Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Healing w Horus Circle- First Session

On November 4th I facilitated the first, Healing with Horus circle with a small group.  I have felt Horus 'nudging' me for a couple months to put a group together to do some sort of healing work with Him. So, I took a leap of faith, answered His call, and put together an intimate group of people who were already familiar with me and my work, since I did not know what exactly was in store.  You may read previous blog posts for my background/history in working with Horus and other deities.

The intuitive impression I had coming into the session was that those present would receive a physical and emotional healing, as well as a global connection and healing. The morning of the session, the word, 'Initiation,' came to mind. I didn't exactly know what else to expect until I sat down and started the process with Horus and the group.  I began similar to the Divine Egyptian Council journey sessions, (see past blog entries) by leading the group into a meditative state, and sharing what I saw and felt occurring with Horus and the group during the session. I could feel Horus's energy strongly coming into the session. I did not record this first session, so the summary of it below, is by memory recall...

As Horus began to work with the group, I saw Him bring forward a sphere of energy within each of us, that we held in our hands, in front of the solar plexus chakra. The sphere represented our Akashic records, the blueprint of the soul.
He upgraded all of our 'spheres'/records, as if we cleaned up an old filing cabinet, our current DNA included.
Then I saw our heart centers open up to a glowing warm light, and some sort of spiral looking symbol drop in, I couldn't see it very clearly.  Horus then shifted into His falcon form and circled the group, right to left, numerous times, and I could hear his bird shrills, as I often do when he flies in a circular motion.
He then shifted into his bird-man form and went around to each group member, standing behind them, placing two different symbols on top of the back of the crown, one of the symbols was the spiral looking one, I had seen as the 'center piece' of the session.
Horus then connected the heart center up into the brain stem, the hippocampus seemed prominent in this upgrade. The hippocampus is a small organ located within the brain's medial temporal lobe and forms an important part of the limbic system, the region that regulates emotions. The hippocampus is associated mainly with memory, in particular long-term memory. The organ also plays an important role in spatial navigation. This makes sense that He focused on the hippocampus, since this session was all about upgrading our awareness of our Higher Self, or Source, to navigate life from that perspective, rather then from our emotional states and ego desires, and 'remembering' our Truth. 

I sensed a lot of energy running and connecting from the heart center, up into the brain, connecting into the frontal lobe, into the the eyes- for how we 'see,' the world. As if to bring the intelligence of the heart/awareness into the brain 'wiring.' This energy/consciousness ran up and down the spine, all throughout the nervous system, down to the DNA and cellular level. 

I repeated what I heard Horus state during this upgrade segment, much of it that I cannot recall by memory clearly- with the exception of one message I remember:  "There are no secrets or mysteries. You are the mystery coming forth." I interpret this statement as, you are the Divine Truth, you are the embodiment of it. Schools and groups that claim they have, the kept ancient secrets, are false in their claims, since, You are The Mystery. These groups may assist you in your spiritual growth and development, but ultimately, you already possess what 'they' say they possess.

These enhancements created a clearer connection and awareness to the Higher Self vs. ego self, making it easier to act from the soul perspective.  I was shown an image of the body being peeled back, revealing the soul Self. The energy felt invigorating. Horus then flew in His falcon form, right to left, around the group, several times, hearing His shrills. Perhaps Horus flying around the group is to open and close His attunement/initiation... I'm sure I will learn more as this work with Him continues to unfold.

Once this upgrade of awareness/remembering was 'installed,' I then saw all of us in the group connect heart to heart, building a grid of light that connected in the center point of the Source, located in the middle of our group. I was shown an example of what happens when you become disconnected from Source and with each other, the individual is 'darkened,' 'lost,' in fear and separation.  From our group grid, we then branched out and visualized to connect into all the many other groups across the world who are holding similar states of healing light, while aligning into the Earth's energetic grid system. We collapsed a wave of Light from our heart center through out the global grid to amplify healing for All. 
After spending some time amplipying our light with the light of All, including with Earth Mother, we transitioned out of the global connection, back to our group grid, and came back into the body with our awareness, as I took us out of the meditative state.

Since this session with Horus, I have felt it to be much easier to remember my Higher Self perspective when sitting in doubt or fear. I've been experiencing more of a neutral state, and less fear.

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