Thursday, March 28, 2019

Horus Circle- Receptivity Upgrades

The following is a transcribed account of the recorded group session I facilitated with, Falcon God, Horus. His words and message are shown within " " marks. The rest of the content is from my intuitive impressions of what He was showing to me. Visit previous blog posts for other sessions with Horus, and, The Divine Egyptian Council; Visit for more information.
Horus Circle- March 2019- 'Receptivity'

After settling the group in…

Horus joins us here in this space. He is in his bird man form standing among us, to my left. He is energetically priming the room, connecting with us. I’m hearing Him say, "I am here to teach you today about lessons of Love, giving and receiving... So that you may live a balanced life filled with joy, that is your innate Self. You are joy."

Seeing a ball of glowing light. I believe this is representative of what we look like as a soul, a soft sphere of Light, showing us what we look like without the body. The body that encumbers us sometimes, from connecting to this soul Self. It is what is True. And He wants to take us there to that Remembering now.

He’s now shape shifted into His falcon form, I hear His falcon shrills, He is taking flight, wings expanded. Flying high up in to the sky, taking us with Him as a collective group. You can imagine yourself flying with Horus as He takes us higher and higher, up into the blue sky. He begins to fly in a circular motion, right to left. Opening up, The Funnel of Time and Space. Flying and flying, in this circular motion with us, as this funnel opens more and more, deeper and deeper. It resembles a cyclone looking funnel shape. As we travel with Him, deep into our consciousness of Remembering.

Hearing more of His falcon shrills. Going deeper into our understanding. Its as if we are traveling through the cosmos, or what might it look like deep inside the brain when messages are firing through the synapses of the brain, neurons.

Feeling energy or activity around the brain, in the back of the skull from ear to ear, you may notice some energy lighting up the brain. There is some blue ultra light… this is interesting imagery… as if we are sitting here, and the top of our skull has been removed, and I see this ultra blue light going on top of the brain. Notice what you notice, experience what you experience. If you feel your body subtly moving at all, just allow yourself to move with it.

Waves of this blue light….. it appears as if Horus is completely taking the brain out of the skull and holding it in His hands, and it appears He is implanting a small, half inch crystal looking quartz… it appears its up and under the brain, the under back part (cerebellum). Now He is putting the brain back in our skulls. Continue to notice what you are noticing. Breath.

It appears the placement of this quartz crystal is in the rear part of the brain, up underneath, around the mid point. You notice what you notice about that part of the brain. Now He put the top of our skull back on our head, thank you, Horus… Putting us back together.

Now, He is coming around to the front of you, standing before you. He is going to do an Activation with this download, He has embedded… I’m hearing Him say, "This is for your Remembering."  

It’s a booster signal, if you will. I have the impression of when you’re in your home and you’re getting a weak frequency from your modem for Wi-Fi, and you get a booster for the other part of your house to help boost the signal... I think that is what this crystal quartz is, like something along those lines for Divine Source, like your own inner Wi-Fi. “The Network,” I’m hearing Him say.

And with this, I’m seeing the energetic grid system on the Earth plane. It is the grid that the pyramids are found all across the planet are connected into. Those pyramids weren’t just randomly placed. They were placed with great accuracy, with the energy centers of the planet, and aligned with the star system.
We are going to get lit up on this grid, so I just want you to keep breathing. Horus is hooking us up essentially, our feet, because that’s what we connect into the Earth plane with our bodies. That crystal in the brain is going to help stabilize energetically into this grid system. And to be able to connect into pyramid technology. 

You see, the pointed pyramids are the senders of energy, communication; while the flat top pyramids found across the world, are the receivers for this energy and communication. As humans on this Earth plane, we connect into that energy consciously now with this upgrade.

Horus is still getting our physical self online before He flips the switch, so to speak. Continue to breath, noticing what you notice. You can continue to hang out in your heart center if you like, or wherever you are.

Here comes the Activation… There we have it. Its as if He flipped a big switch. Feeling a low hum, energetically. It is at a low level right now. He is going to gradually increase it. If this energy ever gets too intense of a frequency for you, you can just ask to turn it down.

He is going to bring the energy up. You can imagine like a dimmer switch on your wall, a little dial, that you just turn on. He is slowly increasing the frequency, that is also connected into these pyramids, the Earth grid, star grid. Connecting in as One, into this energy, this consciousness, this technology… He is increasing it more. Continue to breath. Allow yourself to move with the energy as your energy body becomes even more refined in its frequency. Purifying it even more. Cleaning up the emotional body as a result. Purifying any toxic patterns that we might engage in emotionally, or in our relationship to the physical body. Those things are taking care of themselves, as He increases this energy in our connection into the grid.
This is the grid of the star system in connection to Earth, ancient humanity that was here before us. The ancient races that built these pyramids. This is going deep into the memories of our DNA that spans thousands of years across time. All the ancient races that were here before us, now today, you can consider our ancestors, as this generation of human race is Awakening to Remembering this technology.

But much of the collective is still asleep in its slumber, forgotten. Forgotten connection to Source. While some of us are starting to wake up, we might feel a little groggy, but we are awakened out of that slumber. Whereas others are popping right up, Awake. Just allow yourself to be at whatever level of Awakening that suits you best to where you are in this lifetime.

Seeing some hieroglyphics, Ra, who looks like Hours, but with a disc crown. Seeing an image of RA, looks like a glyph of Ra holding His staff. These are His words, “The sun rises in the east, sets in the west. But when it sets, you can remain Awakened. Do not have to sleep again. Rise with the sun. Be Awakened in your True form.”

I’m seeing us, and many people, masses of people, it’s like they’ve shed their old sense of self, is the way this visual is showing up to me, it’s as if you’re walking forward out of your old 'meat suit,' like you’re unzipping it, shedding it like a skin, you still look like you in this lifetime, or maybe you don’t, I don’t know what you’re experiencing…. But believe this just symbolizes a new, Awakened You.

I see us with other masses of people gathering around the Great Pyramid, in a dessert setting. This pyramid is grand. It is appearing to me like what it perhaps it looked like when it was first constructed. It is gold, shimmering, the tip of it is solid pure gold looking. Notice what you notice.

You can have your own experience before this Great Pyramid. In fact, you’ve been before this Great Pyramid in your Egyptian life times. This is familiar. This is a familiar place. You have visited this pyramid and this technology before. You have been introduced to this technology before in other life times. You have journeyed through the dessert, you have traversed to come to this pyramid like many people have. Just as people do today, they did before we had airplanes, and what not. Some people would die in the dessert trying to get to these pyramids.

These are Pyramids of Enlightenment. People travel to these pyramids for healing. To realize their Divinity. Just take in the energy of this pyramid technology that was placed on this Earth, built for us, humanity to evolve in our consciousness, to recognize the Oneness in the self and with others. Dissolving the sense of separation. Feel the energy of Oneness. Feel the energy of the heavens. Pure bliss. Pure joy. Pure receptivity of all that there is. For you to choose to receive. I’m seeing money. I’m seeing the energy of love that is unconditional. Replenishing the cells of the body. Basking in this beautiful energy that is You. Beyond the personality, beyond any identities.

Feeling your connection to the stars from which we come from. Home. Divine alignment from where we come from. Together as One, before inhabiting the body, before the personality. ONE. One Mind. Then when you decide to embody to come to this Earth plane, you come from this One Light into a human body. It’s like you splinter off from this white Light to take form into a creation of a human being. Designed perfectly for what you came here to do in this lifetime. And what you came here to learn for the evolution of the planet, and your Soul Self for the good of humanity.

Collectively, we feel like we are about, somewhere between 4th grade and 7th grade, with our schooling. Some that might even be in 2nd grade. The more that each of us can embody this sense of Oneness from where we truly derive from, the more we can help others evolve and accelerate their growth.

If you want to play with the sense of where you might be in your learning. You can just allow yourself to land in what grade level you might be in just for fun if you want. Just feel into that. Are you in grade school, middle school, high school, on to the big college courses, grad school, getting your PhD? Or are you all done with school? Probably not, or you would be dead. But, collectively as I said, it feels like some range between, 2nd grade and 7th grade, somewhere in there, to me anyway.

Words about receptivity from Horus.... my impressions from Him:
'Receptivity, most were taught conditions around receiving joy, love, wealth. Conditions are a human creation from the personality. That is false conditioning. You do not owe anyone anything to receive love because you are that love. That is all old programming.'

Horus, "Ego love has conditions. Soul love has none. You are worthy to receiving all that you wish and much more because you are Child of God, Creator. The Goddess."

Visualize yourself receiving whatever it is you wish or desire. Perfect health. Money. Your dream home, or car, or perhaps traveling to a fantasized trip of a location. Your ideal partner. Friendship. Whatever your desires are, allow yourself to visualize these things coming to you and receive them. See yourself driving in that fantasy car, or living in that fantasy home, or joining in the beauty of that loving partner, or friendship. See yourself living the life you desire.

Feel the energy of that desire radiate all throughout the cells of the body. Feel that vibration all throughout the body. Feel the pure joy that this desire ignites. Recognize that pure burning flame from within your core. Your burning desires. Flame of the Soul. Join with it. Expand that flame of desire so that you become magnetic to what you are manifesting. Being in a state of allowing in grace and ease, following your Truth, letting it guide. You are One with it.

We are receiving a blessing from Horus... "This ignited flame, the Light that you are. The flame of giving and receiving love, and all that comes with that unconditional love you're choosing. You are more then worthy. You are blessed. You are a blessing. Just to be alive. Walking blessing. Spread your love, with your brothers and sisters. Be your Truth. Help others be their Truth just by being your Truth." Horus says, that He loves you.

Its feeling as if it is time to come back with Him. Lets just reference this state of being in our consciousness so we may return back to it whenever we choose, just be recalling this state.
Breathing with this state of consciousness, with your breath, noticing how the body feels from this reference point.

Horus is taking flight in His falcon form. He takes us with Him. He begins to fly up into the sky with us. Flying now left to right, in a circular motion. Reopening that funnel that we traveled through. Flying around and around with Him. Hearing His falcon cries. Allowing yourself to come back. Traveling though that funnel. Just gently returning your awareness into this room, this building, the chair you are sitting on. Taking your time coming back into this 3D awareness. Gently breathing, noticing the body, fingers, and toes. Whenever you feel ready, you can open your eyes on your time. Take your time, resting softly in this energy, as we integrate this energy, new technology in our consciousness, in this 3D plane of existence. Lets just take some time to allow that to process. You can keep your eyes closed or open them, whatever feels right. Feels like we need to marinate here for a minute....