Thursday, January 16, 2020

Enter Karnak Temple

December 2019
Karnak Temple

The following is a transcribed account of the recorded group journey session I facilitated with, Falcon God, Horus, Goddesses, Sekhmet, Nefertiti, and God, Osiris. This was a channeling of the sacred site, Karnak. Their words are shown within " " marks. The rest of the content is from my intuitive impressions of what they were showing to me. Visit previous blog posts for other sessions with Horus, and, The Divine Egyptian Council; Visit for more information.

After settling the group in...

Horus is here in the room with us. I see Him in His bird man form. Here to take us on a journey tonight.

He says, “You are Divine Source. This is your calling. This is your Remembering. And I am here to Awaken you to this Knowing. That’s always been there.”

He’s holding up one of His hands. Bringing His energy into the room, into the group. Calibrating us to His energy and this journey tonight. You can notice what you notice, if anything at all, just focusing on your breath. 'Igniting the Light within.' Bringing that to the forefront.

And now we travel with Horus, as He shape shifts into His falcon form. Seeing His wings extended, we are going to travel with Him as a group. Experience whatever you’re experiencing, or imagine whatever you want to imagine. 

He’s taking flight, we are flying with him. You can imagine as if you’re flying with this falcon bird
on his back tail, his wings extended, hearing his falcon shrills. You might also see the front view of his falcon face. Whatever you are experiencing is your experience.

Hearing more falcon shrills from Horus. As He ascends higher and higher into the sky. Shifting into a galactic scene. And He begins to fly into a circular motion, so that we may travel more deeply into our consciousness with Him. Creating a funnel. He’s just flying left to right, around and around. Hearing more falcon shrills.

Now it appears we are dropping into different scenery. I’m seeing Horus in His bird man form. Guessing we are at Karnak. The sky is a light blue, like day time. And the ground we are standing on is made of stone, tan in color with a pillar in the background, tall, rectangular shape pillar, made of stone, tan in color with some sort of etchings, maybe they are glyphs, carved into the stone. That’s off to the far right in the distance, and then I believe I’m seeing another more pointing pillar straight ahead. To the left, more like a building, maybe it’s a temple, appears it has pillars on the outside, and a kind of like A-frame point to it on the front of it, flat roof. Everything looks to made of tan stone.

We are just standing here as group with Horus. Appears He is going to address the group.

He says, "I brought you here to unlock a Knowing from this place. The energy center here. You have been here before in other lifetimes. You know this place. We walk together. Follow me.”

A woman figure is appearing. And I’m trying to identify her. I don’t’ know what Sekhmet looks like in her woman form but it may be her because I don’t think its Isis. This woman has what looks like a reddish, burnt orangish gown on, bare foot, her skin is more like a yellow tone, her hair has like a blue hue to it. And she’s wearing a head band that looks reddish-orangish in color matching her gown.

She says, "I am Sekhmet." Sekhmet is here to greet us. She says, "This is my temple." 

Notice what you notice. Her energy feels very strong, very affirming. She stands before us holding a staff. She’s got a womanly figure. She’s morphing between looking like a woman, then I see Her cat face or the beast face that’s morphing back and forth. Maybe She's identifying some more of who She is.

She says, "I am the leader, or ruler of this land that we stand upon. Strength. Unity. Is what this place represents. Find the strength and unity inside you. That is what we’re doing here today. I will show you the way. I come in many forms. You may know me differently.”

Now I’m seeing her full on cat face, lioness face. Green eyes, almost leopard looking. Notice what you notice, this energy of Sekhmet. It appears She is wearing an amulet, green looking emerald gem on a silver chain, embedded in silver holding the green gem. My attention is drawn to this amulet She’s wearing. So I’m sure we’re going to get some energy from this amulet download. Continuing to breath, inhaling exhaling.

She is saying, "This is for your Remembering.”

This amulet is starting to emit some energy. Auditory, I’m hearing a warpy kind of sound coming from it. You can notice what you notice, experience what you experience. This is subtle energy right now. Inhaling exhaling. This is to tap into your inner strength, strengthen your Knowing.

Also noticing the instrument She is holding, a golden staff. This golden staff, it almost appears it has a winged goddess on it, Divine Feminine energy that also can be fierce in nature. It’s going to unleash this energy within us all to help balance the masculine. Now we are getting an Activation from this staff of Sekhmet.

Focus on your breathing, experience whatever you’re experiencing. Allow this energy to circulate down through the body using the breath. Looks orangish-yellowish with some purplish, in color coming down through the body.

(Sekhmet) "Remember your inner strength that is at your core. Your True Divine Self.”

Going through the layers of our belief systems that separate us from our True Divine Self. I’m seeing
flashes of the Sphinx, the head of the sphinx, and what that represents. Our True Remembering. Now I hear Sekhmet, She is toning. Aligning us in our regality, like the regal great cat of, True Power.

(Sekhmet) “True Power transcends any and all wounding. Bring this True Power forth. Stand your ground. Be who you are. Be in your Truth. It is not to be feared. You are a Divine One. Know This. Be This. Unlock your True Divine Self, your Divine Knowing. All of your wounding from childhood and beyond, hand those over to me, Sekhmet. Let me devour them, transmute them. This is sacred ground.”

Continuing to breath, noticing what you notice.

And another Goddess is appearing. I believe its, Nefertiti. I recognize the crown that She wears, and She has a white gown on. She is coming forward. Sekhmet is still with us, She’s just off to the side. Horus is still with us as well.

Nefertiti, the Goddess of beauty, and divinity. She imparted teachings of Oneness to all that listened. She stands before us, Her arms outstretched toward us by her side, palms facing out. She wears a golden amulet, it is shining.

She is saying, "I am here to teach you about the Oneness that you are. Your inner shine.”

I’m seeing Her have energy between the palms of her hands, going back and forth, like a sorceress. 

She is saying, "I am magic." 

Almost looks like lightening between Her hands, or electricity looking energy, a light blueish. It’s like She is making an energy ball kind of thing. We are going to receive a download from Nefertiti from this energy ball.

Getting a closer look at Her face. She is a beautiful woman. Very pure colored skin. Seems like she has make up on, seems kind of funny, don’t know if they had make up then. Big full lips, big eyes, eye lashes, a really beautiful woman.

(Nefertiti) “I am here to remind you of your beauty. Beautiful One that you are, that you came to be. Always have been.”

She is radiating this energy to us. It is extending from the palms of Her hands, electric blue energy. Notice what you notice, of this energy you are receiving from, Nefertiti. Hearing some more toning from Her. Remembering to breath. You may feel some tingling in the body or nothing at all. Or you may feel light headed, focus on the breath. This energy feels like it is lighting up the cells of our body. Vibrating at a higher frequency at the cellular level. Hearing a high toning form Nefertiti to help integrate this energy.

We have this beautiful energy plus the regal quality from Sekhmet. This energy is coalescing within the body. Notice what you notice. Just allow. You may feel a wave of energy, or nothing at all. Just be an observer. Continue to breath.

I’m seeing glyph imagery of Osiris, God of Death, reincarnation, Underworld. He’s got green skin. It's a depiction of Him on His throne with the instruments that He holds. Also seeing an aerial view of the pyramids. Imagery that’s flashing. Continuing to breath.

Osiris, corrected me, “King of the Underworld." "Father." "Father of Gods."

Have the impression we may receive a healing with our father issues, masculine, male patriarch. I’m looking at Osiris, His face, black chin beard. Balancing the male aspect, this makes sense, with the upgrade in our feminine, so here’s Osiris to balance the masculine to go with that upgrade.

He is standing before us in His white robe looking garb holding his instruments cross armed in front of him. I don’t’ know what they’re called, one is a hooked looking instrument, the other is a scepter looking…

The impression I’m getting is, this is something about intercepting things we take personal that are from the wounding of the masculine, or from our actual father, patriarchal imbalances. Abuse of power and control. Guessing we are going to hit on these aspects that we our self express at times that are triggered, that we’ve been wounded by, and we over compensate.

He is saying, "I am your Divine Father. Allow me to heal you. Accept this healing. The seed from which you come from."

I’m feeling energy from Him. Actually noticing the left side of my face and body feel a little bit warmer, so notice what you notice.

I hear Him say again, "I am your Father. Attune to me. The Divine Masculine that is in balance and harmonious with the Feminine. I am here to support you. Not to overcome you. Support you. Not to threaten you but to support you. Not to take from you but to support you. Let me heal your wounding. Give those over to me, Osiris."

Receive this energy from Him. Imagine yourself letting go of past hurts, resentments, give yourself permission to let those go. Give them over to Osiris to transmute so that you may be in greater balance and harmony with your own self and others.

Upgrade your consciousness in your Divine Masculine. (Osiris) "Feel the power of your Divinity. The feminine and the masculine. Expressed as One."

Seeing a pillar of Light representing each of us in this expression. A pillar of Light with an orb, infinite shining Light. A symbol of a cross with this Light coming out, coming forth, Divine balance is what this is representing. You can imagine this symbol throughout your core. This is not a religious based cross, this is a cross symbolic of Divine balance of masculine, feminine, and Divinity as One. Feel this from your core, the Light coming from this expression.

Breathing. Integrating. Feel your Divine expression, this new expression that’s coming through. In balance, harmony.

Noticing Horus. Feels as though it is time to come back with Him. We can say goodbye to Nefertiti, Sekhmet, Osiris, these Divine Beings that worked with us in these upgrades, this healing. I’m seeing the three of them standing in a trine configuration. Noticing what you notice. They form a powerful trine.  That imagery of the pyramids is symbolic of this holy trine. Representation of this Divine balance.

Feeling more connection with Horus. We are going to walk with Him. Imagine yourself walking with Horus through this temple site. Thank those other Divine Beings who worked with us.

Horus is shape shifting into His falcon form as He takes flight and we are going to travel with Him again. Hearing His falcon shrills, up into the blue sky, into that galactic scene. As He begins to fly in a circular motion, this time right to left, creating a funnel. We travel with Him. Allowing yourself to be wherever you are, gently coming back into the body in full, back into this room, this space, feeling your connection to the floor, to Earth Mother, this 3D embodiment. Wiggling your fingers and toes, taking your time, gently integrating fully into the body, breathing. Taking your time, whenever you’re ready, you can open your eyes. 

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Temple of Horus Journey

November 2019
Temple of Horus Journey

The following is a transcribed account of the recorded group journey session I facilitated with, Falcon God, Horus, and Anubis. This was a channeling of the sacred site, The Temple of Horus. Their words are shown within " " marks. The rest of the content is from my intuitive impressions of what they were showing to me. Visit previous blog posts for other sessions with Horus, and, The Divine Egyptian Council; Visit for more information.

Horus stands here with us, He’s in the room with us, in His bird man form. Wearing His headdress and crown. Holding His right hand up to the group. Energy extending from the palm of His hand as He connects with us, and the room.

He says, "I am here today to take you into your mind's eye of your everlasting Knowing. The Truth of who you really are. The Truth of your Knowing. I am here to teach you this. I offer you love in this Knowing."

You may notice subtle energy, or nothing at all. Continue to notice what you notice.

Seeing an image of a glyph depiction of Horus and Anubis with Him—glyph imagery. Seems as though Anubis is in a kneeling position next to Horus.

Being wherever you are, noticing what you notice. It appears that Horus has shape shifted in to His falcon form, taking flight, His wings extended, we are going to travel with Him. You can imagine whatever you are imagining, whatever you are experiencing. There is no right or wrong. We are flying with Him as a group. Hearing His falcon shrills. You can visualize yourself flying with this falcon God, as He soars higher into the sky. Appears to be in the night sky. Noticing  a full moon or Divine Creator—it’s a disc that resembles what the moon looks like—That is Divine Creator.

Traveling with Horus, as He begins to fly in a circular motion, taking us deeper into our consciousness, we fly with Him. Hearing more of His falcon shrills. Allowing yourself to be wherever you are, to go deeper into your conscious awareness, deeper into your Divine Knowing. Continue to fly in to this funnel shape with Horus.
If you feel your body sway, just allow it to sway. 

It appears as though we are coming into another time and place. Seeing Horus’ talons as if He’s landing. It appears we are at this sacred site, His temple. In my view, a building structure, square shape with pillars out front. It’s made from light, tan-ish stone. Blue sky in the background, stairs before us as we gather here in this terrain, on the ground, here with Horus, just outside this site, before these stairs. Gathering here in our group.

Seeing Horus, not sure if its His statue of him, but in His falcon form. Made of stone, is my impression... so it is a statue of Him, signifying that we are at His temple. Seeing Him in His bird man form, holding His golden staff, standing before our group, facing us. Notice what you notice, imagine what you imagine, seeing what you’re seeing, or nothing at all, that is fine too.

He is saying, "This is my Temple of Knowing. This represents your True Knowing. We are assembled here today to learn the Truth. The gifts of your Knowing. Your birth right. You were birthed in order to Remember. This is what we are here to do today. Come with me now."

Noticing His golden staff that He’s holding in His right hand. Appears He’s turning around facing the site, His back is to the group. We are going to follow Him up the stairs, noticing what you're noticing. Its not too many stairs, like ten or so, up to this other platform of this site, still outside. Walking towards this temple structure with the pillars. In this visual, seems as though there’s other people there from a different period, just wandering around, dressed in robe looking clothing. Walking with Horus.

Walking in between these pillars, going more into this site, appears we are approaching an entrance, or corridor entry way. It’s square looking in nature. Seems as though He’s just walking in this entry point here, so we are going to follow Him. Noticing what you’re noticing, as we walk together as a group, following Horus down this hallway or corridor.

Seems stone in nature, the walls and the floor. Its seems as though
we have come to a more open space in this temple and we are still with Horus. Anubis is also here. He’s standing here in this open space with us, in this chamber. There appears to be a slab of stone, not a coffin, but like a large open upright stone box, and Anubis is standing beside it, holding His golden staff. He Appears to be wearing quite a bit of gold regalia dressings with His obsidian skin. Wearing a gold looking headdress.

He is saying, "You are Awakened. You came here to be Awakened. Let me show you darkness, so that you may know the Truth. They are one in the same. It is illusion to think that you are in the dark when you are never, really, when you Know the Truth. I am here to show you this. This learning."

Noticing Him having like a grin, I can see his teeth- interesting expression. Noticing what you’re noticing. He is bringing out his golden ankh. Holding it in His right hand, holding it out to the group. This is going to be an Activation. Breathing, inhaling exhaling. You may see an ankh in your visualization or not. It s a golden ankh that t is sparkly for lack of a better description.

Hearing the words, "This is your Divine Knowing. A reflection of your Truth, everlasting life. Remember now."

And this ankh is going right into your heart center. Kind of between your heart center and throat. Noticing what you’re noticing. Feels like a 'file clean up,' metaphorically speaking. A de-frag, like when you de-frag your computer. A reordering. Beliefs that no longer serve you. Limited thinking, anything that limits you from connecting to your Divine All Knowing Self. Reordering those 'files.' Clearing out outdated ones, 'delete, delete, delete.'

This is your diamond Light. Seeing the pituitary gland light up in this diamond Light. An Activation to the pituitary gland. Seeing a shape of a diamond and this light coming out of that- lighting up the pituitary gland. To help you see the Truth of who you are.

Remembering to breath, continuing to breath. Experiencing whatever you are experiencing. If the body wants to move, allow it to move or sway. Just being curious. If you have any tension, letting go of whatever you are holding onto. Allow that to be transmuted, giving yourself permission to let go.

Back to looking at, Anubis. He is just looking upon us, the group. Knowing eyes. Gazing at us. Very regally. Looking at us in this regal viewpoint, recognizing our regality. We look very golden. Seeing yourself as gold, in the purity of gold. Precious. Feeling a sense of Love. Allow yourself to connect with this All Knowing quality of Love, pure as gold. Purity of the Self. Realizing This.

Hearing Anubis say, "You are like Us. You are a reflection of Us. Your human form would have you think otherwise. 'Think,' the key term. Your thoughts are not, You. You are far beyond your thoughts. You are Divine Knowing. Thinking is for teaching. Teaching experiences through your thoughts when you are in this human form. It is why you embody to learn, many lessons, painful and joyful. That is the human experience. And that is why you choose it. You may not remember now, but you are Remembering day by day. As you exist, your soul Knows. We are here to show you that connection to your Divine Self. Far beyond any thoughts." Anubis is saying, "Come with me now."

Have the impression that the box looking stone, you can call it a chamber… Have the impression that we are going to go into this raised box that is extending from the floor. This is representing our rebirth to our divine knowing.

It looks like, those of you who have seen the chamber box inside the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid…. Don’t have the right vocabulary—chamber box… you can imagine yourself, if you so choose, laying down in this box looking structure, it has four sides, top is open, and it’s long, so you can lay in it. Black inside. As a group we are going to stand around it, and look in there. This is a ceremony with, Anubis. 

He says, "Now you must get in."
Again by your choosing. You can imagine yourself climbing into this box.  This is an Initiation rite. Basically we are going to shed an old self that no longer serves our growth in this Divine Knowing.

As you lay here in this box, with your arms folded across your chest, feel the stillness. And Anubis is tending to you. Standing above you. Performing a ritual. Ceremony of death and rebirth into your true divine knowing. It appears he has some sort of golden instruments he’s using. Just being curious, noticing what you notice. Upgrading our consciousness through this ritual. Horus is standing in the background.

The next visual I’m seeing… when they mummify their dead and put them in the sarcophagus with the arms folded—alright so that’s what we’re doing here. So we are laying in this box with our arms folded.

I see an image of a scarab. Symbolic of rebirth, death. This is a download, this scarab imagery. It’s going to drop right between the throat and the heart, in the divot on the base of the neck in the front. Drop that in, there we go… noticing what you notice. You might feel some energy coming down the body.

This is your Remembering. This energy is going all the way down to the cellular level, molecular level. This scarab launches us into a rebirth state. Seeing the winged disc on the horizon. This is imagery of the sun coming up in the east with the winged disc. We rise again in our Divine Knowing.

I’m hearing chanting from Anubis. Continuing to breath. Seeing Horus in His falcon form, I’m hearing His falcon shrills, He’s got His wings expanded, front on vision of Him with His wings expanded. If you see a bird in your face, that’s Horus flying. They are energetically working with us.

See Horus flying and this sun coming up in the east. Wings expanded. Being wherever you are in this process. Experiencing whatever you’re experiencing.

Words from Horus, "Let your life unfold in Divine Truth without any fear. Be present in your Divine Truth and your Knowing. The rest is revealed before you with each step in front of you, it is revealed. Trust your steps. Walk in faith.  Know this. We are here to guide you anytime you ask."

Feeling an alignment happening here, an alignment in the body energetically. Looking at a visual of a silhouette of the body and this center point light in the chest, Light extending out from it. Pure Knowing. “This is You.”

“Come now, rise out of this box.” 'Sarcophagus.' You can imagine sitting up, and climbing out of this box. One by one we are going to climb out of there, and stand back on the floor. Horus is in His bird man form. Anubis is more off to the side now. Horus stands before us.

He’s just looking at us. “True Ones.”

He’s holding an ankh in His left hand by His side, holding His staff in His right hand. He’s just standing before us. Noticing what you’re noticing.

(Horus) "Traveled here with you today to bring you to this understanding of Self. Understanding that has always been with you. Now it is conscious more then before. You now Know your Truth. Everlasting life. Beyond the body. Beyond this earth plane that you live upon. Trust this Knowing. It will guide you to your purpose as to why you embodied. It is all here. You have it. Trust this. Now come with me."

Horus is now turning and walking past us. We are going to follow Him. You can imagine whatever you’re imagining, experience whatever you’re experiencing. Following Him. Seeing very tall stone walls that we’re in this temple, stone floor. See a visual of arch ways that seem very tall, pillars. Walking through this space.

Hearing the phrase, 'The key to life resides here within these halls. Represented within you. Monument to that.'

Noticing the ankh that He’s carrying in His hand, 'the symbol of everlasting life. Ankh of Truth.' "This is your gift from me today."

Horus’ ankh is being held out before us, energy coming from it. Feels like this energy is radiating in our conscious awareness, conscious Knowing. Standing here in the halls of this temple. Noticing the energy.

Hearing, "It is time to go," from Horus. Imparting this final gift of Knowing upon you which is the energy of this ankh that we have been receiving here. (Horus) “Come now.”

We are going to continue to follow Him outside of this temple, onto that raised level of it, coming to the stairs that we walked up. coming back down those stairs, following Horus back onto the ground. Gathering as a group here with Him.

He says, "Thank you for coming with me today. I am glad you did. And now we travel."

He shape shifts into His falcon form, we take flight, as we go with Him, hearing His falcon shrills as He flies higher into the sky taking us with Him. Wings expanded. He begins to fly in to a circular motion, creating a funnel of time and space, that we travel through with Him. Hearing His falcon shrills.

As we come back into this room, gently in the body. Bringing your awareness back into the body. Breathing. Notice what you notice. Wiggle the toes, the fingers. Allowing yourself to integrate, taking your time. Whenever you feel ready to open your eyes and move, you can, taking your time, not forcing anything, coming back into this time and space.