptian Council Meeting, below:

As every journey begins, Horus, is by my side energetically, before going into the trance state. I can feel His presence every time, in his man-bird form. He takes flight in my mind's eye as His falcon self, I hear His falcon shrills, as I watch Him fly in a circular clockwise motion to open the 'veil' or 'worm hole,' for us to travel through.  After traveling through, the next imagery I see is what looks to be, The Temple of Luxor, and it was new looking. We walk up some stairs with Horus leading us through two big stone doors that open, to enter the chamber where the rest of, The Council, is waiting for us.


We first come before, Vishnu, the "headmaster."  He blessed us with the Light of Unity consciousness.  Then each deity, one by one, step forward and introduces their self.  Set, is to the left of Vishnu; Anubis on the right of Vishnu; next to Set, is Ammit; Isis next to Anubis; Osiris next to Ammit; Thoth next to Osiris; Maat next to Isis; and, Horus, who stands with myself and our group. Plus, there was a 'royal' scribe which appeared as human- no shirt, with a bottom tunic, wearing jewelry, straight shoulder length black hair, with Egyptian eye make up.

   Royal scribe 

After the introductions, Osiris was holding a cosmic egg or seed that was downloaded to each group member.  I believe the seed of higher Sacred Purpose.  Isis had golden thread that Maat connected the group to for connection with, The Council.  I saw some sort of scroll with code on it written in gold.  Perhaps the Sea Scroll.


In the next segment, a cauldron appeared with orange flames for us to through an 'issue' in for transmutation.  I instructed the group to make their 'issue' into a symbol to toss into the cauldron. Isis and Ammit did magic over the cauldron, Isis chanting with, Ammit, there to eat any ego parts that were hindering to us.  After that, we moved to the Q/A session with the rest of, The Council.  Set answered most, along with Anubis, Vishnu.

Next, The Council, downloaded a pyramid with a diamond in the middle of it.  The pyramid then dropped in the middle of the group and started spinning, reflecting Light like a disco ball, around to all of us.  Then we were bathed/cleansed in white Light; the throat, third eye, and solar plexus chakras getting the download.  Then two cosmic cobras came in with a solidifying bite to each group participant.  Once this process was complete, the energy settled down, and it was time to exit the chamber with Horus, and return back to our 3D time space continuum.

Those in attendance reported feeling intense energies and enjoying the journey. After this journey, it occurred to me that perhaps the cobra snake symbolism seen on Egyptian pharaohs' head dresses derive from, Vishnu's cobras...? It is man who has labeled the many different Gods & Goddesses into cultural and religious origins, not the deities, whom are just different expressions of GOD, and appear to all team together to help us Remember who we Truly are.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Alchemy of Divinity- July '16 Journey

In this journey, Horus brought us to a different kind of building that was not like any from previous structures we've entered to meet with, The Divine Egyptian Council. This building looked like something out of van Gogh's painting, 'The Starry Night.'  It was dark, kind of the coloring of the stone, labradorite, with two steeples, set apart from each other. We followed Horus up the stairs, where Isis met us outside the dark doorway entrance, and placed a gold spec on each of our third eye's, prepping us to come before, The Council.

We then entered the chamber to come before Vishnu. He held his mace out in His left hand, and lotus flower in His right to begin our first download/blessing. The pink flower opened and cosmic stars lifted out of the petals, it signified, 'Flower of Truth/Divinity,' and we each held a lotus flower in our left hand. Maat then gave each of us the, Feather of Truth, in our right hand. We then tapped the top of the lotus with the feather to ignite, 'The Alchemy of Divinity,' and dropped the activated flower into our heart chakra. 

Next, Anubis, Isis, and Set, stepped forward and took us on a boat/gondola that had a set of three oars, a galactic voyage through a void/abyss of darkness, emerging into pure Light. We are met by Osiris, I heard, "I Am the Father." Osiris then takes us before the Sun God, RA, whereupon our chest cavities opened upward in a V-shape, filled with pure Light energy, a solar download, coming up the spine, cellular/DNA upgrade.

Then, Mother Mary appeared, and gave us a healing for wounds we received from our mothers, releasing resentments to Her; and releasing regrets as a mother to, Her.  She absolved us or our wounds/wounding, placed her hand on top of each of our heads, followed by a kiss on top of our heads.  She then placed a hand on the upper back, between the shoulder blades, where upon, Jesus, showed up. He stated, "I Am The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, I Am a representation of this."  I then saw a chalice that He blessed, and the Sun/RA dropping into, 'The Cup of Divinity.'  Jesus told us to drink from this, "Cup of Divinity," and stated, "The Cup Runneth Over;" "This is Your Divinity;" and I saw energy/liquid overflowing from, The Cup. He put a Golden Plate between our shoulder blades before drinking from, The Cup.  With this gold plating install, I saw the pyramids' golden tips with a sun beam hitting them.  After we drank from, The Cup, He then brought a ruby/garnet colored gem into our hearts for integration. Jesus also depicted the Lamb with Him. A cobra snake then appeared and bit us on the front left side of the neck to solidify the attunement. It felt like it was for the knowledge of the ancients to be Remembered in our DNA.

After the blessing/attunement from Jesus and RA, we got back on the boat with Isis, Anubis, and Set, and came back into the chamber with the rest of the deities.  We then did the transmutation segment of anything group journey members wanted to shift in their life with Isis and Ammit, followed by the Q/A session with the deities and attendees.

To close, Set, presented us with a golden staff, accompanied by Ganesh, to use when we are in the Darkness of not knowing, to open to the Light when feeling lost. Vishnu then gave a final blessing to the group with his mace. It appeared His mace was shooting out cosmic stars, kind of like shooting fireworks out of a tube. It felt very celebratory, with the message, "Go play in your magic," was the statement from Vishnu.  We exited the chamber with, Horus and Isis, and returned back into our 3D plane of existence with Horus, ending the journey session.

I usually get some intuitive impressions before these sessions. For this one, a week before, the phrase,  'Alchemy of Divinity,' had come through for the lesson the deities would be imparting on us, with the imagery of the chalice depicted on the Tarot card, Ace of Cups, but I wasn't connecting that with, The Holy Grail. And then two days before the journey, I received the impression that Osiris would be taking us before RA for a solar DNA upgrade,   It did not dawn on me until the day after the journey, talking with a friend who attended it, that the cup we drank from was, The Holy Grail.  I was saying to her, "I wonder what would come up if I Googled Jesus and cup of divinity?"  My friend replied, "Uhh, The Holy Grail."  Duh! And, Wow. What an honor and blessing to receive. Since the journey, I have been experiencing much more flowing synchronicity and grace. I must say, I felt altered for a couple days after the session, as my body and consciousness adjusted to the energetic upgrades. I am excited to experience more journeys and teachings from the deities! Stay tuned for another session most likely in, September.