Thursday, December 12, 2019

Divine Egyptian Council Journey- Osiris Featured Teacher- 'Completion'

October 2019 | Divine Egyptian Council Journey- Featured Teacher Osiris- 'Completion'
The following is a transcribed account of the recorded intuitively guided group session that I facilitated with, Falcon God, Horus. The words and messages from the Divine Beings are shown within " " marks. The rest of the content is from my intuitive impressions of what They were showing to me. 

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Horus joins us here in this room, standing in His bird man form. Holding His golden staff in front of Him. He says, "I am here tonight to take you on a journey into the Divine Self, the soul’s Knowing of your everlasting life. You are connected more then you know, more then you realize. You are here to strengthen this connection deeply into the souls Knowing. Knowing of the soul. Come with me now.”

He has now shape shifted into His falcon form as He takes flight. Imagine traveling with Him as a group, as He flies higher up into the sky, up into the heavens, moving into an outer space scene/background. Flying with Horus. Hearing his falcon shrills. He begins to take us through a time warp of sorts, seeing a worm hole open up. We are going to drop into that with Him, you can imagine whatever you are imagining, breathing, noticing what you notice. Hearing more of his falcon shrills as we zoom through this worm hole with him.
Continuing to hear His falcon cries/shrills... Now seeing an aerial view of what appears to be the pyramids, and an water oasis, we are flying with Him above this scenery, guessing in Egypt. He circles around and we land with Him on the ground, and near a pyramid. And now He stands before us in His bird man form, facing us.

Noticing what you notice, experiencing what you experience. He is holding His golden staff. Looks like it has a golden cobra snake on top of the staff.

He is saying, "I will take you to meet with the others, come with me now, let me take you there.”

He’s turning around, and we are going to follow Him toward this pyramid. As I said, there’s some sort of water oasis off to the side, with palm trees around. Approaching this pyramid, seeing a darkened entry point. We are going to stand with Horus in front of this entrance, Isis joins us as well. She appears to be in a white gown, golden headband, gold bracelet. Very beautiful presence. Long black hair. Tan looking skin.

She says, "I’m here today to show you the way, offering great blessings to you. My magic, to enhance your Divinity and Knowing of it. Let me take you there.”

Noticing Her staff… She’s holding it out in front of Her, towards us and appears that some sort of energy is going to come from this staff to the group, like priming us to enter this pyramid to go before the council.

Noticing what you notice. Appears there are waves of energy emanating from Isis’ staff. Experience whatever you’re experiencing, or nothing at all. Continue to breath. Subtle waves of energy washing over us. Feels like an energetic cleanse. Waves of energy… I’m hearing Her tone. “This is your Light. Feel the connection.” Hearing some more toning from her.

Now some sort of chanting. More toning. She’s just prepping us to go before the council. Somewhat of an initiation rite. Also looks like we all have embedded code, or glyphs, something along those lines… I think all of you here have been to prior journeys… I’m seeing this technology show up that you’ve received before.

Calibrating with the energy of The Council. Seeing a blast of white light. Almost looks like its coming from a lantern that I believe Isis is holding, I can’t really discern.
Hearing Her say, "We are ready to go in. Come forth with me.”

Isis is now stepping through the entrance of this pyramid, followed by Horus. Guess She’s holding some sort of light, or lantern. We are following Isis and Horus, walking down a corridor, experiencing what you’re experiencing, imagining whatever you imagine. We come into an open chamber.

I’m noticing Ganesha, an elephant god, as well as, I believe, Vishnu, His snake crown is not activated. Its either Vishnu or Krishna, who is an incarnation of Vishnu… its Vishnu. We are gathering around Lord Vishnu, Ganesha is off to His left, our right facing Him. Anubis is present. Thoth is present. Maat is present. As well as, Isis and Horus. The crocodile god, Ammit. And I do think Krishna is here as well, as I see another blue skinned gentleman, showing me His flute, and I believe Lakshmi is accompanying Him. And the monkey god, I’m forgetting His name right now, (Hanuman) but He’s also from the Hindu mythology, He is here as well, we have a crew here. Osiris. Guess they are showing me who we are before. Set. I think all of them are with us tonight. Vishnu is going to address us:

"Welcome my friends. You have come a long way to join us tonight in your life journey. Thank you for coming before us. We are glad that you are here. We welcome you with open arms. I wish to impart on you many gifts of joy, love, blessings. Your True Divine Knowing. Come my friends. Join us in this celebration of your presence.”

It appears Ganesha is playing a stringed instrument. Believe Krishna is playing us His flute. Welcoming us with their instrument play. Feels very celebratory.
“Let us feast.”
Seeing like a big wooden bowl of assorted fruit, purple grapes, apples, papaya, banana, melon… very celebratory, it’s like a party that we’re here.

Vishnu is now saying, "Let us begin now. Now that we have greeted each other. You are very special to come here. You chose to be here. You chose to be with us consciously with the invitation that you received. By accepting it, you choose to learn and grow in your Knowing. Expansion of your Knowing. Let us begin my friends.”

Krishna is playing his flute, a little tune. The monkey god, can’t remember His name right now,
(Hunuman) He is playing a stringed instrument, maybe a mandolin type of instrument. Notice what you notice, feeling whatever energy you might be feeling from these instruments. Even hearing some monkey type noises from monkey god. Joyful feeling.

I’m hearing Vishnu say, "You are attuned now.”

And now my focus is shifting over to, Osiris. The God of Death. He’s wearing white robing, He’s got his white elongated crown/headdress, His green skin, black chin beard, big black eyes, eye balls black, white eye surrounding it. He’s holding His instruments… I want to say a flog, not sure if that’s the proper term for it. I see Him with His arms crossed in front of Him, with these instruments that He is often depicted with that I unfortunately don't know the titles of these instruments. I’m hearing the word 'flog,' and He has his curved scepter.

He is before us right now in this position. “I will take you to your cosmic Knowing,” is what He is saying. He is emanating energy out of His brow to us, waves of energy coming from His forehead. Noticing what you notice, this energy from Osiris. Feels kind of warpy in nature, that’s how I’m experiencing it, this energy.

And, its as if the scene has shifted into a galactic background, but we are still before Him. Its as if we are suspended in space with Osiris, with this galactic background, and there’s a geometric pyramid shape, superimposed behind Him/above Him, looks 3D in nature, and it is beginning to spin, slowly, gradually speeding up. The tip of this pyramid shape is lit up. Its spinning round and round, right to left motion above Osiris. Its as if its extending up above Him.

He represents the underworld…. there is some sort of alignment with this geometric pyramid…. Its as if He showing me, my impression of this imagery, when the actual pyramids were formed in Egypt, it’s as if these structures were just placed down on the Earth…. Trying to understand the message here…. The pyramid stopped spinning, it is just hovering above Him. I’m feeling energy run down my legs, noticing what you’re noticing. Its like this pyramid is symbolic of…. These are the secrets to your Knowing, it is all stored here, its embedded, what you’ve always Known but have forgotten since.

Now He’s using his instruments that He was holding… and He says, “You were born to die. And then you die to be born again. And the cycle repeats itself. And then you are born to die. Die to be born. A constant cycle. You do not exist forever in your human expression. You are not meant to. Nothing is, because life is everlasting with or without your body. Everything must end in order to begin again. And again. There is no such thing as death, only your perception is what makes something dead or alive. It is how you choose to attach yourself to any given object or person. Abandon things that no longer serve you. They have fulfilled their purpose when they no longer exist in your reality. Accept this. Let go, in order to usher in a new dawn of opportunity. It is not god’s law to hold onto something that is dead, that no longer serves. That only holds you down. You become stuck. Mired in the personality. Let go! To come into a new form, a  new state of knowing a new beginning, a new dawn. You are here to learn this lesson that is why you embody in a physical form. Emotion tells one story, while your divine knowing tells another, knows another. It is natural law to let things die. You can receive much compassion when you can let go. Much compassion from Us and your soul, your soul’s Knowing. Connect into your Higher Self to help you through, letting go. Rise above the personality. We are here to teach you this. To be secure in your Knowing. To understand that Knowing will carry you through any perceived loss. Through loss you gain. You gain insight. You gain new beginnings. And then once that has reached an end, you begin again. Much love to you. Shed a tear when you need. It is ok. And then shift to your higher Knowing of what’s True. You will begin again.”

Noticing his eyes are sparkling. Sparkling energy from His eyes…. and now rays of light are extending from His eyes to us. Feels as though these light beams from His eyes are extending into our eyes. To Know what He Knows, to see how He sees, beginnings and endings. Just allow yourself to receive this Knowing from Osiris of the birth and death cycle. Renewal. Feels as though this energy is moving around in the brain, the brain stem, lighting the brain up. Shifting our perception into this higher Knowing of the natural order of things.

Breathing. Feels as though this energy is also extending throughout the ears, tingling down the neck, spine, nervous system. This light going down, throughout the body. Experiencing whatever you’re experiencing.

Now I’m looking at Osiris sitting in His throne.

He says, "You have done well with this healing." It’s like a message of, ‘I’m proud of you.’ “I will now take you back into the chamber among the others.”

Feels as though He is returning us back into the chamber because that’s coming back into my focus where we were before. As we just come back into the chamber, where the other deities are present. Notice what you notice.

Noticing Anubis. The quote and unquote, ‘the Dark Lord.’ He’s holding His golden staff, with His dark black obsidian looking skin. He’s wearing a white tunic with gold trim, matching headdress. It appears a big gold necklace, collar piece or something, holding His golden staff. He’s about to give us a blessing.  A blessing from Lord Anubis.

Curious energy from Him, almost like He’s grinning…. Kind of like a jackal energy, almost…. He’s saying, "I am the one you seek through death, when you’re in the dark. I can guide you."
In that letting go process, is essentially what He is saying. So calling on Anubis for help in that death/dying process in whatever that might be in life. He is there to aid you in the process, He’s there to prepare you, He’s there to take you through that death ritual. Whether that’s in the form of an actual human death, pet, project, relationship, whatever that might be, He can help guide you, if you call upon Him.

He is saying, "I can take you through that. Call on me. I am at your service."
He’s a specialist in the death ritual. He’s just tapping into your consciousness to help you remember Him, to use His energy through that letting go process.
He’s saying, "Thank you for the connection."
Appears He is stepping back into the fold. And I’m looking at Lord Vishnu, noticing His golden jeweled crown, long black wavy hair. He has a smile on His face. And I notice a conch shell in one of His hands, scepter in another.
He says, "My friends, you have done well. Very well today. Very well in All time. We love you. We are here always. Know this. Feel our connection. Feel our connection in your heart. Your source of Love, that is us. Call on us anytime. We will serve and guide you. Anytime. Let us celebrate."

Noticing Master Ganesha, elephant face. Joyful energy about him. A celebratory vibe off Ganesha, loving energy from Him.
He says, I love you. Feeling his energy, pure joyful loving energy. Waves of that in the heart center extending out through the body.

Hearing the message, "We love you. Go forth into your everlasting life where we meet again. Just by calling us. We are always with you, in our loving guidance. Thank you, my friends. Thank you for sharing your love."

With that, I see Horus. We can say our good byes to these Divine Beings, thanking them. We are
going to follow Horus back outside this chamber. Isis is also coming with us. Now just stepping back outside of this entrance, coming back outside as a group with Horus and Isis. And Isis is doing some toning for the group. Just re-calibrating us now that we are outside this chamber. Reference pointing this Knowledge that was imparted in our consciousness. Feeling loving energy from Her to us. Its as if we are Her children, it’s this mother energy. And it looks like she’s imparting a little pedaled flower in each of the palm of our hand. A little white looking pedaled flower, a gift from Isis. “This is for your Remembering.”

We’re going to go back with Horus, He is taking us, walking away from this pyramid.
Isis goes back inside, She says, "good bye."

Walking with Horus back into this landscape of palm trees, water oasis behind us, off to the side. Walking out into a more open area. Gathering as a group, as He shape shifts into His falcon form, and takes flight, taking us with Him. Hearing His falcon shrills, as He flies higher and higher up into the sky, up into that outer space scene. Taking us back through that worm hole of time and space. Traveling with Him through this hyper space worm hole, through consciousness. Like a total lit up looking tunnel/worm hole.
Noticing some activity in my inner ears…. Energy. Coming back into this room, this time and space. Bringing your awareness back into the body. The 3D dimension that we live in, physically. Noticing your connection to what you are sitting or laying on, wiggling fingers and toes, breathing, as you slowly come back. Whenever you’re ready you can slowly open your eyes.