Thursday, February 7, 2019

Horus Circle- Trusting Your Inner Guidance

The following is a transcribed account of the recorded group session I facilitated with, Falcon God, Horus. His words and message are shown within " " marks. The rest of the content is from my intuitive impressions of what He was showing to me. Visit previous blog posts for other sessions with Horus, and, The Divine Egyptian Council; for more information.

After settling the group in….

From the heart center, allow yourself to rest in there…. I’m feeling the presence of Horus in His bird man form. Standing among us. Feeling His strength. Connecting up as a group. Continuing to reside in your heart, breathing. Horus is extending one of His hands out with some energy to prime us. Calibrating to His frequency. Continuing to breath.  Noticing what you notice, inhaling, exhaling.
He has now shape shifted into His falcon form. You can imagine whatever you’re imaging, notice what you notice. 

He takes flight. We are going to travel with Him as a group hearing His falcon shrills. You can just imagine flying with Horus whatever that looks like to you. Not having to do anything at all, except
just allowing. He flies higher and higher in the sky taking us with Him. He flies in a circular of motion right to left. A funnel of time, space. Flying with him as this funnel opens up more and more. Noticing what you notice. Hearing more of his falcon cries. He’s just speeding up in His circular flying motion, creating a form of light in a funnel shape.
Traveling with Him to a place you have known before. A place in your consciousness that maybe you have forgotten about in this life time. Coming forward into that remembering. Hearing more of His falcon shrills, calling us to a place of remembering. That place of deep remembering all the way to your cellular make up before you were even embodied.

We have traveled to the other side with Him, to His 'classroom.' I am seeing Him in His bird man form again. Continuing to breath notice what you notice.

I’m looking at the profile of Horus. You may see something different or nothing at all. It s all ok. You may be noticing subtle waves of energy throughout the body. Relax and allow theses waves of light to cleanse through the cells, this golden light. Allow the cells to vibrate as this golden light, from Horus.

I see Horus with His hand in the meditation ohm position, the thumb and middle finger together, He’s holding that facing out toward us.

What I’m seeing with the visual of His hand position… its as if He is pulling out a symbolic white paper like receipt, pulling it out from the middle of the clavicle. This is strange imagery… but as if He’s for each of us, pulling this whatever size looking receipt out of our mid clavicle. 

This is all the times in this lifetime and other lifetimes where you didn’t trust your intuition or you were punished for being an intuitive…. Its essentially anything that is holding us back from fully embracing our Intuitive Self. Other lifetime embedded memories, and from this lifetime as a child. Perhaps you were very open and awake as a small child and your caregivers maybe weren’t on the same page, so shut that down.  It's as if He’s extracting memories, whether they are conscious or unconscious.

Now what I’m seeing is a, in the same clavicle area, its like an open black hole…(where the trachea is located) It also looks like outer space when I go into that. I believe that is representing consciousness that we are, where we come from. Pure consciousness uninhibited by any mistaken beliefs.

Seeing star constellations and them being connected by light. As if a map is being built. While this is going on I’m seeing a pyramid in the night sky and its glowing the tip is emanating energy coming all of that. I believe this represents pyramid technology that we are a part of. What those pyramids symbolize when they were originally built, which was a connection to the stars and the divine alignment in which the stars are all interconnected and intertwined with each other and then with Earth and all the living beings of the planet. 

Seeing purple, like an amethyst, in shape of a water drop, coming forth. This energy is for the brow chakra. Its coming forward. You might also just notice the brow. As if this is embedded in our brow. Feels as if there is some clean up to do. To be struck and Activated. 

Back to seeing Horus again, His profile, and holding His staff in His right hand. Now He is facing us front on, with His staff in front of Him. 
Noticing what you’re noticing, experiencing what you’re experiencing. There is some energy coming out from of this staff. Feeling like its coming into our heart chakra to open up even more, feeling soft, pulsing energy.

Seeing along with Horus, the Goddess Maat. She is kneeling with Her wings expanded. She is accompanying Him. She’s wearing golden looking garb and has expanded wings beside Him. Showing up for extra support in Her presence.
Also seeing a round sphere like burnt orange color, like a marble, that’s coming forth. It is representing the Eye of Horus. They are prepping us for this download, for this Eye of Horus. If your brow is feeling activated, or you’re noticing energy, or if its tense, its ok, just continue to breath. The crown chakra on top of your head may also be activated.  Just acknowledge whatever you’re noticing.

It appears as if Horus, with His staff, with this energy frequency, and Maat, is going to drop this orange looking sphere….. in our third eye. She is coming around and dropping that in each and every one of us. That’s dropping in.

This is representing stability in your Knowing, as in trusting. Almost like a platform for speaking from your intuition. Solid foundation. A reference point of your Intuitive Self. Feels like it's filling into your consciousness. Also feels like a very clearing kind of energy.
Now seeing a close up of Horus’ face, His bird head face…
Have the impression that Horus is inserting his beak in the forehead, the third eye, to make more space. Hearing a blessing from Him.
Seeing crystal quartz looking energy starting to fill that third eye space, and now that amethyst looking tear drop shape coming forth with the crystal quartz supporting it. Continuing to breath. As this upgrade is being installed in your consciousness. New sensory software.
It's as if you traded in your old car, and got a brand new one. Some new technology in your conscious. (something to this effect --> )

Maat, the Goddess is like tech support, hooking everything up here around the crown of your head...Using Her energy. Horus is just overseeing it in His support.

Now lets turn on this new Intuitive Knowing. These things are showing up to me like flipping the screens on. The ability to look into different timeless. Like sitting before multiple monitors, screens that’s the way I see this. so we can better choose which possibility or reality that seems more in alignment. Its like being in a control room.

We can play with this. Lets go for a little test run.
If there’s anything going on in your life right now that you are conflicted about or not quite sure what to do trying to make a decision about something. Go ahead and bring something like that forward.

We are going to use our new, upgraded third eye...with this particular situation. You can imagine sitting in a control room with four or five monitors around you. You can put the current situation directly in front of you. Tune into the quality of the life situation, how it feels, how it looks, visual. There’s that reference. Lets look into some other possibility states, if you say, yes, to this. Lets see what pops up by saying yes to it, and notice how that feels, whatever possibility that will create. Notice how that feels. If it feels light, exciting, joyful, or perhaps it feels dense, heavy, or maybe something else. Notice what you notice, or maybe you see some other imagery with it. We will reference point that one.

Return back to the situation at hand. You may notice that situation shifted by just feeling into the yes possibility state. Let’s look at if you say no to it, or choose another possibility that you have. See what appears and what it feels like…. Just allow all that information to come into your consciousness and reference point that.

Again, lets turn back into our current situation where it stands now. What happens if you just don’t choose anything at all? What does that feel like?
If you have multiple choices, you can feel into each of them.

Feels like we are going to get some upgrades in our emotional body. Sometimes our emotions cloud our knowing. Other peoples beliefs, mom and dads, lets just give those back to them, the ones that did not serve you. Sometimes our intuitive choice does not necessarily make logical sense at the time but that does not mean that its not in alignment for your best good. Or sometimes our intuitive choice does not make sense to other people and who might doubt or judge you, again that does not mean that is not in alignment for you. We are just going to drop any and everybody else’s  judgements and beliefs, and stories out of your Intuitive Knowing that don’t serve you. So give yourself permission to drop those out. Those belong to other people, not to you. Connect and align with your True Divine Self that you are now, and forever before you were embodied in this lifetime. This is your True Self. The All Knowing Self. Clear of judgement, clear of any emotions.

Amygdala in the brain, where we process emotions, we are getting an upgrade there. Subtle energy coming through the amygdala. Lining up the brain stem, fight or flight response. Just releasing any old programming, traumas, in this lifetime and any others that interfere with your Divine Knowing, your Divine Self, that connection.

Seeing a very clear colander of light extending through the top of the head, through the face, all the way into the heart center. Showing a very clear path to that connection to your Higher Self.
This is also buzzing the cells, this Light, your Higher Self, so your cells have a reference point to what that feels like, your Intuitive Knowing, enhancing your body’s awareness. All the way down to the base of the spine. Just allowing yourself to be wherever you are, experiencing whatever you’re experiencing.

Feeling your connection to your Higher Self, that All Knowing Being. For a little contrast, come back down into the body and feel that, your human self. Then noticing the subtle connection to your Higher Self, that vibration, come back to that. Feeling the overlay.

Hearing some words from Horus:  “You are, True One, you always have been. This is your Divine Knowing beyond your human experience. You are here to bring this Divine Knowing forward into this lifetime just as you have before. You are guided by this Light, this Light of Knowing. You are not the shadow, that is illusion. You are this Light. This vibration. The shadow keeps you stuck and forgetful. Choose freely my friends. All is your learning. Rest in this Light of Knowing. Trust it."

Its feeling as it is time to go back with Horus. If you have any questions for Him you can have a brief question/answer with Him, or you can just be in this energy. Beautiful Light.

We are feeling complete, this session is complete. Horus has shape shifted back into His falcon form.
We are going to come back with him, hearing His falcon shrills, we travel with Him as a group. Allow yourself to fly with Horus. Coming back with Him. He flies in that circular motion. Back through that funnel of time and space. Bringing all this remembering back here with us.
Coming back in easily and gracefully, coming back into this time and space, back into this room. Feeling the infusion of this conscious connection in the body. Breathing. Taking however much time you need to integrate back here to this 3D reality. Feeling your toes and fingers, your breath. Allowing this energy just to settle. Whenever you’re ready you can open your eyes at your own pace.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Divine Egyptian Council Journey- Balancing the Scales with Maat

12/10/18 Divine Egyptian Council Journey- Featured Teacher Maat
The following is a transcribed account of the recorded group session I facilitated with, Falcon God, Horus. The words and messages from the Divine Beings are shown within " " marks. The rest of the content is from my intuitive impressions of what They were showing to me. 
Visit previous blog posts for other sessions with Horus, and, The Divine Egyptian Council; or visit for more information about my relationship with these Beings, and for upcoming group sessions.
After settling the group in….

Horus, in His bird man form, stands here with us in the room. He connects energetically with each of us and as a group. Just bringing His presence to the forefront. He is the God of Truth, one of the main guides to humanity. He calibrates us to join with Him. Noticing what you’re noticing. You may feel some light waves of energy…. Or nothing at all. Whatever your experience is your experience.

He’s now shape shifted into His falcon form as He begins to fly, taking us with Him as a group. You can imagine yourself flying on His bird back amongst His wings. Hearing His falcon shrills as He flies higher into the sky. He is flying in a circular motion, which signifies Him opening up the portal for us to fly through with Him. He flies right to left, around and around, creating a funnel of time. Hearing more falcon shrills as we travel with Horus. Just allowing yourself to journey in to a timeless place.
Now I see Horus shape shift back into His bird man form. He is a man with a falcon head. The scenery has some palm looking trees, the sky isn’t exactly bright, but it is maybe dawn or dusk. We appear to be in a dessert looking scene, I guess something you might see in Egypt. I am seeing three pyramids in the distance.

We are gathered here as a group with Horus. We are going to follow Him off into the distance towards one of these pyramid looking structures. As a group, you can imagine walking with Horus as He takes us off into this oasis of dessert. 

It appears to be the sun, an orangish-reddish sun in the horizon, I believe it is coming up. We are coming closer to a pyramid. There’s even a camel showing up, hanging out here in front of the pyramid. Noticing what you’re noticing. If you’re experiencing something different that’s fine, let whatever comes in to be there. 

And we are now before some stairs. Horus is taking us up into the entry level of this pyramid where we are going to stand outside of. We are gathered on this outer platform where the entrance is before us. Isis is outside to greet us, the Goddess of Light, the Goddess of Divine Magic. 
I’m hearing toning from Her. She is speaking in some other language, in another tongue that I cannot understand, nor can I replicate with my words. Receive this communication and blessing from Isis.
She is essentially priming us to enter into the chamber to meet the rest… She has some sort of silk rope, thread, that she is taking around the group. Again, I think it is symbolic of priming us to enter the chamber, circling the group with Her magic in this silky looking rope/thread. Its to help us in connecting.
Some more toning from Her. 
I’m noticing Her headband that has a golden cobra snake on it. It appears
we are receiving energy from this cobra snake on her headband, out of the eyes, the eyes are like an iridescent changing frequency of colors, or energy through the cobra eyes on her headband. Notice what you’re noticing. Feels like a high frequency to help with your energy body. Assisting us in getting on the same frequency as a group to help with your intuitive sensing. Its also cleansing energy, purification. She’s just prepping us…

We are ready to enter now with Isis leading the way, Horus to follow Her. You can imagine yourself entering into this doorway, darkened corridor that’s lit up by torches on either wall walking down this corridor... Coming out into an open chamber greeted by the rest of the deities. Anubis is there, Osiris, Maat…Thoth, Ammit…Set, Ganesha… And we stand before Lord Vishnu. He is a blue skinned being. He’s usually depicted with a crown of cobra snakes, I’m seeing that crown partially, seeing two of cobra snakes extended… whatever that signifies. (think He was showing me a couple snakes to identify Him)
He is just looking before us with a gentle smile, and a very loving gaze from Him. I’m going to repeat what I’m hearing Him say… you can have whatever experience you’re having.

“You have entered the chamber successfully my friends. Welcome. God is before you. Connect into your own sense of God. You are God, as much as I am a God. We join with you today to bring about Truth. Giving Light to what you thought was dark. We are here to help you realize your divine sense of Self. You are the creator. We support you in your creations. You are the creator. It is not us. It is you. You are a Divine One. This is your Truth. Trust that you already Know. I come here before you to seize the day. To seize what’s inside, past your beliefs, past the illusion. Seize the Truth. The Truth of who you Are.”
There’s a glowing bluish violet lotus flower that He’s showing me that’s within all of us. You can imagine a glowing bluish violet lotus flower in essentially your core, your heart center, where you would refer to your solar plexus, between those two points, where your stomach is located and your heart, this glowing lotus flower. 

(Vishnu) “This is your Divinity. This is where you stem from. You have forgotten at times. But I am here to help you remember.”

The Divine Spark just sparked that lotus flower as it opens up even more so, it rotates around. Notice what you notice, as the energy continues to unfold. Let that energy extend throughout the body. Remembering to breath. Let all of that energy from this Divine Lotus extend in to your cells, all throughout the body, lighting up your core, this purplish, bluish energy... Soft and loving. Noticing if there’s any resistance, you can acknowledge that. Just allowing the energy to move throughout in the best way for you.

(Vishnu) “This energy is to help you serve your Purpose. Purpose as to why you came here in this lifetime. This energy is here to support you, guide you, love you, the parts of the personality that forget. This is your guiding Light. Your blue print, your map. It’s what you configured before you embodied. Remember. Now my friends, let us sing and dance.”

There’s another Being playing a stringed instrument, appears to be the Hindu monkey god, His name is escaping me…(Hanuman) it appears He’s playing what looks like a mandolin of sorts. 
Isis is toning. Vishnu appears to be playing His conch shell. They are attuning us to this lotus flower energy from Vishnu. Noticing what you notice.

Vishnu, He says, “Ok my loved ones, it is time to begin.”

I’m seeing a crocodile, which tells me that it is, Ammit… He’s a crocodile looking deity who’s been involved in assisting Maat in the underworld ceremony. I’m noticing Ammit’s crocodile looking snout and face, His crocodile teeth from His lower jaw that extend over His upper jaw. Noticing what you notice about Ammit, God of Discernment. He devours fear. He devours darkness. My view of Him is shifting from not so close up, seeing Him from more far way. Seeing His whole body, He’s not like a full crocodile, He’s kind of, don’t even know how to explain it… He’s got some sort of orange garb on, hard to explain in words. 

I am seeing the scales, that signifies Maat, the featured teacher. Seeing gold balancing scales. They are moving from side to side, these scales of justice.  And the energy from these scales, I’m hearing as an auditory, different tones, as they bob up and down. Coming into my vision is the Goddess Maat. She is wearing a headband with a single feather coming out of it, long straight black hair, big eyes, tan skin. Has some sort of golden jewelry necklace piece, big thick golden piece of jewelry.

I’ll repeat what I hear Her say:
“I am the Goddess of Light and Dark. Discernment of balance. Here to help you in how the balance of life flows to and from you. These scales are, The Scales of Justice, of Divine Balance, of Divine Flow. The Laws of the Universe. Divine Order. When these scales are unbalanced, we see war, we see greed, we see darkness, temptation... Not having enough, the perception.”
She’s showing the scale, one side of it raised higher then the other, a depiction of it being out of balance.

“So how do we balance these scales? Through Divine Knowing. Remembering your Divinity, that there is more then enough for you and everyone. We share in this power. This power does not belong to any one of individual. This power is of, ALL. It is an illusion to think that one person can have all this power, the power of, ALL. It is not something that is obtained, it is something that you ARE. Scarcity creates the illusion that you are not, That. Fear creates the illusion that you are not, THAT. Feel the Divine Justice within you. Feel within your heart, your core Self. Feel the natural balance of give and take.  Feel yourself receive as much as you give. Balance the scales.”

I am now seeing the feather placed on one side of the scale and the human heart on the other. You may be experiencing something similar or different, just notice what you notice. ‘The heart represents man, and the feather represents divinity. Balance the scale.’  

(Maat) “Surrender your personality that holds on to limitation. The personality that thinks it is superior… Or so different from another that it separates you. You are different and unique, but you are also the same. The same Divinity that resides behind the differences that is unwavering. This Divine Flame within.”

I’m watching the scale with the heart that’s a little bit above the feather balancing out. Have the impression that this is a healing from Maat, balancing our own inner scale of justice in balance between humanity and Divine Self. Letting go of that sense of limitation that the personality creates to keep you separate. Transforming the aspects of the personality that causes you to withhold. That can be withholding love, withholding material possessions, it can be with anything. The wounded parts of the personality that turn to fear for a sense of protection. Allowing that scale to balance with the Feather of Divinity, healing your human heart. Transmuting all the old wounding patterns in giving and receiving love. All your old defense mechanisms, they are obsolete. It’s like turning on a light with in a room, the lights don’t go on anymore, doesn’t work anymore. Balancing the scales. You don’t need that light switch because you are that Light. Upgrading your ability to communicate your needs and desires, your boundaries, without having to withhold your love.

Seeing lovely rainbow looking energy coming through to all of us. Your connection is your Divinity. It is your quality of connection to this Divinity that creates loving dynamics with yourself and others.

Seeing an image of a new born baby, it’s telling me this healing is going all the way back to when you were just a little babe fresh on this planet for this lifetime. Let’s extend this out to all lifetimes that apply to now.

This rainbow healing energy from Maat and these scales are going all the way down to when you were a new born infant, all the way into your cellular memory, vibrating this energy from Maat. Undoing all the safe guards that have locked you in from fully being able to give and receive purely, unconditionally, based in love. All the way up through your childhood. Forgiving those that wounded you, that didn’t know how to give and receive love freely either. Now just connecting into this new template that’s being integrated and offered to you, if you choose.

Seeing a young child in an open field flying a kite up in the open sky. Being a free child, that sense of wonder, that sense of play, going to come into that state now. Letting that reference come into your consciousness and be your reference point as you move forward in your current life. 

(Maat) “You are safe because you Know. YOU KNOW. You are very wise. Wiser then you know.”

We’re going to bring that wise counsel within your own Self forward in your consciousness so that its that much more accessible to you to enhance your connection with yourself, and other people in your life, whether that’s loved ones, or with strangers you encounter…. Your communication…Stronger sense of self, knowing how you feel, apart from someone else. Growing into a stronger sense of Knowing of our own self so that we don’t become entangled and enmeshed with other people... Become confused due to their emotions, and their thoughts. Really developing a strong sense of self coming up through your youth, into your adolescence… All you’re doing right now is just allowing, observing what you’re observing, experiencing what you’re experiencing, don’t have to figure anything out, just allowing yourself to receive this support. Remembering who you are beyond this body, beyond this lifetime.

These changes are coming into the amygdala of the brain. If you’re feeling any energy in your brain,
its bringing these changes in how you process emotions, what people say to you. Basically the lens that you have looked through is being upgraded. So maybe if someone says something to you, maybe in the past you would of taken it the wrong way, and so now these changes are going to enable you to just be neutral from a non-entangled place. To be more in tune with that observation Self in your communication dynamics. Noticing what you’re noticing, in these changes in the body.

If at any point this energy starts to feel too intense just ask to tone it down. Adjust it to a frequency that feels right for you. Remembering to breath, continuing to breath.

Our crocodile friend Ammit, is coming forth. He is here to take away any fear you’ve been feeling from this process or any other residual fear away. Just toss those into His mouth and He’ll chomp them right down. Fear of not having enough, fear of vulnerability, whatever that might be for you. Just let Ammit transmute that for you. There’s nothing to be defensive about when it comes to any old defense mechanisms… So, if there is nothing to be defensive about, there’s no need for protection or blocking, those old ways of being. You just ARE. You Are what you Are.

Now seeing the golden scale glistening with the feather and the heart, looking relatively balanced. Discernment, and our humanity. A stronger sense of wisdom, less questioning in what you Know. Resting in that wisdom that you Are. 
(Maat) “Yes, you remember. You remember.” 
Lighting up your DNA, evolving that all the way down your ancestry, Divine Knowing, consciously, in this human embodiment. Breathing. Basking in this state of being. Seeing some really beautiful violet and bluish colors with merges of reds too, yellow, so it’s more of that rainbow color energy... I think that’s the segment with Maat.. fading into the background.

In times of fear and doubt… I have this impression from Ammit, the crocodile God... I think He wants me to tell you that in times of fear and doubt… because we’re human and we’re going to have flashes of those no matter how evolved you are, but how long it lasts becomes shorter and shorter. If you think of Ammit, you can hand over your fear and doubts to Him, and He’ll take care of them for you, if you want.

Appears that Thoth, the God of… known to be the creator of Universal Truths, connected to mathematics, said to be one that brought that technology to humanity, sacred geometry. He is stepping into the forefront now. I see Him with His tablature, recording this, stamping something out with His tablature. I’m noticing His eyes, they look to be glowing, a glowing an iridescent blueish color, a color I can’t really describe in human color terms. He is holding an ankh out toward us. “The opening to the gateway that ever was, that ever will be in this time NOW.” 

It appears He just opened up another chamber… seeing an octagon looking open corridor, it’s all lit up with yellows and golds, like a liquid golden stream of some sort running through it. I believe we are supposed to come with Him through this octagon corridor of liquid light. We will go as a group with Thoth through this other portal… 

This feels like very heavenly energy, its almost as if He’s taken us to this other vantage point of overlooking the planet. I see the planet highlighted in golden energy, and a golden ring around the planet Earth. Perhaps He’s just showing us what the world can be from this vantage point, from this healing state that we are in when the scales are balanced, this golden utopia on Earth. Perhaps signifying the Golden Age, where mankind is returning to once we dump the fear, the Golden Age can begin again.
We are the disciples, leading the way back to this Golden Age. He’s holding up what looks like a lantern showing us this viewpoint, peace on Earth, everything is this golden glow. We have been here before. We don’t need to use war and devastation to show us the way here. We can choose love, connection, cooperation, and our humanity… we can remember who we truly Are in our humanity, it is possible. It begins with each individual. Golden cities… golden city. Feeling what you feel from this energy. This golden energy, from a golden time for humanity to share in... time, space without fear and destruction, a golden utopia. Caste systems that live in Divine Harmony. Everyone’s needs and desires intertwine and work together.

Wow, big flash of golden Light!—it’s hitting my eyes, so its hitting your eyes… very bright golden Light. Perhaps an upgrade in how we view the world. What would it be like to view the world through ease, this perception. Be able to see this golden Light within yourself and others while being discerning of your needs.

Now Thoth is telling me it is time to come back, so we are going to make our way back through this golden octagon corridor… stepping back into the chamber where we came from. Where all the other deities are waiting, still present.

Master Ganesha… He’s greeting us. Noticing some sort of… looks like a golden trident scepter (represents the three powers of Love, Wisdom, and Action) He’s holding, its golden with different jewels on it, and He has a golden crown with jewels on it. He is part elephant and part man, kind of got a Buddha kind of body with an elephant head. I think He’s going to give us a blessing. 

What I’m hearing Him say is: “You are very loved. We love you, my children. The Awakeners of consciousness in humanity. The Light Walkers. Some of you travel through darkness in order to bring the Light but we are here to show you a new way. Traveling through darkness is no longer necessary. You just be the Light. There’s no place to go, you just are the Light. I love you.”

There’s some sort of energy coming from His trident scepter that He’s holding. Feels very cerebral, the frontal lobe of the brain is receiving the energy, is what it feels like to me, you can notice what you notice.

Again, it’s an upgrade in how you perceive, to help you come from a higher perspective as you continue to journey through this life.

He says: “Very good my friends, you have done well. You have done well on your journey. You are very loved.”

He’s just gazing at us, with a smile, feel this loving energy from Ganesha. This loving, joyful energy from Him. I see Him holding his palm up, pink energy in his palm extending to us.
(Ganesha) “Very good my friends,” He says, “Very good. You are free to go,” is what He says, ok thank you, Ganesha. A very joyful buzzing energy from Him is what I encounter. Just feeling what you’re feeling. 

Seems as though we are going to wrap things up with Vishnu as He takes the center point with us. He’s just looking upon us, smiling. Gazing at us with His loving smile, pure total acceptance.

(Vishnu) “You have no mistakes to forgive. Your life is just a series of experiences. You are learning well. All is well. You have done well. Nothing to forgive. You are deserving of this love because you are this Love. We are just helping you to remember that. Thank you for coming before us today. We love you very much. You are Divine Ones. Spread this Knowing to the others in your life in whatever form that takes. Even if just in your presence with nothing said, spread this energy. Nothing you have to do, you just are IT. Look upon yourself as we look upon you, in deep love and devotion. Blessings, my friends.”

He is doing one final blow into his conch shell. As we begin to say your thanks to the deities today and all that you received. As a group, we walk with Horus, leading us back out, saying your good byes.
Feels as though, after this journey session, if you wish, you can have some reflection time with any of these deities that showed up today, or maybe another that did not make its presence known, at least not to me... It feels like you will have much more clearer access to receiving impressions from whoever you choose, or maybe they choose you.

Walking out with Horus through that torch lit corridor, coming back outside to that ledge outside the entrance of the pyramid we were in, coming back out as a group. Isis follows us out.

She’s gathering that silk thread/rope back up. Giving final blessings. Final toning from Her. Thanking us for joining them today. She’s giving each one of us a little flower, like a little peddled flower… appears to be orangish, with a little bit of yellow, perhaps you see something different… to help us to remember and integrate this energy and teachings today.

And we walk back down the stairs onto the ground, walking back with Horus away from these pyramid looking structures. And He is shape-shifting back into His falcon form… hearing His falcon shrills as He flies up into the sky and we travel with Him as a group. He is flying right to left, again creating the funnel, coming with Him. Flying around and around. 
Coming back through time and space to this place. Bringing back all the learning with us consciously and anything that remains unconscious to be brought back in to our awareness when the right time is, when you need it the most.
Whenever you’re ready, you can notice yourself sitting or laying down, whatever surface you’re on, feel your toes, finger tips… whenever you’re ready, you can slowly bring your awareness back into this room this space, open your eyes in your own time.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Healing with Horus- 'Letting Go of Attachment'

October 2018 Healing with Horus- Letting Go of Attachment Bonded to Love
The following is a transcribed account of the recorded group session I facilitated with, Falcon God, Horus. His words and message are shown within " " marks. The rest of the content is from my intuitive impressions of what He was showing to me. Visit previous blog posts for other sessions with Horus, and, The Divine Egyptian Council; for more information.

After settling the group into the room….
Horus stands here with the group in His bird man form. Sending some energy out of His eye or eyes. Priming us. Notice what you notice as we all connect as a group, heart to heart, to heart to heart, to heart… 

Now He is sending energy through the palm of His hand to the group, sonic waves of some sort. Seeing pinks and green colors with this energy from Him for our emotional body, soothing energy. He’s prepping us before we fly with Him. 

I’m seeing a golden light ring around the heart center. Notice what you notice in your heart center, it may appear differently to you, or whatever you are experiencing. A golden ring of light. The eternal flame. 

He’s now shape-shifted in to His falcon form. He takes flight, we as a group are going to take flight with Him. You might imagine being on top of His bird back, a vision of being on His wings. Flying with Horus, however that is for you.

He flies in a circular motion, right to left, opening a portal, funnel, through time space continuum. Taking us to His classroom. Hearing more of His falcon shrills. Traveling through hyper space. Something out of a sci-fy movie, zooming through space.

More falcon shrills…

I’m noticing in His talons... I see a crystal quartz looking rock. In the shape of… pointing tower look to it, I'm not getting the right vocabulary. It is a crystal quartz... A download. Its going to drop in to the back part of the base of the neck, between the shoulders, where the spine is, at the base of the neck. You will sense what you sense. This is going to be dropped in… here it comes if you’re not already feeling it. Notice what you notice, with this energy from Horus… 

This seems to be activating the cerebral cortex in the brain, the frontal lobe, pineal gland. The frontal lobe is our executive decision making. It is the last part of the brain that develops when we are growing up. Part of the brain that is the more reasoning… before we act.
From this quartz looking crystal, seeing energy coming out of it from the base of the neck, and its going up through the brain, connecting into the frontal lobe... energy lighting it up, running back and forth. Perhaps an upgrade in how we make our decisions, how we perceive what’s in front of us. An Activation of memory. Remembering how to choose from a wiser, higher place.

This other section of the brain, Medulla Oblongata, is now going to be activated, in center point of brain, fight or flight. That feels like that’s getting cleansed from the traumas that have occurred in our lifetime. My impression is that those traumas are being cleansed. Healed. Rectified. Which is then
going to carry through the nervous system. Which all ties into how we attach to things, and each other because of that fear flight or fight response. Traumas from childhood, all of that is being rectified, cleaned up, if you will. Abandonment, being left. If you feel any kind of emotion that comes up, that’s ok, you might experience that.

The Divine Mother is among us too. I imagine we’re getting into some emotional territory. Mother Mary, She is among us to sooth. If you are experiencing any emotional pain, you can give that over to Divine Mother to sooth, to calm. Feeling Her energy… gentle, loving, compassion. Her comfort. Healing that inner child… 
Seeing imagery like a hurt little child, like 5ish... it’s around being left. Bringing some love to that child… your own inner child, let your adult self sooth that inner child that felt left, or maybe was left.

(Mary) “There, there. I am here now.” Offer that to this inner child. “I am here now… And I love you….”  There you go. Feeling like the tears are starting to subside as that child is getting some reassurance from you, and acknowledgement, love. And Mother Mary gives that child a red rose of divine compassion. Receive this divine rose from Mary. Feel that go into your Heart, or wherever it feels like is best for you. Be open to receiving that divine rose from Mother.

Healing these wounds of abandonment. And the stories that were formed from these experiences. We are going to upgrade those.

Horus is showing me, He’s opening up an actual book, like a story book. It’s the old story that we’ve been operating from based off these experiences of how we formed attachment as kids, from these wounded experiences. He’s just turning the pages….

He’s offering a new story. A new story about attachment. A new way of being with attachment. Because it is our human makeup, there’s no getting around it. But learning how to grow though attachment and the loss of an attachment. People do come in and out of our lives at different stages of it... Pets come and go. Opportunities come and go. Projects come and go. Everything is temporary, except for your Eternal Soul which is the Truth of who you Truly are. We can have this inter-lay of this human attachment as well as this connection to our Eternal Self that is All Loving, All Knowing, all at the same time. A curious interface.

Its as if the wounding patterns have been cleared between the connection to the eternal self, and then to our human self, how we attach... is how I’m interpreting these changes in our consciousness. Because we get tripped up in our wounding, which then effects how we relate to each other.
Seems that the inner child is feeling more neutral now, in a curious state…which is the ideal state for the child to be full of wonder.

Maybe how we approach how we attach to something is from a place of wonder, like, ‘Ahh, curious, hmm. Knowing your Eternal Self, you can never not be attached from your Eternal Self because that is You.

We can enter a state of mourning when we lose something out of our life, without whatever story goes with it. We can be loving to our self through the suffering of a loss without the story. Accepting it’s a loss and that’s all that it is… and the value, and the gifts that came from whatever that was that you were attached to, the learning from the attachment… it is not bad to attach to things…. But there is discernment in what we choose to attach to with our humanity. Some attachments are more painful then others. Whatever leaves your life has served its purpose. Make peace with that, however long it takes. There is no right or wrong, in your grief. Your emotions guide you. They guide you back into the heart. Even though when you’re in deep pain you may feel so separated from your loving heart, that is just an illusion. Pain is just inverted love. It is your learning.
But let’s upgrade that learning… Lets choose to move through our pain with more grace and ease…

Soul contracts… seeing pieces of paper. We all have formed soul contracts with different folks throughout our lifetime. Things that we signed up for before the embodiment. But soul contracts can be altered once we become aware of them and choose to alter them. 

I’m seeing these pieces of paper, everybody’s contracts. We are going to get to take the contracts that no longer serve… and you don’t need to be aware of which ones or what they are, you might have an impression of some contracts that maybe you’ve been carrying around with you that are obsolete now, no longer valid, but you’re still holding on to them… Or some that are very active… we can choose to void them now, if you wish. You can have your own awareness of these soul contracts… 
These can be soul contracts with your parents, it can be soul contracts with your significant others, with friends, with your boss, whoever. You might have an impression, or you may not have any impression at all, that’s ok. You can leave it for the highest best good which ever contract would serve you best with being voided… or it can be upgraded. You can discern what’s best for you.

Horus is going to help us out here with these contracts. I see Him in His bird man form with His staff. Its like we all have our contracts and they are in a pile before him. I have the impression he is doing some sort of chanting over them, or symbols… it’s symbols that he’s putting over this stack of contracts… they look like some sort of glyphs… and chanting.

He’s doing some sort of ceremony with these contracts, based in blessings. These contracts represent real difficult painful relationships we’ve had in the past or currently. And these are relationships we’ve had with these particular people in this lifetime, over many lifetimes together. This is our opportunity to evolve this lesson with these soulmates that we’ve danced with many a lifetime.

He just took His staff and hit it firmly on the ground, in whatever chamber we are with Him, and they went up in dust. I see a purifying flame coming up from the alter that these contracts were on, a white flame.
A purifying flame of Light. We are going to replicate that purifying flame of Light in the heart center. Again, to help clean up the wounding. Evolve that sense of attachment into a new way of being. A new way of attaching while being able to be in a state of un-attachment…. It’s like this funny balance… its allowing, really. Its allowing people to come and go, and yeah, its ok if you have emotion about that, but it’s being able to get more in the state of acceptance of things, the way they’re going down and happening, without trying to control it, or force things, or manipulate… Those tendencies feel like they’ve been upgraded, washed away... To just evolving to an easier state of acceptance when things are leaving our life. Its not erasing the emotion but its allowing you to be more gracefully accepting... Being able to be more from the Divine Being point of view with transitions in life, that state of graceful allowance.

Let’s allow for some integration. Noticing what you notice.

You might notice some more activity in your cerebral cortex, third eye, around the brow, feels like its opening up for more clear sight view discernment.

Feeling your natural self, that part of you that is nature, the ebb and flow of nature. Syncing up with the rhythm of nature, the bio rhythms. Birth, death, rebirth, that whole cycle, feels like our whole system... syncing up with that natural falling away to then dissolve, and then begin anew, back into creating. 

Just syncing up with that natural flow…. Noticing what you notice.

Feels like we're getting a nice healing with the brain…with all the trauma patterns that have been embedded in the brain… getting a nice healing theta state going through the old patterning with the brain. Onto with the central nervous system syncing up. With the medulla… the brain stem. 

Even our cardio, the lowering of the pulse, before when we would be highly reactive, or activated. I’m even feeling that come down a few notches of those old reactive charges, all being upgraded.
Just integrating…. Allowing whatever sensations, you might notice to just run through the body, just be curious. 

Feels like a tranquil state. Calm. This is the soul frequency, the frequency of your soul. The frequency beyond the body. As if our brain, cardio, nervous system is being attuned to this soul frequency, synced up. Like when you have your lap top and you need to restore it to factory settings... Swoosh! That’s what it feels like.
 Like when you’re a new born baby popping out for the first time, you haven’t been attuned to mom and dads’ anxieties and all the world's stuff yet, so it feels like we are getting a big factory reset. Clean slate.
Less reactive.
Feels as though we will come from more of an observing place when we feel like somebody left us, or duped us, or whatever that might be, more of an observing place, and able to not leave, or abandon our own self, our own sense of love.  
So that we won’t be coming from that wounded reactive place, because we will be centered in our own sense of love, able to be clear in our boundaries, and just to allow what needs to leave, to go.

And yes, you may still experience hurt feelings, but its going to be different because you now have a different filter. Higher operating system.

Stronger sense of Self…. Of the Divine Being that you are. Calmer presence. Which is a great gift to all of who you encounter. No longer afraid of attachments, just more accepting. Basing those attachments in love rather then in fear. Give yourself permission to be drifted from here forth. Nothing to figure out, you’re just allowing. Allowing these changes to be in your consciousness for the highest and best for your learning. So, you can enjoy the ride that much more. Enriching your relationships as well.

Looks like the chakras are having a nice balance there, looks like everybody’s chakra system is looking pretty good…. Lovely. If there’s any tension or resistance you might be noticing, just allow it to go, you can let it go, or observe it, or you can hold onto it. Its up to you. Give yourself permission just to let it go, knowing you will fall in to love once you let go. Its just fear. Enjoy this attunement.

Seeing nice golden sparkles in everybody’s aura, that’s really cool. Nice!

Maybe you can see your adult self laying in a field of flowers with your inner child in a wondrous state. Hanging out with that little guy or little girl. In a bed of flowers, in a field, looking up into the sky together. Care free.

You might find your imagination is more potent after this healing session, now that the inner child is feeling more care free… freeing up the imagination to spark up new inspirations.

Its feeling like it’s time for us to fly back with Horus. He’s shape-shifted into His falcon form and we are traveling with Him as a group, once again hearing His falcon shrills, as we go with Him, as He flies up into the sky... hearing His falcon shrills. Flying right to left, once again opening up that portal through time and space, circling around and around. Flying with Him. 

In this new state of consciousness. Coming back into this room, this space. Beginning to just notice the body, the chair you’re sitting in, the floor you're laying on, feeling your connection to this room, your surroundings, wiggling your toes, fingers, taking your time coming back to this 3D realm. Whenever you’re read you can open the eyes.