Monday, December 11, 2017

December Healing with Horus Circle- The Golden Thread

Coming into this second circle, the impression I received from Horus was the lesson would center on the discernment of allowing the Heart to guide us through life.  I once again forgot my recording device, so this summary is written from my notes promptly after the healing group concluded.

We began with Horus energetically standing with the group in the room in His bird man form.  He began by emitting His energy into the group, infusing us. He seemed to be attuning/priming us to 'fly' with Him to His 'cosmic classroom.'  He then blessed us with the Ankh, going into His Ankh meditation. I saw it drop open in the group before us, "A gateway, to where man is made from." "A gateway within to your Divinity."  "Trust your core knowing, remember who you are." "You know the Truth, trust it," heart centered consciousness 'download' from Horus.
Once the Ankh blessing concluded, Horus then shape shifted into His falcon form, and circled the group, flying around us, from left to right, several times, hearing His falcon shrills as He did so. This is Him taking us to another portal/realm, flying in a spiral with Him, dropping into the cosmos, cosmic connection, with an image of being out in space, surrounded by stars- "The void from which you come from, where man is created."
I then saw the blue flame of creation from within each of us and cosmos from which we come from. "It (creation) happens in a blink of an eye," like a match striking a flame.

I saw the group members each tuned in to their blue flame/soul light, and Horus helped them to turn it up brighter/stronger, like turning up a pilot light. As this is happening, we got another Akashic  upgrade, like a defrag for a computer system, a file clean up to remove any unnecessary obstructions to your evolving, for the time is now to come together as One knowing while still honoring each other's differences, recognizing the inner beauty of it.  Last group, the Akashic showed up as a light sphere, as it did this time, Horus upgraded that for us, along with the collective's and Earth. 

We built an energetic grid starting first within our group heart connection, that spread, connecting are awareness into the sea kingdom- whales, dolphins, turtles, fishes; then to the animal kingdom on land- leopards, elephants, antelope, all four legged friends, including all of our domestics. Those very wise beings who do not war with each other, they live in divine collaboration with each other and the planet. We also connected into the plant kingdom. After establishing the connection to the Earth grid and kingdoms on the planet, we expanded out to all the other healing groups doing similar work, and charged up the grid with our blessing for the highest and best.

Horus upgraded our brains, calibrating the cerebral cortex, hypothalamus, pineal gland to adjust our bodies and nervous system, our processing centers in the brain to these cosmic energies from Horus and the natural kingdoms so we can move through life with more ease and grace.
At the peak of the attunement, Horus downloaded the 'Golden Compass Heart Center' upgrade- "Golden Thread" calibration. The Gold Thread of consciousness, (a term I had not heard of until this moment) the connection to All, the oneness to everything. Remembering 'That' from which you are. You are That with the animals, the plants, stars, with each other, embodied together, and apart from from the illusion of bodies. Realizing beyond, the other side, the True Reality, coming out of 3D awareness, expanding, awakening to 4D and beyond.
Horus went to each person and downloaded the same symbols from the first group experience, into the crown, on top of the rear part of the head. For those present from the first group, who already had them, they received adjustments to theirs. I am still learning about these symbols as I work with them in my consciousness, and will go into more detail about them at a later date. The impression I have to call them, are Ka (top square shape) and Ra (bottom spiral). They will teach us over time, as we become more familiar with them.

Next, I felt to allow members to have their own private interaction with Horus, so they could chat with Him internally. After some 1:1 time with Him, we closed the group when Horus transformed into falcon form and flew from right to left several times around the group to close, bringing us back energetically to the 3D where we physically reside. Once we were back, I saw Him in his bird man form, standing among us again, and He gave a final blessing, holding His staff in front of Him. By the end of the session, the energy felt very loving, full, and clear.

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