Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Healing w Horus Circle- First Session

On November 4th I facilitated the first, Healing with Horus circle with a small group.  I have felt Horus 'nudging' me for a couple months to put a group together to do some sort of healing work with Him. So, I took a leap of faith, answered His call, and put together an intimate group of people who were already familiar with me and my work, since I did not know what exactly was in store.  You may read previous blog posts for my background/history in working with Horus and other deities.

The intuitive impression I had coming into the session was that those present would receive a physical and emotional healing, as well as a global connection and healing. The morning of the session, the word, 'Initiation,' came to mind. I didn't exactly know what else to expect until I sat down and started the process with Horus and the group.  I began similar to the Divine Egyptian Council journey sessions, (see past blog entries) by leading the group into a meditative state, and sharing what I saw and felt occurring with Horus and the group during the session. I could feel Horus's energy strongly coming into the session. I did not record this first session, so the summary of it below, is by memory recall...

As Horus began to work with the group, I saw Him bring forward a sphere of energy within each of us, that we held in our hands, in front of the solar plexus chakra. The sphere represented our Akashic records, the blueprint of the soul.
He upgraded all of our 'spheres'/records, as if we cleaned up an old filing cabinet, our current DNA included.
Then I saw our heart centers open up to a glowing warm light, and some sort of spiral looking symbol drop in, I couldn't see it very clearly.  Horus then shifted into His falcon form and circled the group, right to left, numerous times, and I could hear his bird shrills, as I often do when he flies in a circular motion.
He then shifted into his bird-man form and went around to each group member, standing behind them, placing two different symbols on top of the back of the crown, one of the symbols was the spiral looking one, I had seen as the 'center piece' of the session.
Horus then connected the heart center up into the brain stem, the hippocampus seemed prominent in this upgrade. The hippocampus is a small organ located within the brain's medial temporal lobe and forms an important part of the limbic system, the region that regulates emotions. The hippocampus is associated mainly with memory, in particular long-term memory. The organ also plays an important role in spatial navigation. This makes sense that He focused on the hippocampus, since this session was all about upgrading our awareness of our Higher Self, or Source, to navigate life from that perspective, rather then from our emotional states and ego desires, and 'remembering' our Truth. 

I sensed a lot of energy running and connecting from the heart center, up into the brain, connecting into the frontal lobe, into the the eyes- for how we 'see,' the world. As if to bring the intelligence of the heart/awareness into the brain 'wiring.' This energy/consciousness ran up and down the spine, all throughout the nervous system, down to the DNA and cellular level. 

I repeated what I heard Horus state during this upgrade segment, much of it that I cannot recall by memory clearly- with the exception of one message I remember:  "There are no secrets or mysteries. You are the mystery coming forth." I interpret this statement as, you are the Divine Truth, you are the embodiment of it. Schools and groups that claim they have, the kept ancient secrets, are false in their claims, since, You are The Mystery. These groups may assist you in your spiritual growth and development, but ultimately, you already possess what 'they' say they possess.

These enhancements created a clearer connection and awareness to the Higher Self vs. ego self, making it easier to act from the soul perspective.  I was shown an image of the body being peeled back, revealing the soul Self. The energy felt invigorating. Horus then flew in His falcon form, right to left, around the group, several times, hearing His shrills. Perhaps Horus flying around the group is to open and close His attunement/initiation... I'm sure I will learn more as this work with Him continues to unfold.

Once this upgrade of awareness/remembering was 'installed,' I then saw all of us in the group connect heart to heart, building a grid of light that connected in the center point of the Source, located in the middle of our group. I was shown an example of what happens when you become disconnected from Source and with each other, the individual is 'darkened,' 'lost,' in fear and separation.  From our group grid, we then branched out and visualized to connect into all the many other groups across the world who are holding similar states of healing light, while aligning into the Earth's energetic grid system. We collapsed a wave of Light from our heart center through out the global grid to amplify healing for All. 
After spending some time amplipying our light with the light of All, including with Earth Mother, we transitioned out of the global connection, back to our group grid, and came back into the body with our awareness, as I took us out of the meditative state.

Since this session with Horus, I have felt it to be much easier to remember my Higher Self perspective when sitting in doubt or fear. I've been experiencing more of a neutral state, and less fear.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Unification In Creation: Divine Egyptian Council Ceremony- Isis, Mary, & Company

The following entry is transcribed from a recorded hour long shamanic style group journey session, intuited and transmitted by, Jennifer Yost. You may also check out previous blog posts for past journey sessions.  The * mark indicates additional commentary/insights in the comment section at the end of the post. Italics are used for my intuitive impressions during the journey, said aloud, that are not quotes from the interaction with the deity.
Horus begins his circling pattern in His falcon bird form as He flies through the sky in a circular motion opening up the portal for us to follow Him through. Allow yourself to fly with Horus, as He circles, and circles, creating this opening from this realm into another. Like a funnel of a tube as we come through it. We come into another space and time.

The first thing I notice as we come through into this other space and time, is a tree and Horus is now in His bird man form as we gather around in a group with Him. We follow Him as He takes us over to a building that looks like a castle-like structure, something out of Camelot. The bricks look to be an off white color, with a middle section, with two circular structures on either side with pointed roofs on the circular structures and then the main middle one, looks like a classic castle. *1) See commentary below.
We approach this building, coming closer and closer as we gather around some stairs that lead to the main entrance. See yourself walk up the stairs, up to the top part of these stairs to the doorway. Horus faces out towards us from the doorway. I notice His falcon face. Getting a closer look at His eye. His right eye, the right side of His face, the Eye of Horus symbol, I am seeing. He transmits energy from this third eye. Words from Horus, “This is your knowing.” A Symbol of your soul self. An activation of your Eye of Knowing, Eye of God, that we all possess. Feels like an activation, a remembering of that, bringing that forth in your consciousness. Feeling that energy spread out in the chest, in the heart center. Allow yourself to receive that energy however you receive it.

It is time to enter the building, we follow Horus as we step through this entrance, down a darkened corridor with torches lit up on either side of the walls, we walk down this corridor following Horus inside. 

We come to an opening, a chamber, where you may notice some other Beings who are standing there as we approach and come before Lord Vishnu. He appears to be sitting on some sort of throne, kinda like a big cushion type looking chair, looks like He’s cross legged. His usual crown of snakes, cobras, those are out, but relatively mellow. Noticing a lot of golden energy surrounding Vishnu today, and the snakes have a pink hue to them on the outer parts and the inner parts of their bodies have a shimmering translucent golden hue to their body, and the outer parts have a pink bluish hue to them. I see Vishnu’s face with His blue skin, with His black hair, and His golden crown on His head.   
Hearing toning coming from Vishnu. Auditory psychic toning, helping our energy bodies adjust to their frequency. Message from Him, "Now is the time of plenty, you have been gifted this life now and hereafter. This is not random as to why you’re here. You’ve been chosen as a seeker. With your gifts to offer and share with others of your kind, (referring to our human race), we are here to help you in your process of unfolding and offering what you have to share for the betterment of all. We are all interconnected. The energy that we are is also connected and reflected back from these beings." I hear more toning from Him.

I see a female figure profile, her black hair, black bangs, very classic Egyptian style, with tan skin. I see a woman’s silhouette of her face. The Divine Feminine. “This is your divine feminine, let it rise, consciously unconsciously. All you have to do is be in a state of allowing, we will do the rest," message from Vishnu.  Allow this feminine energy that resides within you to rise up even more so than it ever has been, integrating, even more so to be received by the divine masculine that we carry within. Allowing the divine masculine to give the divine feminine energy a platform to come into balance and harmony as they collaborate together. I hear more toning from Vishnu, integrating these energies. Feeling waves of energy, noticing what you notice.

I now see Anubis, come forth. The God of Dark, Underworld, He assists in the transition between light and dark. He steps forward with His golden staff in His hand. Notice what you notice with His energy and your experience with Him. He now takes us on a cosmic journey. I see hyperspace, what you’d see in a movie, going through another paradigm with Anubis. And Horus follows in the rear of the group, we are sandwiched between Anubis and Horus as we access another point in consciousness.

We drop into a scene that looks like nature, in a grassy knoll, with a nice lovely tree, leafy, big luscious tree, not tropical, but a rich rain forest feel in nature, green soft grass, soft ground. Looks to be an outdoor classroom as we sit before Isis, with Mary standing off from her right shoulder to the side of Isis. We sit before these two goddesses. Isis has Her golden staff and golden cobra snake symbol of transmutation, and gold, is very pure. WE are going to have some transmutation in this lesson today. 

Hearing auditory toning from Isis for our energy bodies, experience the energy however you sense it, noticing what you notice. It sounds very high pitched in tone, very upper chakra, around the crown. Isis speaks, “You are one with all, with the universe, you are infinity, your awareness, consciousness goes far beyond your physical structure, your body, it is that of illusion. You are here to grow in order to become back into the One from this illusion of separation. Everything returns, is of the One Source. It is no mistake that you came here to live this life. It may not make sense now. It is within your return that you Know. Connect to that Knowing. This is your Truth. You are the Source, you are the Light, shadow is cast from mistaken beliefs, but even those beliefs return back to Source. Learning modules. You cannot escape this. There is no turning back. You have come here to learn and that is what you are doing. I accept you as One Being, as All. Receive now the gift of your Knowing even if you don’t exactly know what that is. Open to receive, open to your Knowing, open to your divinity. It is in your heart of Knowing. You’ve done this before, you’ve done this before, you’ve done this before. You’ve done this many times over. Same dance different body.” 

Mary comes forward, with her hands, arms open. We receive a blessing from her. “I am your True One. I am your mercy. You are always forgiven, child of Light, you are that Light, there is nothing to be forgiven. I love you. You are One with God. Receive this blessing.” All the way to your core. In her hand she holds a ruby color, jewel or rose with pink energy coming from it as she holds it extending it out to us to receive this divine jewel. Any parts of you that have been in conflict, this energy is calling those parts back in to this divinity, into this pure love. All odds are gone. “The heart of consciousness I bequeath to you, to All. Before you were even birthed into this life, this is you, all the way back to the One.” 
*2)See commentary below.
I see Mother Mary with her halo as she is depicted holding the baby Jesus. Blessing the child-mother connection. Receive healing to your experience with your mother, your child-mother relationship in this lifetime and any other lifetimes ago. Coming back to the Truth of this divine connection, this divine nurturing of give and take, balancing more than enough. You are pure energy that cannot be shattered. Infinite. 
*3)See commentary below.
I hear more auditory toning from Isis. Noticing multi colored flowers before Mother Mary and Isis’s feet. Representing new life, bountiful life, beauty, eloquence, grace. Isis, “This is the way to transcend and move through the world you live in, through beauty, art, expression of love for your own humanity, for your own inner truths, this is what you’ve come here to do. Open to joy, open to love freely.”

Anubis joins in with His energy, seeing his canine looking face. Noticing this divine beauty energy offered to us, this download reawakening, as it interfaces with Anubis, the God of the Underworld, of darkness. Noticing what you notice with these energies, with whatever experience you may be having. Anubis is showing us when you encounter darkness from this beautiful state, your natural state of divinity, how it can transmute perceived darkness into light, healing. And actually to where you don’t even encounter the darkness anymore, it is no longer a part of your illusion. You’ve learned from the dichotomy, you’ve gotten the lesson. Allow yourself to receive this gift of light to bring forth in whatever form you express it in. Know you are helped and guided by these divine beings. You can always call upon Anubis when faced in darkness or fear, allow Him to show you the way. Connecting back into this beautiful divine place in your consciousness, your heart. Seeing the colorful flowers imagery—connecting with those as you just observed any perceived darkness.

Horus steps forward. He brings a resolute Truth energy, cuts through any kind of darkness when you align in what Truly is.
Now seeing another female deity, beautiful face, long black wavy hair, her skin is light, with a yellow hue, rounder looking face, big eyes. She is showing me a red apple with Her, and a golden looking cane or rod. This is the third feminine goddess that I am not quite familiar with, can’t identify, and She tells me it doesn’t matter who She is- she has some sort of Asian looking descent to Her. *4) See commentary below.

I am seeing a red apple and the seeds inside of this apple, everything comes from the beginning of a seed, like planting a seed of potential and how you tend to that seed is what it becomes. Everything starts from a seed form, and then can blossom into form. Like this red apple, and then you consume it and it cycles again and comes back into the zero point of nothingness. Symbolic of the life cycle or an idea cycle. When you have the inspiration to create something you bring it to form, you tend to it, nurture it, it has its peak and then it falls away. Aligning with the cycle of destruction and creation, and again it is all One thing. *5) See commentary below. 
This symbolic apple, I’ll call it a download, its dropping into our solar plexus chakra, into the core self, that core part of us, our Divine Will. To trust more in our inspiration and callings from Spirit, to bring those ideas to fruition because everything moves in a spiral, around and around, and around, until you just come to One, a place of Oneness and then you have all that there is right now. Allow that to activate within your conscious Knowing to bring forth into your outer life. Feeling energy circulating all through my core, and my arms, back, chest, my cerebral hemisphere in my head, allow yourself to experience whatever you are experiencing. Integrating with these energies.

Now it is time to follow Anubis back to the way we came here, and as we do so you may give your reverence to these divine Goddesses, thanking them for what they gave to us, this lesson of unifying within the self, as well as at One with your creation, at One with your life creation.

Now we slide back down through this cosmic tube or worm hole, as I see that hyperspace looking scene moving through. One by one, we drop back to the chamber where we were at before. The floor looks to be these big stone tiles as we come back in and stand before Vishnu, surrounded by the other deities that are present. You may notice those Beings around you. This brings us to, ‘the cauldron segment’ where you can transmute old patterns, things that you’ve been fearful of, or receive insights into something you have felt stalled on or stuck. Envision whatever the pattern is whatever insight into allow it to become a symbol, allow your imagination to create something, whatever comes up in your vision or experience.

Whenever you’re ready there is a big black cauldron, and there is Isis and crocodile deity, Ammit with Her. When you are ready, you can approach that cauldron and drop the issue/pattern that’s in a symbol form into the cauldron for Isis and Ammit to transmute and evolve. Allow yourself to bring forth whatever you wish 
to bring forth and drop it in whenever you are ready. Once you’ve done this, Isis and Ammit go off to the side. Now you may ask the council any inquiries you have and see who comes forward to answer it, can be personal or global.

Journey member present asks, “May I see your face, Isis?
May I see your face, Divine Mother?”
Mary is holding your face wiping it with a cloth, like tears. (member emotional) ”There, there, my child, you have traveled so far in your knowing. You’ve come here to do exactly what you’re doing, you’re on target, we have you. You’re very loved.” She’s offering you a red rose. (member emotional) She knows you’ve been hurt by the thorns but the beauty has always been there, holding you. “There, there, my child. This is your divine gift. We have never left you. (member emotional) Receive this healing.” She’s giving you a kiss on the forehead. Member responds, "I love you." They reflect that love right back. Member, "Thank you." Mary responds, “You are very blessed. Go forth my child, be free, be free in this love, release yourself. You are the creator. Blessings, blessings.” Member, "You are so beautiful." (emotional) Mary says, “I am your reflection.”
*6)See commentary below.

Begin to bring your interaction to a close, thanking that being or beings.

We now turn back our attention to Lord Vishnu. His energy calls us together. He is smiling. Feel the beauty. Vishnu speaks, “This is the Truth, this is who you are, everything else is imagined. This is you. This is what you came here to remember. We love you, we love you, we love you.” He’s making eye contact with each and every one of us with His Love and this immense light coming out from Him. Receive Vishnu’s light, blessing of Love. This reference point is in your consciousness that you can tap into at any time to help you remember when you encounter darkness or fear, come back into this Divine Knowing. I see a light switch that Vishnu is showing me- turn the light switch on when it’s gotten flipped off. Turn it back on, turning the lights back on.

We now depart in this goodness, usher in a new dawn, a new day. This Activation, this Remembering, this reference of Knowing. We gather as a group and follow Horus’s lead as He takes us back out of this chamber. You can say good bye to the beings that supported you today, thanking them for these gifts, as we one by one follow Horus back down the corridor lit up by torches, following Him back outside the entrance.

We come back outside onto the patio area of the entrance, at the top of the stairs where its much brighter outside the chamber. We regroup here, Isis also joins us outside and comes around the group with her energy. She says, “This knowledge is for you to impart in any way you see fit, any form of expression that resonates with you, if you so choose. Blessings.” Feeling love from Her, She gives her final blessing. She returns back into the entrance of the corridor. Horus takes us back down the stairs, onto the ground of the Earth. We follow Him into a meadow area as He changes into His falcon bird form and takes flight, and we go with Him. I hear His shrills as He flies in a circular motion in the sky, opening up the portal way as we go with Him back into this Earth plane, one by one, falling back here into our physical experience in our God given bodies, feeling your feet on the floor noticing your legs, your hands and fingers, wiggling your toes and fingers, noticing your breath, that life giving breath. Whenever you are ready, you can slowly open your eyes and reorient to this 3D realm here, taking your time integrating your experience knowing you now have this conscious reference.
In summary, this journey seemed to be focused on helping us wake up to our incarnation and remembering our true identity as the, Soul Self. Mother Mary showing us the way in forgiving and loving the human aspects of ourselves, opening us back up to our true divine nature. We received healing in our relating to, The Mother, as in, with our own mother, Earth Mother, and the divine feminine. We awakened more to the Truth of the pure love we are, and received energetic upgrades in our consciousness for navigating through fear provoking situations.  'The red apple download' should give us more clarity in our divine purpose, our callings from Spirit, the direction much more accessible for us to take action in our soul's callings, without the presence of fear in doing so. Since the peak of the journey featured three 'Mother' deities, it seems that the theme of it, was all about creating, realizing our unconditional loving essence, and healing on all levels of 'mother' and the feminine within us. And, we now have the energetic reference point in our consciousness from Vishnu and company, to 'turn the lights back on' when fear presents itself, simply by remembering it, enabling us to easily stay centered in the knowing of the Soul Self.

1) Thus far, each journey we travel to a different type of building to meet with the deities. This time, I decided to research the symbolism of castles and here’s what I found online: ‘In Meister Eckhart's Sermons: ‘There is within the soul a castle, it is the castle of pure Oneness. The Taoist treatise, The Secret of the Golden Flower, recommends the fortification and defense of the Primeval Castle, which is the home of the Spirit or, in Zen terminology, the natural self. Thus castles are placed among the symbols of transcendence. The funerary temples which the Pharaohs built beside their tombs were called ‘castles of millions of years’. Just like the royal tombs, they were destined to stand for ever and to link the fate of human grandeur with that of the gods. Spiritual transcendence is the castle’s protection. The castle symbolizes the realization of the heart’s desire, the awakening of the conscious mind.’

2) Post journey, I am quite sure the ‘jewel’ that Mary offered us was, ‘The Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.’ This term, is a devotional name used to refer to the interior life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, her joys and sorrows, her virtues and hidden perfections, and above all, her virginal love for God the Father, her maternal love for her son Jesus, and her compassionate love for all persons.  According to Roman Catholic theology, soul and body are necessary to the constitution of man. The devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is especially directed to the “Divine Heart”, as overflowing with love for humanity.’ I interpret this offering from Mary for us to embrace, and unconditionally love our imperfect humanity.

3) I couldn’t find very concise information for the symbolism, but what seemed to resonate in researching the imagery from multiple sites from my findings as one meaning of the Madonna and Child, “She Who Shows the Way,” and also symbolic 'to remind us of the torments the Son of God will suffer in the future.' I interpret this offering from Mary as the suffering and pain we experience in our human incarnations, and receiving a blessing from our Divine Mother who always is looking after us, in compassion, and love, just as we must learn how to give to ourselves.

4) Leading up to this journey session, intuitively, I knew Isis was the featured Teacher, and that Mother Mary would be accompanying Her, along with another female deity whom was not clear who it would be but I had the impression it is one that I had not met before. My impression ended up being accurate, but I still could not identify the unknown deity at the time of the journey. In my post research, I could not really find any female goddesses to be connected to a red apple. I did find a Hindu affiliated goddess, Durga, and from the imagery I found, it resembled what she looked like in my mind’s eye. She is known to be the, ‘Protective Mother of the Universe.’ In the Hindu faith, she is one of the most popular deities, a protector of all that is good and harmonious in the world. Durga is frequently depicted standing atop or riding a tiger or lion, which represents power, will, and determination- this seems to coincide with the apple download into our solar plexus chakra of will power- And in riding this fearsome beast, Durga symbolizes her mastery over all these qualities. Typically depicted in a bold pose called, Abhay Mudra, which means "freedom from fear."  I also found that She is celebrated and honored typically in September or October, which this journey was held in September. So given these ‘clues,’ I suspect it may be Her since she also appeared to us, with two other Divine Mother figures.

5) The apple is rich in symbolic meanings, from many different religions, and myths. The meaning ranges from, the temptation and discord of man to, abundance, love, beauty, happiness, knowledge, and immortality. In the legend of King Arthur, the apple is associated with powerful forces of creation, death, and rebirth. Other insight I found from Joseph Panek’s blog also resonates with the messaging received from this journey session. Through Panek’s research he writes, ‘Within the circular confines of the apple, “The All,” is contained the symbolism of the two aspects necessary for creation in the realm of matter:  the spiritual and the seeded ‘vulva’ (apple representing female, seeds, male). When these two aspects are joined together, creation occurs. This is why the apple, which contains within it the symbolism of the spiritual and material aspects of creation, is the representative fruit of the creative process. In the apple we find, symbolically, the spiritual (five pointed star) and the material (seeded vulva) encircled by, “The All.” ’

6) Q/A segment After the transmutation cauldron segment, we open it up to journey members to have a Q/A session. This can entail internal dialogue with the deities about inquiries, or members are welcome to state inquiries aloud. The exchange that occurred with a member and Mother Mary/Isis was emotional and rather profound for the member’s experience. When the dialogue between the member and Mary began, I responded back to him the words and impressions I was hearing from Mary. After we came out of the journey, the member shared that his interaction with Mary was a deep healing for his relationship with his mother. He shared how as a child, his love for his mother was never expressed back to him from her. Mary’s healing gave him the insight that the love he perceived of not receiving from his mother, was always there because he has always been Love and very loved by Mother, despite being ‘hurt by the thorns of the rose.’ The red rose has been associated with Mary, symbolizing the pain that can come with Earth bound love that is often beautiful and painful, just as She and Her son, Jesus suffered in the human embodiment that His Crucification symbolizes. The member also shared that red roses are his mother’s favorite flower and he has a picture of them in the guest bedroom of his home where his mother stays while visiting. 

Friday, April 28, 2017

April Divine Council Journey- Resurrection Purification Ceremony

The following entry is transcribed from a recorded hour long shamanic style group journey session, intuited and transmitted by, Jennifer Yost. You may also check out previous blog posts for past journey sessions.
Begin by connecting into your breath and body, establishing a strong awareness and flow to each, grounded in Earth Gaia.

Horus stands behind me, letting me know He is ready when we are.  Give yourself permission to receive the highest and best healing, blessings, and teachings from these, Divine Ones, for the highest best good for all involved on all levels.

Horus transforms into His falcon bird body, flying through the sky, I hear His falcon shrills. He begins to fly in swirling spirals in the sky, wings expanded.  Circling and circling, we fly with Him as a group together through the portal that He is opening up. Allow yourself to come through this portal, traveling as a group into this other plane of consciousness, this other state of being that is our Truth.

 As my vision begins to clear more, I see a scene of a mountain range off in the distance. An oasis of mountains, Himalayan looking mountains perhaps, a green color to them, not necessarily any snow on them. Before the mountains is a very golden, shiny looking pyramid building. With Horus, we follow Him leading us over to this golden pyramid that has a bright golden sheen to it.  

We gather near some stairs that we are going to walk up to the entrance of this pyramid as a group. See yourself walking up these stone stairs, as we come up to a landing outside of the entrance. Isis is standing there to greet us. She is holding an ankh in one hand and Her staff in the other. The staff is in the right hand and the ankh is in the left.  It appears She has handed Her staff to Horus who is standing before us in front of the entrance and He is giving us directions before we enter. Isis now hands the ankh to Horus and He holds it up with His left hand. 

Allow yourself to notice what you notice with the energy of this ankh that it is emitting to the group. You might even be able to hear the energy as a frequency, a sound frequency throughout the body, all the way to the cellular make up of the body.  Waves of energy coming through, allow yourself to receive this blessing of the ankh’s energy, and what it symbolizes of eternal life; Your True Divine nature; the doorway inward.

Now its time to enter the building through the dark entrance. We enter and follow Horus and Isis down a dark corridor, lit up by torches on either side of us. We now come into a chamber with the rest of the deities are waiting for us.

We come before Lord Vishnu. He has light blue skin. I am noticing His crown today, golden with some sort of pink foliage. His cobra snakes are not activated right now, He seems to not be showing those at the moment. He is also being joined by the other blue skinned goddess who plays a stringed instrument, Saraswathi.

Noticing Vishnu’s conch shell that He holds, there is sound coming from it along with Saraswathi’s stringed instrument. We receive a sound bath from them. Vishnu’s message, “You are enlightened ones from birth. You’re here to remember. You’ve come a long way, divinely loved and cherished in our minds and hearts.” He extends His lotus flower out before us, “This is, The Flower of Life, that you have been Blessed with. You are pure energy, all else is illusion. Your fears your worries your doubts, all illusion, constructs of the mind. What this flower represents is your Divine Truth, you are This, This is That. Go forth in your eternal knowing.’

I see Vishnu’s face very clearly, His black, long hair, His light blue skin with His cherry colored lips, black eyebrows. He is transmitting energy from His face. Allow yourself to receive this energy from Vishnu, as Saraswathi plays Her stringed instrument to help integrate the energy. This flushes out all of our impurities; impure thoughts, beliefs, that are no longer in alignment with who you truly really are. Allow these impurities to fall away as they dissolve to this sound energetic bath. As we receive this sound healing, I notice my lower chakras where Divine Creation stems from. These chakras feel like they’re getting an upgrade. Fight or flight response as well as how we create. A new way of being when faced with fear. A new way of being in your creative process. In a state of allowing, knowing that you are protected and guided at all times in you Divine Knowing.

Now we shift to Horus. He is in His bird man form, and is holding His golden staff in His left hand, Anubis is with Him. It appears the scene is changing, they are showing us another gateway, that they are going to accompany us to go through. I also see Osiris, the Father. We go with Anubis and Horus through this gateway of energy, that looks like moving white light, like being in hyper space. Allow yourself to go into this gateway of time and space, its appears to be a worm hole.

We then drop out of the worm hole we traveled through into a chamber looking space, that looks like a cave, with black slate rock. Osiris is sitting on a poofy red looking pillow with golden tassels hanging off each corner of it. I can see His green skin and His headpiece, His white crown, and is wearing a white robe. We are invited to sit before Osiris with Anubis and Horus on either side of Him.

I see in my minds eye what appears to be Hathor the ox (cow), I see an image of an ox, a head of an ox, the color of the ox head is black, like the slate rock color, golden ring in the nostrils of the nose of the ox, the white horns that are curving upward with the sun disc between them, Hathor is also here with us in the chamber. With Her, I see the winged symbol with the sun shining brightly, the symbol of resurrection of all that there is and ever was.

Horus is now in His falcon form as we are about to receive a download from Him accompanied by Hathor energy, into our Heart center. The imagery that I am seeing is like a compartment where your heart is being opened now, like a panel. We are going to receive an upgrade for our cosmic hearts. Horus is doing this, seeing him also fly, simultaneously rewiring our heart center, reconstructing it to match more in their frequency… The frequency of the heavens, the frequency of the majesty of the seas, the oceans, the flowers, nature kingdom… The birds, the bees, the insects, the animals. The animal kingdom, plant kingdom, insect kingdom;  all that is natural.
A geometric looking shape now comes in, like a geometric ball. Its constructed of triangles but in ball shape. And it is being dropped into our heart center chakra. Inhale and exhale to allow this download to come through. Now that’s uploading sacred geometry throughout the body, in all the systems of the body; the meridian system, belief systems… This is your sacred divinity being brought to the forefront of your memory of your consciousness, your divine knowing, its creating a clear space for That, for you to be present with it connecting simultaneously with That, its just right there.  An angelic being now coming in to view, with a cosmic background, is blowing a trumpet, an angelic winged being, with light skin, its calibrating us to this heavenly frequency for integration, a very celestial quality.

Now we are receiving a blessing from Father Osiris. Noticing the color of His face, His green skin and chin beard, along with his crown. He holds his arms open, “This is your divine opening, you have spent lifetimes here. This is not new, you have known this all along, and now you are living it embodied in flesh and blood.” He’s holding a sphere of energy between His hands, a ball of energy. My impression of the sphere is that it is symbolic of the record of man/ mankind; the remembering. We receive an Activation from Him. This ‘sphere Activation’ is representative of a seed that is within every human soul, spark of life, blue flame, a Life activation of sorts.
This feels like it’s being activated near the solar plexus where the base of the solar plexus is.  All you have to do to activate this is with your own permission to do so. Imagine like a pilot light turning on. Whenever you are ready, you can turn on your pilot light, or ignite it like a lantern light… Eternal flame of Truth, your soul spark. This is your resurrection. Rise. You are now free to rise out of all that you have come from, like a malting of sorts; like shaking off an old shell of what you once identified as, or was, whatever that is. And now just being metaphorically reborn, coming out of this egg shell/egg, newly hatched. New skin, new eyes.

Now we are receiving a blessing from Anubis, God of the Underworld. He holds His golden staff, He congratulates us from rising up out of, The Underworld once again. We receive a purification of
waters from Him, water droplets, seeing a waterfall that Anubis is standing next to. As we leave this chamber we have gathered in, and as we do so, Anubis is standing to the side of this falling, purifying water. Now with our new sense of knowing, new bodies, our way of sensing through the body, as we enter back through that portal, that worm hole we traveled through, we are going to pass through this purifying water. One by one, allow yourself to walk under this water fall of the purifying essence of water with Anubis’s blessings, and let that worm hole propel you though time and space once again. Like a giant cosmic water slide. As we one by one pop back into that original chamber that we were gathered in with Vishnu and company.

All of us gathered back into the main chamber, we see the Goddess Maat, the goddess that is the keeper of the Feather of Truth. Standing together, She comes around with Her
Feather of Truth, tapping it right on our chest, over our hearts, one by one, tap, tap, tap, tap, Activation! This is a solidification of this ceremony. She also appears to be giving each of us a gentle kiss on the forehead with Her blessings.

Now we shift to the more personal cauldron segment with Isis and Ammit. You may now transmute any pattern in your life, behavioral, relational, or some area you are feeling stuck, let that come into your awareness, and allow whatever this is for you to turn into a symbol, let it transmute into a symbolic image. Whenever you are ready, approach the cauldron before Ammit and Isis, and drop it into the cauldron for Isis to transmute, and for Ammit to devour. It’s no longer needed, its served its purpose. You have received all the blessings that it has provided, it is time to learn in a new way that better serves you today, let yourself be This. The segment closes into the question answer portion. You may ask any questions to the deities, you may have your own conversation with them. The response can come as a feeling, clear message, image, impression or maybe nothing at all, it is your experience. Take this time to have your inquires answered. Finish up your exchange with the deity or deities you were interacting with, thanking them. You know the rest. Close out the q/a segment.

My attention is directed back to Vishnu, and the quality of the other deities present. Lakshmi is shown, with peach colored skin; a celebratory vibe, Krishna playing His flute, feels very celebratory. They are clapping, their instruments being played; I see Ganesha. They are very happy with us, very glad that we have joined them today and received what they have offered us. Hanuman, the monkey God, Mother Mary, Yeshwa, Thoth, are seen; really a rejoicing state for us. They are telling us to go in peace, we’ve known the way all a long, we have all that we need, and always will. “We love you, we invite you to just Be.” Lakshmi steps forward, wearing some sort of orange pants, with a vision of gold coins, and a stringed instrument; it feels like she’s giving us a blessing, “All the abundance within you is to share with yourself and others freely, free from fear, all is Love, in the expression of God.”

The energy feels like it increases in frequency, as I see the sun God Ra, rising. Bask in the energy from Ra, this light bath from Ra, bright sun, ball of energy.

As we end the closing blessing, we bring our hands together in our minds eye or literally, giving thanks and praise, reverence from all that we’ve received from these Divine Ones.

We gather up as a group, as we are ushered out following Horus, walking back out of the chamber down the dark corridor, lit up by torches, we come back through the entrance onto the platform, outside the building. Isis is outside with us, she closes out the session, saying farewell. One by one walking back down the stairs onto the ground of the Earth, following Horus. As a group we take flight with Horus, as He transforms into His falcon form, up into the sky, taking us with Him, He circles in swirls opening up that portal of time and space, we fly with Him back through the spiral.

Now coming back into your body, in this room that we are sitting in where we began this journey process, feeling your body, legs, fingers and toes, breathing freely and easily throughout the body, bringing your awareness back into this 3D reality to reacquaint yourself to this time and space.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February '17 Divine Council Journey

Featured Teachers:  Set & Quan Yin

Coming into the meditation, feeling the energy of Horus, the Falcon God of Truth, we prepare ourselves to fly with Him. Off He goes into His Falcon Bird form into the sky, flying in a circular motion, opening up the doorway for us to travel through, opening up a portal.  Allow yourself to go there using your imagination, knowing you are divinely supported.

We come into a different land, it appears to be day time, day light. A desert looking background. We’ve landed on a green grassy patch with a vibrant tree, we stand under the tree with Horus. As a group we follow Him as He leads us over to a clearing, I imagine this is what Egypt looks like, as we walk to a building that looks like a pharaoh head, the mouth is the doorway.

We approach the building walking up the brown stone stairs to the place of entry where we are greeted by Isis, Goddess of Magic and also known as the, Mother Goddess. She has some sort of exchange with Horus, then comes over to the group. She has a golden chord that she is walking around the group with, calibrating us energetically as a group to enter inside to the deity chamber. She circles the group with Her energy and with the energy of the golden chord.  She is wearing a beautiful tiara looking crown, golden with green emerald stones and a ruby looking gem in the middle of the tiara. We receive energy from Isis’ crown, she transmits it to the group before we enter, and places a white petal from a flower in the palm of our right hand before we enter, perhaps a lotus flower petal.

 Isis now enters through the doorway as we follow Her inside with Horus following behind the group. We walk through a torch lit hallway, the walls are made of tan looking stones. We now enter into a chamber to join the rest of the group of deities who await us.

I first see Ganesha with His elephant face and ivory tusks, wearing an orangish, reddish, gown looking wardrobe, holding a golden scepter, to help open the ceremony.

We stand before, Vishnu, His skin color is blue. His cobra snakes around His head are out but relatively neutral in their expression. I notice His golden disc halo outlining His head. In His lower left hand, He holds a lotus flower that He extends out to the group. His mace is held in His lower right hand. In His right upper arm hand, He holds a golden spinning disc, “scepter;” a spinning scepter of sorts. In His upper left hand He holds a conch shell, hearing a horn frequency sound, perhaps from the conch shell. Isis stands off to the left of Vishnu.

Vishnu: “You are divine creators of your own realities. You can awaken to your creations consciously creating all that you wish and desire. It is all right here for you, all you have to do is choose. Your obstacles or what you call obstacles, are also your creations. You choose what you create. It is not done to you, it is done for you. Follow your heart. Get out of the mind. Trust. Trust your intuition that is the mind of the heart, your intuitive Self.”

Now seeing Set, who is showing His teeth. He appears to be a cross between a canine and donkey looking creature, and part man. He has ears like a donkey and a long snout that is kind of canine looking at the same time.  Noticing his teeth sticking out of his mouth, but not in an intimidating way, I hear, “Grin and bear it.” This presentation of Set's message made more sense after the journey in that, when surrounded by chaos and others' fear, 'grin and bear it,' while seeing it through.
Set:  “You always know, its just a matter of tapping into that knowing of what’s true for you.” Not getting caught up in what the external illusion appears to be but coming back to you and what you know deep in your heart. We get so caught up in the external world, we get confused, turn that inside out, come back into your heart and view the world from this place not the other way around from the mind.  I see a visual, of being heart centered, and in doing so, clearing obstacles, creating a clear, concise path.

Set leads us down a hallway, walking with Horus and Isis from the rear of the group, and Maat, the Goddess of Truth, She holds the Feather of Truth, and a golden staff in Her other hand.  Walking down the corridor with Set, it is light where we’re walking but dark in front of us. It seems to relate to how we have to move through life now in the new paradigm, the present moment being all that we know, and what’s in the distance is an unknown. Learning how to trust in what’s right here now to lead us the way instead of basing it off of trying to figure out the future.

We come into, an open grey stone color floor, outdoors, patio like, with a covering over our head, we look out to green grass, with a leafy tree, feels like we are in a stone gazebo of sorts.  We are being joined by Quan Yin, who looks to be dressed in a red colored, flowing gown with pink arm coverings, flowing dress. She sits on giant bean bag looking, pillow. Set stands to the right of Her. We sit before these two Teachers.
Quan Yin:  “Grace. We can be in grace when fear is not present.”  Sounds like she sings a toning melody to the group. “Free as a bird,” kind of like a bird song of sorts. She energetically gives us a reference point for divine grace, what that feels like, we receive a kind of map of from her, for divine grace. Very soft energy, loving, compassion, all the way down to the cellular core. “You are free.” As in, ‘free as a bird.’ “You are loved and you are free. The world you live in is full of chaos and fear, but there is also this other side there you can access, a loving grace that is always there.”  I see a visual: standing in nature, two streams, one is black, representing chaos and fear consciousness, and on the other side, the stream is pinkish and crystal blue water flowing; you can choose which stream you pay attention to, you have the choice. The crystal pinkish blue represents loving grace. 

Set holding a golden looking horn, he has it up to his mouth, playing it, tones coming from it. His message: “Divine ones, you have the power to choose. Wake up to this power within you. You have chosen to be here at this time to discover this in these times of fear, in these times of chaos. Choose your Power, it’s your innate Knowing that you came into this lifetime with. You have access to so much wisdom, you are just barely scratching the surface. So much wisdom that you have carried with you from all your other life lessons from all your other lifetimes. You have this knowledge, it is buried within, but now it’s time for you to access it.”

 Download from Set:  the horn he was playing was a primer for us. Visual:  top of the head, around the crown, is essentially gone. A cosmic egg, seeing top of egg shape coming out of the top of the crown of the head. We receive an activation of the cosmic egg from, Maat tapping the Feather of Truth on top of the egg to remember who we are. “This will direct you in your Divine Knowing. You know the Truth, you always have. Now you can remember more freely, clear the clutter, clear the chaos, it’s all an illusion. This is the Truth right here, this is the All Knowing. This is the Truth of the One of that which you are.”

Next, I see a golden looking hand, that is extended, palm open and facing outward with different kinds of inscriptions on it, hieroglyphs perhaps, ‘hand of man.’ ‘It is the knowing that you have remembered time and time before, so returning to that.' I hear the phrase, “To thine self be true.” Then the golden hand enters through our heart center and core, encoding us with this remembering, all the way down into the Earth’s energy and field. Hearing trumpet like instrument again, and toning from all the deities, Quan Yin, Set, Isis, Horus, and Maat, receiving sound healing to integrate these downloads into our consciousness. After researching this 'golden hand,' I believe it is the Hamsa Hand, that is recognized and used as a sign of protection in many times throughout history, and  has been theorized that its origins lie in Ancient Egypt.
After this download, Isis gathers the group up. Quan yin: “Go in peace, share in your Divine Love, this is your Power, this is your Truth. You are One.”  Set leads the group out as we say good bye to Quan Yin, thanking Her. She says she is happy to provide this lesson here today for us.  We follow Set back through the corridor the way we came, with Isis, Maat and Horus’ quiet presence. We enter back into the original chamber, greeted by, Ganesha and Vishnu with the other deities present.

Thoth, the record keeper of all time, with the resemblance of a blue heron head. Thoth holds His tablature with His version of a pen, a spike kind of thing to His tablature. Perhaps He is noting this experience…. “I am the Keeper of All Records, here to impart the knowledge you have already known.”  He offers a cube looking shape with soft corners, it’s almost holographic looking, I hear, ‘cube of consciousness.’ Thoth drops this cube between the throat and heart chakra.  Isis supports the download with Her energy. ‘Another tool for remembering what you’ve known from other life experiences when you’ve been able to see past the veil of chaos, a tool to help you remember in those moments of fear.’  It feels to have a very calming effect on the nervous system, an upgrade to it, so we can be less reactionary when there is something fear provoking in our outer world.  We can have more of a pause instead of a knee jerk reaction. We can show up more calm when others are fearful, less pulled into other people’s fear.

 Next the group takes part in the, Isis, with Ammit, magic cauldron segment in which any patterns participants want to transmute to a higher consciousness, they can symbolically toss it in Isis' cauldron.

Followed by the Q/A segment, where participants can ask any inquiries to the deities to answer.

Concluding the Q/A portion, now we stand before Vishnu, His snakes are more active, moving around with their snake tongues showing, very active. Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu, one of His many versions, playing His flute. We receive a blessing from Krishna while He plays flute. The Goddess Lakshmi who is associated with abundance, Her skin color is regular flesh color, long black hair, very beautiful. She is paired with Krishna. Both are connected to Vishnu in their presentation together. A very joyful impression from Lakshmi, “Enjoy your abundance, you have all that you need. There’s no such thing as lack and greed. Look within. You are the answer. I love you.” 

Ganesha blesses us. Vishnu gives final blessing to the group. He feels very happy, “Go forth in your goddess/god version of yourself.”  Ganesha imparts us with His medicine of removing obstacles.

We say good bye and thank you, following Isis and Horus, leaving the chamber, walking back out through the hallway we entered in, coming outside to the entrance where it is still day light. We gather as a group outside the entrance. Isis takes back Her golden chord releasing us as a group. She says, “Good bye and thank you.” Gives us Her blessings, and returns back into the entrance as we follow Horus down the stairs to the ground and take flight with Him. He returns back into his bird falcon form in flight, taking us back through the spiral  of time, back into our 3D-4D and 5D at times, consciousness.