Friday, May 10, 2019

Divine Egyptian Council Journey- RA, 'Authentically YOU'

4/16/19 | Divine Egyptian Council Journey- Featured Teacher RA with Sekhmet
The following is a transcribed account of the recorded intuitively guided group session that I facilitated with, Falcon God, Horus. The words and messages from the Divine Beings are shown within " " marks. The rest of the content is from my intuitive impressions of what They were showing to me. The ** marks, signify additional insights post session, written at the end of this post.
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After settling the group in....

Horus is among us, sensing His presence in the room with us, in His bird man form. I’m hearing Horus say, "I am here today to take you to the Truth of your Knowing, the everlasting Light that you are. The remembering of who you are. Come with me and we will travel to The Council.”

He is shape shifting now into His falcon form, taking flight and we are going to travel with Him as a group. All you have to do is to allow yourself to journey as a group with Horus, as He takes flight.
Just flying higher and higher, as we travel with Him. You can just imagine yourself riding with Horus, however that is for you. Hearing His falcon shrills, He is beginning to fly in a circular motion, left to right, flying higher and higher, He takes us deeper into our consciousness... With His falcon shrills, creating this funnel of time and space, we travel with Him. Going deeper into this funnel with Horus.

Traveling through what looks like space. Going further into your consciousness, through time and space. 

The scenery begins to shift into what looks like a desert landscape, seeing some palm trees, pyramid, maybe another one in the background, as the scene becomes more clear. Arriving with Horus and the group, noticing what you’re noticing. We’re just now here with Horus, as He is back into His bird man form, we collect ourselves as group in this deserts cape scene. 

We’re just going to follow Him as He takes us as a group, walking toward one of these pyramids, you can imagine what you are imagining, having whatever experience you are having, there is no right or wrong. 
Coming closer to this pyramid, seeing the entrance more clearly, as we walk up some stairs to an outside platform, outside the entry. Imagine yourself walking up these stairs to the outside entrance where Isis is to greet us. Gathering as a group here, with Isis and Horus, before us.

Isis appears to have a golden chord. She is wrapping around the group, energetically priming us as group before we enter, with Her magic. I’m also hearing Her chant in a different language. I’m noticing a green looking emerald gem that is in Her headband, with a golden cobra in the headband, and this green emerald looking gem, there's energy that’s coming from this gem to the group. Feels like it is attuning our heart chakra. Allow yourself to receive this energy from Isis, noticing what you notice. Heart connection within your own self and with each other, and with the  
beings that we are going to go before here. Energetically enhancing us to their frequency.

I’m seeing everybody’s heart chakra, appears we all have white glowing discs in our heart. Resemblance of how RA typically appears to me, this white disc, seeing that in our chests. 

Alright we are ready to enter this pyramid. We are going to follow Isis and Horus. Allow yourself to walk inside this pyramid into a darkened entrance. Down a corridor, lit up by torches, along a stone wall. Just coming in, entering an open chamber where the rest of the deities are there to greet us. 

Coming before Lord Vishnu, sitting upon His throne. Seeing His blue skin, His long black hair. Noticing what you notice, as we just come inside here before, Vishnu. His rosy colored lips, joyful smile as He gazes upon us. His cobra crown does not seem very active today, because I’m not seeing it up. He extends the palm of His hand which looks like a glowing, pinkish color.  

He says, "Hello my friends, welcome. We are happy you are here with us. You have entered into another realm. The realm where we reside, just another layer within your consciousness that you are aware of at times, and other times, not so much. So we are here today to help you know us more often then not, to become more aware of our help and our energies. We can show you the way of enlightenment as a human being. We are here to guide through your lessons, through your consciousness of remembering of what it is you came here to do in this lifetime. To share your heart with others. To bring healing to others in whatever form that it is for you. Whatever form that takes. There is no right or wrong when it comes to Love. Love is what you are. It is who you are. A loving being resides within you, of you. The You, you have known throughout your lifetime. The personality you is really not You, it is the identities you have chosen for this existence, but you are well beyond that. Well beyond that, my friends. Come now, let us celebrate the divinity within you.”

Ganesha the elephant God is playing a stringed instrument for us as He comes forward here. Noticing what you notice, this joyful energy of Ganesha, as He plays His stringed instrument for us. ‘Baptizing us’ is the term I’m hearing. Vishnu smiling. Very joyful. 

Appears Lakshmi playing a flute, some sort of instrument. She appears to be wearing pink colored dress with gold trim on the arms and throughout the dress. We are just having a concert here with
Ganesha and Lakshmi. Allow yourself to receive this energy and this blessing from these Divine Ones.

Master Ganesha is coming forward, I keep seeing His elephant head… I’m hearing His words, "You are my friends. I am very glad you are here. We sent for you, and you showed up, congratulations. We are very glad. We wish to impart gifts upon you. Gifts of healing and remembering. We love you. You are very special. Each one of you. Divinely designed. Very special. Receive our love. The love that you are. We support you in our love for you, and your souls' expression of the Truth that which you are. We love you. My children.”

Ganesha just has a big smile, if you can imagine what an elephant looks like when it's smiling. He has a big smile, and is gazing at us. Feel His loving energy, His joy. All the way to the cells in the body, letting the cells vibrate to this loving energy from Master Ganesha.

Now a woman is stepping forward, female goddess. Trying to identify Her, I am hearing Her say, "I am Sekhmet, the Goddess of wisdom and compassion.
It appears She is holding an ankh in Her left hand. Seeing imagery of a lion head. Looks like She’s wearing some sort of gown, darker in color. Notice what you notice with Her energy. Feels rather grounded, at least that’s how its feeling to me.
This image of a lion head is becoming more and more vivid in minds eye. In fact it feels as though this lion head is right up in my face so if you are face to face with a head of a lion, this is Sekhmet. Gazing into Her eyes. Amber looking eyes. Very regal feeling energy. Powerful. Sense of compassion. Just this deep sense of wisdom.
Seems as though She’s holding this ankh up in front of Her, extending out toward us, toward you. We are going to receive an Activation from Her, for your innate wisdom, deepening that sense of your innate wisdom, sense of compassion. This ankh is right in front of the face, your face, my face. Notice what you’re noticing, experiencing what you're experiencing, remembering to breath. As this Activation begins to... Activate. I see light extending from this ankh into the window of the soul. The heart center. Inhaling and exhaling, as this light shines forth into your heart center. Allowing that light to light up your whole entire core all throughout the body. Up the brain stem, through the nervous system. Lighting up the brain, cerebral cortex, frontal cortex. Just beaming from within, out through the top of the head, brow chakra, out from the eyes, mouth, ears, through the throat, heart, all the chakra system lit up by this light shining outwardly from within the body. LIT up! Literally.

Now coming back into center here with all this light. Just as you would turn the flame down on a gas lamp. Just going to turn that flame of light down. So you can adjust that from whatever level you want that to be at from your core.
And She is blessing us with a kiss on the forehead. A hand on the chest. 'Blessings of Love.' Send those blessings all the way to your cellular memory. This is your True state. This state of Divine Love.

Feels like we also received an upgrade in our ability to psychically hear auditory, our hearing. I’m just seeing imagery of a lantern. My impression of this imagery, is being able to see the Light, be the Light in the dark, brighter then ever before. Letting love show you the way, a long with the others you are connected to, show them the way with this lantern that you now have in your consciousness. Just give thanks to, Sekhmet, this gift of Light, this gift of Knowing.

Now Anubis, the God of death, He’s stepping forward, and He has obsidian colored skin. Appears to be wearing a black with gold tunic, wrapped around His waste, with His staff. He just looks upon us. And He is saying, "I am the God of the Underworld. I create safe passage for those who pass through."

I’m seeing a gondola looking boat, and it appears we are going to go with Anubis on this boat. Notice what you notice whatever is showing up for you whatever experience you’re having, as we all come on board this gondola with Anubis at the front of the boat, the bow. There’s oars. Water appears to be smooth seems to be dark out, night time.
Isis is accompanying us as well, at the back of the boat, the stern, as we travel with them now, Horus is also with us. Allow yourself to come along on this boat ride. Its now looking like a worm hole, we are traveling through, an inter-dimensional looking worm hole. Some kind of an outer space scene. Very cosmic...
As we come before RA, that appears as a white disc of Light with the Egyptian wings extended. Feeling the energy of this Sun God, RA.

And that Light shining upon us on our faces. Feeling like a very high frequency of energy activating
the crown chakra on top of the head. As if the top of the head has disappeared and this light from RA is shining directly on the brain. These rays of Light. This feels like this light is going to the cellular memory of that sense of separation that we often experience in this human embodiment, accessing old traumas, maybe hidden traumas that you’ve experienced from that sense of separation, that sense of pain, that sense of isolation. This energy from RA, transmuting all those old traumas and memories associated with separation. Allow yourself to receive this healing from RA. Those experiences are no longer valid, you’ve learned what you needed to learn and do not need to carry them around with you anymore. You are free. Free to be in your Divinity. In your Knowing.

I’m seeing the face of what you would see with the Egyptian depictions of… with the chin beard, the head dress, the Pleiadian people, like a golden bust. Like the image of King Tutt’s golden bust, but I think its symbolizing the Pleiadian people... One of the races that helped advance human DNA long ago on our planet. We are receiving knowledge from these people, the Pleiadians, that’s accessing deep into our psyche, our remembering of other life times of when we easily accessed these technologies, the technologies of the pyramids, the technologies of the ancient Egyptians, the civilizations of other lifetimes that you lived, with this technology. Activating the pineal gland in the brain. Noticing any energy you might be feeling in the brain. The frontal lobe, mid brain, the back of the brain. Just being curious.

Finishing up with this healing from RA…

We are going to go back now with Anubis, Isis, Horus, in that gondola we came on. Back through space, back through that worm hole. Back on the water here, coming up off this boat, back into the chamber from where we came from. Gathering as a group with the other deities standing around us.

Keep seeing… His name is… (Shiva), He holds a trident looking staff, blue skinned being, He can be another version of Vishnu... He’s got the coiled snake on top of His head, for whatever reason I cant grab His name out of my head. So He’s before us. He’s holding… **its not a shell, a vase of some sort (Damaru/drum)…. He’s muscular, long black hair, wearing a tunic of sorts. I believe He’s going to give us a final blessing.

I’m hearing His words..."You have traveled far my friends. Now you are awakened to a higher state of consciousness, from where you come from. That state of being that you are, beyond this embodiment. You will continue to have your human experience but now from a slightly different vantage point. The vantage point of Knowing of who you truly are, or who you always have been, the wiser being that is, You.”
And with **His trident, its almost like a tuning fork, having a vibration of energy frequency come out
towards us, toward the group, this frequency of energy attuning to His trident. Just receiving this attunement. If your body wants to move or rock, just allow it to move however it wants to, breathing.

He is now saying, “Thank you my friends, thank you for being here. We love you, we honor you, we respect you, we are devoted to you. You are our children. We love you. Go forth my friends. With your Light of Being, share it with as many as you can. Connect in Truth. And have fun. Enjoy your life. It was given to you for a purpose, to enjoy, my friends, and to share love with your self and others.”

So we can just give thanks to these beings that worked with us today. Saying thank you, and good bye. We can follow Isis and Horus out of the chamber back down that darkened hallway lit up by torches, slowly just coming outside of this pyramid structure.  Gathering as a group outside the entrance. Isis and Horus are outside with us.

Isis has collected Her golden chord, toning. Just a sense of, ‘well done.’ 'We did good,' kind of
feeling. She’s thanking us for coming. And just giving us each a little peddled flower, white with light pink, a little sweet flower, to take with us. **'Flower of Divinity;' 'Flower of Life,' symbolic.

And were going to follow Horus back down the stairs onto the ground, in this desserts-cape, palm trees around. Walking with Him, away from this pyramid structure, off into a clearing as we prepare to fly with Him. He shape-shifts back into His falcon form, He takes flight, as we travel with Him. Higher and higher up into the sky in a circular motion, creating a funnel of time and space, around and around we travel with Him. Breathing. Hearing His falcon shrills.

Bringing your awareness slowly back into this room, back into the connection into the body, back into noticing the chair, or the floor that you’re sitting, or laying on, your feet, hands and fingers... breathing. Whenever you’re ready you can open your eyes, taking time, coming back in here.

**Shiva's Damaru/Drum-- since I was not very familiar with Shiva's 'instruments,' at the time of the channeled session, after post research, I believe the vase looking object I saw with Him was His Damaru/Drum. From my post research, the instrument is said to have been created by Shiva, to produce spiritual sound from which the entire Universe has been created and regulated.

**Shiva's Trident-- is said to destroy the three worlds- the physical world; the world of the forefathers (representing culture drawn from the past); and the world of the mind. The three worlds are to be destroyed by shiva into a single non-dual plane of existence, that is bliss alone.

**'Flower of Divinity-' represents and depicts the cycle of creation; shows that all life and consciousness arises from One Source.