Monday, September 19, 2016

Sept. '16 Divine Egyptian Council Journey

This journey featured teachers, Thoth and Quan Yin, in the lesson of manifesting the soul's desires, or Divine Purpose.  It is also the first one that I audio recorded, so check for the mp3 in it's entirety to be available at, ! This blog post is the 'dream' as recalled without listening to the recording to preserve a natural essence.

When we landed into the plane of existence after traveling with, Horus to, Meet with The Divine Egyptian Council, He took us to a pyramid structure, in the dark of the night. We walked up some stairs to the entrance, where we were met by Anubis, holding his Ankh, and Isis, who placed a pedaled pink flower in each of our hands, and put a golden headband around each of our heads, before entering the structure.  We then followed Horus and Isis into the chamber, with Anubis following the group inside to the rest of The Council, who were waiting for us.                  
We then came before Vishnu, He blessed us with his energy, along with Krishna, playing his magical flute. Monkey God, Hanuman, whom, had not joined a Council session before, offered his energy to the group for help in bringing 'puzzle pieces together.' Followed with, Blue Tara, whom was also making a first appearance, to help in the gentle removal of obstacles.  I was not very familiar with either of these deities, I was not sure in my identification of Blue Tara, at first, since I had not encountered her before- she felt like a softer version of Kali, and thought maybe she was Lakshmi, after seeing imagery of gold coins, but didn't quite seem like Lakshmi, especially since this Goddess was blue skinned, so I believe it was actually Blue Tara after matching how she appeared in my mind's eye with images from the internet, and reading about her significance, that seemed to coincide with the journey theme, along with her appearance with, Hanuman, as they are known to work together. The image of the gold coins, I believe is the message that you are worthy to receive great abundance, and do, when obstacles of fear and anger are removed. Curiously, I was feeling irritable coming into this journey session, and also heard from other participants feeling similar, so perhaps Hanuman and Blue Tara showed up to help us in moving through the undercurrent of anger.
After this opening greeting and blessings from these deities, we then followed Thoth, Isis, and Anubis, up a large open ascending spiral, stone staircase, into another chamber that took us to, Quan Yin.
We came before Quan Yin, who held a vase, that had energy coming out of it. She explained that the vase represents the form that our manifesting energy takes when we create something, but the vase is only but an illusion because it can be destroyed. Everything returns back into the energy from which it was created.  She then held a lotus flower in her hands, it was yellow, with pink highlights on the petals. The impression from her was that the lotus represented the soul's desire, it is the True essence to your Purpose. We each held this lotus from Quan Yin in our hands, as she spoke about it. Thoth then began scribing on his tablet in some sort of code. I saw metal plates for each of us with this code on it that is the encoding of our soul true divine purpose that we chose to fulfill coming into this lifetime. It was as if Thoth had now uncovered this 'soul plate' in our consciousness to remind us, and now have a reference to look upon when we feel lost. We then dropped the lotus flower download from Quan Yin and Thoth into our heart centers, as the seeds of compassion in finding our way to fulfill our life's purpose.  Compassionate Desire In Action, activation!

After the activation with Quan Yin and Thoth, Nefretiti came in to share her graceful beautiful energy to use when manifesting desires. Such a BEAUTIFUL feminine energy and deity! She circled the group several times with her energy, with the message of, "grace is beauty allowing to unfold, without force."

After the segment with, Nefretiti, Osiris appeared. He healed us of wounding from our fathers, and offered His unconditional, loving support, as the Divine Father, and that we can align in His Fatherly pure loving energy and support, "Let Him be the Father figure you never had," was a message I heard from Him. He also allowed us to give Him our fears that have been inhibiting us from our True potential, to just give them all over to Him, like a child looks to do with their father when frightened.  It was a very loving patriarchal healing, and nice follow up from July's Council Journey when we received a wonderful healing of motherly wounds from, Mother Mary. (See July blog entry)

Once we finished with Osiris, we then followed, Isis, Thoth, and Anubis back down the stone stairway, to return into the chamber with, The Council.  We then did the cauldron transmutation segment of personal patterns, relationships, situations, with Isis and Ammit. After everyone dropped their personal pattern into Isis's magic cauldron, we then moved into the Q/A segment for the group to ask their questions to, The Council.

Upon closing the Q/A session, a form of Buddha appeared, and I heard, "Bodhisattva." The group then received a golden sphere download that dropped through the crown of our heads down into our core, emitting golden energy that then dispersed throughout the body, radiating outwardly into our auras.

Once that download was complete, I heard celebratory horn trumpet like instruments being sounded, and we said good bye and gave thanks to the deities, and exited the chamber with Isis, Anubis, and Horus.  Horus then took us back to the 3D plane of reality, from which we came from.

This journey seems to of upgraded us in Remembering our Divine Purpose, and removing obstacles to fulfilling it.  Each member had their Purpose revealed to them in their consciousness, and now can reference back to the energy of this journey to invoke inspired action when feeling stifled. The compassionate lotus seed download from Quan Yin will provide us more gentleness in our process of discerning our way, and opening our capacity to love ourselves more fully as well as extending this love to others.