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Healing w Horus- Taking Risks & Trusting In Yourself

August 2018 Horus Circle- 'Taking Risks & Trusting In Yourself'
The following is a transcribed account of the recorded group session I facilitated with, Falcon God, Horus. His words and message are shown within " " marks. The rest of the content is from my intuitive impressions of what He was showing to me. Visit previous blog posts for other sessions with Horus, and, The Divine Egyptian Council; for more information.

After settling the group in… I see Horus standing among the group in His bird man form, He’s part bird and part man. He is standing with us in the group, bringing His energy in to the group, priming us to take flight with Him. Notice what you notice throughout the body, or perhaps you see imagery, whatever that might be, there is no right or wrong, remembering to breath. If the energy during this process ever gets too intense, just ask to turn it down, like you would with the volume on a radio, it’s that simple. But just to be in a state of allowance. 

Horus has shaped shifted into His falcon form, as a group we are going to fly with Him to His 'cosmic classroom' that He takes us to. I hear His falcon shrills, seeing Him fly off into the horizon to what appears to be a setting sun. You can imagine whatever you want to imagine, having your own experience. We travel with Him flying toward this orange setting sun, hearing more falcon shrills. Horus is flying in a circular motion which tells me we’re about to get cosmic. He’s opening a funnel or portal for us to come with Him to a different plane of consciousness. He’s flying around left to right, in a circular motion. 

The scenery is changing to more of a cosmic outer space looking backdrop, black with stars and a little bit of purple, somewhere in the cosmos. I’m seeing the profile of Horus wearing His white looking crown on top of his head dress. 
It appears He has a tablet and some sort of writing utensil. Here’s what I’m hearing:  "These are the records of your journey through life thus far." It’s like a tablature, He’s pulling up everyone’s own individual tablatures. It’s what’s been recorded in your life’s path up to now. You may be seeing this, or not, or you can imagine this. So, before you, it’s being laid out before you- notice what you notice, how it might feel. Perhaps you’re able to read a message, or not. The one I’m seeing, appears to be stone-like texture, thick. Hearing Him say: "These are from, The Hall of Records."

Each of us has one, any soul has a soul record. And this feels different from Akashic records, this is, The Hall of Record. It feels as though He’s going to upgrade our tablets. Any lessons we’ve learned thus far- we’re going to make sure we’ve really got the lesson up to now, so we don’t have to keep repeating them in this lifetime that tends to trip us up and keep us stuck. He’s got His staff that He’s usually depicted with, and He is going to hit that on the floor as a way of clearing any hiccups we’ve had so far in this lifetime, it’s like a reset. So here we go… 
He just hit His staff on what appears to be a checkered parlor floor. You may feel ripples of energy going through the body, or not. Just allow any energy that you’re noticing flowing through the body. Allow it to come through like waves. These waves are extending out through your ancestry, anything that’s been past down from generation to generation, patterns that have been based in fear…. It is all being purified. I’m hearing auditory toning, psychically. In the solar plexus chakra, located around the stomach, it is getting a work over... That is our sense of self, self-worth, that’s getting worked on.

Horus is working on that self-worth, chakra, solar plexus. Seeing a gold-plated cover, not really a cover, but we’re getting gold put in our solar plexus, let’s just put it that way. It’s very purifying metal. 
Its to help alter any limiting beliefs you’ve carried forth from your ancestry. The imagery that I’m seeing, for what He’s working on… is like an old watch that has the gears, or a grandfather clock that have the gears, it’s like we are getting a fine tuning here so that the gears sync up. 

Our GI-track is also being upgraded, because many of us tend to process our emotions through our GI-track, our stomach, a lot of people get an upset stomach when anxious or afraid, it really impacts your intestines, all of that. Feels as though we’re getting an upgrade with the body and how it processes information and fear. It’s like this gold plate download is to absorb, like a shock absorber, any fear-provoking situation is just going to dissolve. The gold plate is also symbolic of, ‘you’re golden, you’re self-worth, you’re golden.’ Anything as a kid that you were told that was based in limitation, or you’re not good enough, or you can’t do anything right… that’s all a bunch of crap. You are golden. That’s also what this gold plate is signifying. So, all of that is getting sloughed off, those old beliefs that you’ve been programmed with. All the old circuitry is being pulled out, if you will. We are getting a remodel here, in our core beliefs. We are being updated in our core beliefs to those based in abundant, unlimited consciousness, worthiness. You are worthy of receiving whatever it is you choose to receive- And a new filtering system, so you can better discern what’s 'good medicine' for you, what’s in alignment with your path. 
Our filtering system is pretty gunked up, so that’s going to get cleaned off- because our filtering systems have been based in those old belief patterns- so that makes sense for that to get cleaned up. Yeah, it’s like algae and all kinds of stuff on there, so here we go, you can just notice what you’re noticing, be curious. 

Now what I’m seeing is, what appears to be a sphere in my left hand, resembles hematite, that color, shiny iridescent black, it’s a sphere, not sure if its hematite or not, but it looks like hematite in appearance, smooth round sphere. 
You can imagine that you’re holding this in your left hand, or whatever hand that feels right for you. This is a download, feels like we are going to drop this in where we’ve been working in the solar plexus/stomach. You can place your hand over the solar plexus/stomach. 'Fear absorber, fear converter,' that’s what this feels like. So, when you do encounter a fearful thought or situation, it’s going to be easier to glide through it, it’s not going to trip you up like it has in the past. 

This is energetically coming up into the pituitary gland, so we're activating that with these changes in consciousness. This is activating the brain from the base. I’m seeing the brain light up all throughout. 
Fight or flight, that’s being reset, being polished up, if you will. This is going to help you in that fight or flight response to pause, unless you’re in immediate danger of course. But sometimes we have a tendency to run, or hide, or avoid. This is going to help with that if you have a pattern of running away or hiding- this is going to help with that tendency to just be between the fight or flight, and pausing, collecting yourself for a moment, relaxing into whatever situation you find yourself in, whether that’s a life circumstance, or decision you are making. Its to help you not to be hasty, to pause and have more of a multi-sensory awareness of your situation. Both flight or fight is a fear response, and when we lived in other times that was an important survival mechanism we needed, so we didn’t get eaten by a lion, or killed by who knows what, but we don’t really live in that kind of environment anymore. We are getting some upgrades in that fight or flight response to help navigate before doing anything rash or emotional in the heat of the moment. The equilibrium is getting balance. And if you find your body wanting to rock or move, just allow it to do what it wants to do as this energy comes through your meridian system. 
Horus is calibrating these changes in our consciousness, bringing the physical body online to these changes, all the way down to the cellular level, resetting the DNA from which you come from. The fight or flight response is evolving to, Truth. Instead of the knee jerk reaction kind of response, you’re going to be able to connect into the truth, of whatever it is, that much more easily, so you have more clarity of the truth of the matter, and then you can decide accordingly based in, Truth.

I’m seeing light blue energy going through the muscular system, extending all down through the head, neck, shoulders, arms, down the back, it appears to be going into our muscular system because we hold a lot of tension there in our muscles. Feeling this energy coming though the muscular system, essentially cleansing them of past stressors that were based in those old belief systems. Even our blood vessel system, because those can constrict too when we are in a fearful contracted state, so those are getting purified. Just allow all tension to melt out like hot butter.

Next imagery I’m seeing is gold coins, just a ton of gold coins falling out, as if you won the slot machine, and the coins are flowing out, all these gold coins, spewing. 
My impression is that when we can be in this clear state, and come from a place of, Truth, rather than reactionary, or from an intense emotional place, we open ourselves up to receive this kind of abundance that’s showing up in this gold coin imagery. When we are in alignment with our, Purpose, and moving toward that, this opens us up to this type of abundance in our life in whatever form that takes- whether that’s in the material form of money, food, or resources, there’s more than enough.

I’m seeing Horus looking at me face to face, so if He’s right in your face, you might be experiencing that. It feels like He’s going to transmit energy out of His eyes. Right now, he’s looking at me eye to eye, and He is also doing this with each one of you. 
He’s going to help us with our frontal lobe of the brain which is our executive decision making. He is transmitting some sort of energy now, so if you feel anything between your brow, or in your optics behind your eyes, that is the energy from Horus. Your frontal lobe is getting an Activation from His energy because I’m seeing the frontal lobe of the brain lighting up. 
This is to help you with indecision that comes up, so you can more clearly decide. So, if you have a pattern of indecision, that is being upgraded now to cut through indecision. I’m hearing Him say, “You know all that there is, you always have. It’s just a matter of recognizing yourself beyond fear, beyond emotions, recognizing the True Self that you are, and allowing that to come forth, and guide in the decisions that you make on this Earth plane.”
This is to help us allow our Higher Self to drive more often then the personality or ego, no offense ego. I’m hearing more auditory psychic toning to help integrate this energy in the frontal lobe of the brain... “You know who you are and who you are to be here. Access this consciousness now. Look into this flame, this eternal flame.” 
So, you might imagine a fire flame in your mind’s eye. Horus is just saying to look into this flame, notice what you notice.  ‘This is a purifying flame of knowing. Knowing who you are and what you came here to do. And you are on the right track.’ You are doing better then you give yourself credit for. That’s part of the problem, we often don’t feel like we're good enough or making progress, but you are, even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.

I’m noticing a sense of spaciousness, like a bunch of rubbish has been pushed away. Like a big open hall. This feels as if Horus is helping us remember before we embodied in this lifetime, in the moment when we were getting our life mission download…. To help us remember the steps that were laid out before we embodied and forgot it all. This is showing up in my left palm of my hand, the ‘plans’ that we brought with us here that we spend a lifetime, or lifetimes carrying out. You can use your imagination that you’re holding these plans in the palm of your hand and drop them into the heart center to remind us…. help 'turn the lights on,' so we can get more clarity on what step to take next in whatever it is you’re working on. Notice what you’re noticing, let that integrate through the heart center.

I’m seeing a visual of little children that are laughing and playing, kids that are five years old or
younger. My impression of this is that we were closer to remembering all of this when we were younger before we got tainted and covered in all the stuff we get covered in. We are going to consciously link into our young 3-year-old inner child that was clear even though intellectually we weren’t developed, but as far as our soul purpose, that was still within our grasp at that age- so we are just going to have a clear pathway into that younger self’s inner knowing/soul self-knowing, bringing that up into this adult’s consciousness now.
I also feel like our main spirit guide is very close to you, getting an enhanced connection to your spirit guide that’s on the other side who nudges and helps you, and whispers in your ear, 'over here,
talk to this person, get this book,' feels like we are getting a clearer connection so we can better hear our spirit guide's guidance and help. Because when we were small children I think we were more open to our spirit guide, especially if you had an imaginary friend, that was most likely your spirit guide that you were playing with. Feel the support of the beings that have been assigned to you that are here to help you in this Earth life. You have a whole team of them, and then one main one.

I see us all standing with our directions in our hand, holding our own individualized directions. I take this to mean that our directions are going to be clearly presented. You are going to be able to identify that much more clearly than before. You can look at this piece of paper... If you are able to make out any directions on
there, use your imagination to see the next direction, or step to take in whatever it is you are deciding upon in your waking life. Or maybe it’s just an impression that you get off of this piece of paper. Just let any information that’s there to come to you.

Whatever impression you do get, it might be different from what direction you thought you were supposed to go in, that’s ok, just be curious. Or it might be affirming, totally in alignment. I’m feeling this energy from this metaphorical piece of paper with the directions on it, syncing up in your energetic field/body, so you can always tap back into this state whenever you like, by simply asking, 'What did those directions say again?' We are making a, ‘reference point,’ in your consciousness.

I’m seeing a octahedron clear crystal quartz looking shape, sacred geometry. Feels like it’s helpful for mental clarity.
Horus is coming around to everybody, it appears He is placing one of his hands on top your crown for some sort of blessing. Notice what you notice. He’s helping in integrating these changes in your consciousness, and a feeling of reassurance from Him that you are indeed on the right path, you’re not lost if you’re feeling that way, you’re on target. All in good time. Keep doing what you’re doing. Let it come together, listen to your inner guidance and act upon it. Keep it simple. You are highly capable, more then you know. Whatever endeavor you’re looking to do, it is not bigger then you because it’s your creation, you are that endeavor.

Now, He’s going to raise our vibration to whatever it is to match what you are manifesting, whatever that life dream is, shifting your energetic vibration to match that which you are manifesting. If you are in the process of creating your business, or the next up level of where you want to bring your business or project or whatever that might be, imagine yourself at the peak of that, and we are going to allow your energetic frequency to match that…. There you go, yeah, that’s buzzing, wheee how fun! This is cool, so, the more you can maintain this frequency, the quicker the old stuff is going to dissolve out of your life. You might find after this group, that happens, because your vibration is changing, so it’s no longer going to be an energetic match for your current project or stuff, so be open to letting some things go if that’s how it flows. 'Go with the flow,' as they say, and trust. That’s where the trust comes in- you don’t need that stuff anymore. Whatever leaves has served its purpose, trust that. Whether it’s a relationship, a job, or an opportunity, whatever that might be, if it leaves, it has served its purpose. Grieve what you must grieve, but remain in that trusting, knowing place.

We are now just coming into alignment like when you take your car in for an alignment,that’s what we’re doing here, getting balanced out. You set the tone with your frequency, which has to do with your quality of thinking, thought patterns. This work today is going to help you with those lower quality thought patterns, so if you catch yourself having some negative thoughts, or whatever, its going to be a lot easier to snap out of it after today, if you even go there very much at all.

There we go, all coming into alignment with these changes in consciousnesses. You may notice some energy coming up the spine and then looping back down, energy coming up the spine, looping up,
back down the spine, going in a circular motion. You can use your breath to circulate this energy throughout the body up and down the spine, alignment in your Knowing. All is well. Look past the illusion that tells you otherwise. All is in divine alignment. Upheaval is what puts you where you need to be next. Through any kind of upheaval, be gentle with yourself during the process and trust that it is all happening for your best good. Trust in spirit, your Knowing, receive the support of your spirit guides, and any other Divine Ones that you feel most connected to.

Now seeing a beautiful, purplish lotus flower in my right hand, which means all of you have one in
your hand as well. The flower of everlasting Knowing in this case. I’m holding this energetic lotus flower underneath my chin, in front of my throat. It’s coming into the throat chakra, it’s opening up
through the skull.
Its opening up from the inside of the head out the crown, top of the head... the petals of that lotus flower. Enhancing your connection to Source, in your Higher Self, your Divine Self. Seeing a visual of this beautiful energy that you are, that we are all as, Beings. Allow yourself to be fully in this new consciousness, in this energy, by just being. You don’t have to do anything. You are It.

Its time to come back with, Horus. Even though I could hang out in this state for a long time, its time to come back. He is shape shifting into His falcon bird form, and as a group we are going to fly with Him, as He takes flight, hearing His falcon shrills. Allow yourself to fly with Horus and the group as He opens up that portal that we came through. Flying right to left this time, in a circular motion, as we go with Him... Arriving back into this space, this room. Feeling your feet on the ground, the chair you’re sitting on, taking your time, feeling into the body, your toes, fingers, breathing. Whenever you’re ready you can slowly open your eyes.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

June 2018 Divine Council Journey- 'To Know Thine Self' - Featured Teacher, Thoth

The following is a transcribed account of the recorded group session I facilitated with, Falcon God, Horus. The words and messages from the Divine Beings are shown within " " marks. The rest of the content is from my intuitive impressions of what They were showing to me. The **(1) and **(2), are markers for you to find more of my interpretation that was not clear until researching post session. You will find my insights to those items at the very end of this transcription, as marked. Visit previous blog posts for other sessions with Horus, and, The Divine Egyptian Council; or visit for more information.

After settling the group in, we begin with Horus standing energetically among us in His bird man form. We are all ready to take flight with Him. He transforms into his falcon form. Flying through the sky, we travel with him as a group. Allow your imagination to follow, or whatever is showing up for you. 

Notice what you notice, as we go with Horus. Hearing his falcon shrills. He begins to fly in a circular motion spiraling, opening up a portal that we are all going to fly through with Him. It’s like a funnel, as He flies in a circular motion, left to right. Notice what you’re noticing, hearing His falcon shrills. If you’re noticing any energy, allow it to run through the body, just being curious.

The scenery is changing where it appears we have landed in a setting that looks to be a scene of what you’d see in Egypt, dessert looking kind of scene. The landscape is tan in color, sand. Off in the distance there appears to be a pyramid like structure. 

Following Horus as a group, He’s now in His bird man form, He walks us over toward the pyramid structure. Allow yourself to come along, imagining whatever it is you’re imagining, or whatever is showing up for you, or perhaps nothing at all, that’s fine too. Coming closer to this pyramid structure, seeing an open doorway as we come closer to it. There’s a set of stairs leading up to the entrance. We walk up the stairs following Horus to the entry way. 

Gathering as a group outside the entrance where Isis is there to meet us. I see Her long black hair, straight, she’s wearing a golden headband. It appears to have a cobra on the front of the head band, on the forehead. She’s holding an ankh out toward the group of us. She’s speaking some other kind of language, a chant that I’m not familiar with, but it’s a blessing for the group.

**(1) What I can make out, “Aum Na Sha; Aum Na Shah; Aum Na Sha; RA.” The ankh is emitting golden energy coming from it. Allow yourself to experience that, however you experience it. Also hearing auditory toning from, Isis. She is prepping us for entering the building. Allowing our cells to be amplified by this energy from Isis, and the ankh.  Now, I am hearing, “You are now ready to enter.”

As a group we are going to follow Horus and Isis in. Isis enters first, followed by Horus, and then us. We follow them down a dark corridor, the sides are lit up by torches, walls look to be made of stone. Following Isis and Horus, as we come into an open chamber where the rest of the deities are waiting for us, all standing as group, as we come before, Lord Vishnu, who is front and center.

Appears He’s sitting crossed legged on a throne of sorts. He has his golden pointed crown. Appears His cobra snakes are out but are mellow, they aren’t real active, but they are out. He’s holding up His mace and lotus flower. Allow yourself to gather here before, Lord Vishnu, for His opening blessings. 
He's extending the lotus flower out toward us, He’s holding it in his left hand."This is your Divinity. We are here to help you today; for blessings in this lifetime, as well as the many others you have led. Take this Divinity and Know it is you. You have known many times before today, now. This is a call for you to understand more deeply who you Truly are. To Know thine Self. To be True to thine Self. You are the answer. Trust your calling. You know it quite well. You just have to remember."

Hearing toning from Vishnu. He is blessing us. I’m hearing, "Blessings, blessings…."

I have a sense, there is some other blue skinned deity playing some sort of a long stringed instrument, not necessarily a sitar, but stringed instrument. Some more toning for us for this opening of the ceremony. 

Anubis is stepping forward, the God of Death. He helps in transitioning from death to birth, to rebirth. He’s part of that, a helper in that process.He’s stepping forward, holding His golden staff in His left hand before Him, out in front of Him. I’m going to repeat what I'm hearing from Anubis:

"You are the True One. The One of many. All at the same time."
He’s holding a crystal looking sphere, like a milky white crystal quartz sphere. Looks to be a download from Anubis in the form of this white crystal sphere. Imagine you are holding this crystal sphere in your left hand or whatever hand feels right for you.  
"You are here to remember who you are. Who you’ve always been, time, and time again. You are the breath that gives you life and the essence that embodies this life. You are all of It."

Drop the sphere into your solar plexus, around your gut, allow that energy to drop right in. Let that assimilate in your consciousness. This is to help in knowing our True selves that’s uninhibited by fear, and all the other emotions that can cloud that. This is to help us connect into that pure Knowing. Allow this energy to integrate. You don’t really have to do much at all except just to be curious.

More words from Anubis:
"You fear because you do not know. You fear because you expect things to go wrong. You fear because you get angry when things don’t go the way you think they should. You fear when things are not simple when they actually are. Your thoughts make it complicated or misconstrued. It is your thinking of fear that causes you to doubt, and be afraid. Knowing the difference between who you are and who you appear to be." Essentially the difference between the soul and the personality... "Being human is to be wrong and right." In another words, its subjective. What’s right for you may be wrong for others and vice versa... "But to be your True Divine Self, is to Know. Know That. All else, is fluff." So, to speak.

Seeing a funny image of Anubis's face, kind of looks like He’s smiling a little bit because I see His teeth showing a little bit with His canine looking snout. Ha, kind of funny, different look from Anubis than I’m used to seeing. Maybe that’s Him just looking happy, that we got the message. 

That's what that download entailed, all what He just said to us. Basically to help cut through fear, that much more easily.

Now it appears Thoth, is stepping forward. Hearing Him being referred as, God of Knowing, Universal Laws. Things like mathematics, the laws of the universe. It appears He has some sort of scepter. There’s a gold ball on the top of it. With a gold base and the stem of it looks to be a shiny black color. The impression I have it’s His, "teaching stick."

Notice what you notice from this energy from, Thoth. 
I’m seeing imagery of a chariot of some sort. As a group we are going to get on board with this chariot looking vehicle transported with Thoth and Horus is going to come with us. And Isis. Isis, Horus, and Thoth, we are getting on board with them, and we are going to get taken out further in this process with these guys. 
Notice what you notice with any energy that’s running through the body. This is getting more cosmic as we are traveling with them.

**(2) What’s beginning to come into my vision is, another deity. It appears to be Hindu background with the coiled snake on top of His head, what is His name? It's escaping me... What is your name?  "Brahma." ? I’ll figure out the name later. Brahman? That might be who this is. I’ll have to research this after the group, since I'm not exactly familiar with this one. He's got the coiled snake on top of His head. Almost looks to have a Buddha nature, has long ear lobes. Anyway, before this Being now, in this cosmic place. This Being just looks very golden light, I’m just seeing the silhouette of Him. Feels like we are getting bathed in this high frequency of light off this Being. All the way down to our cellular make up. 

Here’s what I’m hearing from this one:
"You have come before me receiving the knowing from your soul’s wisdom. Bringing That forth to serve you and humanity. To unify your hearts of that True Knowing. To come together as, One for the good of ALL. So that you may live in harmony and peace on your earth plane that supports your life, your lively hood. No more crawling around in the dark. Turning on the Light of humanity, as within everybody. There is a light side and dark... it is whichever side you choose to reside in more of the time is what you will experience. Being in the dark, or the light, you choose. Both one in the same, just different experiences with either choice."

"What do you want to learn in this life? You have chosen it. You are doing well. You are learning very much about what your heart desires and what is not true to you. The earth plane provides contrast that you cannot experience anywhere else but on the earth plane. That is why you come here. You come here to learn what is going to serve you best ultimately, and for the good of All. You are the Divine One, beyond the personality. Beyond the mask of fear. Beyond the lies you’ve been told that are not centered in love. You are a loving being of Light. You are a reflection of me and all that there is. You are That. Know this. Know this. You are born again. You are born again in this Light, this Knowing with all the lessons you have already learned, or conquered. You are This right now. To Thine Self Be True."

Thoth is coming forward with an Activation. He’s holding a hook looking tool. Long staff with a hook of some sort on the end, don’t exactly know what that is, but it’s an, Activation. This is an Activation with the top of your head, your crown chakra, for a stronger sense of faith in knowing who you are. Feels like He’s tapping the top of the crown of the head. You may feel some energy tap on. Seeing glittery looking stars fly out with these Activations. 

He’s saying, "The test of humanity is to remember who you are. That’s the ultimate Knowing. The secret of the Ages." Its not really a secret. It hasn’t been kept from you, it’s just the lights haven’t been fully turned on in a long time.
"Its time to come out of any perceived darkness. The time is now. Blessed souls. This is your True Divine nature, blessed soul."

Allow yourself to integrate these energies.

Now we begin to board that chariot vehicle that we came here with, Isis, Thoth and Horus. We are going to come back with them to the chamber from which we were. We can thank Brahma, as that is the only name that I heard...

Now we are coming back into the chamber setting that we were in, one by one, walking in. These beings are on either side, supporting us today. This is a segment where you can bring forth a life situation, a pattern you’ve been working on to evolve, or something you want insight into… Whatever that might be, we can now work with, Isis and Ammit. Isis is with her magic cauldron of transformation, transmutation. Whatever that life situation, decision or whatever it might be that you want to evolve or get insight into, allow that to morph into a symbol, let your imagination present a visual image to you… 

Whenever you are ready you can imagine yourself walk up to that cauldron that Isis is standing by with Ammit by her side, the Crocodile God. When you’re ready, drop that item in the cauldron for Her to transmute.  
Purple violet colored energy coming out of that cauldron with purifying fire flames, and She is doing Her magic over it. Ammit’s there to gobble up any fear, aka bullshit, whatever’s getting in the way of your evolving. Allow yourself to notice what you’re noticing, sensations, impressions, insights, or perhaps nothing….

...That segment is complete.

Now if you want to talk with one of these Beings, you may.  If again, you have a life situation, or something you would like support with, or a global event; there are many to choose from, Isis, Horus, Anubis, Set, Maat, Thoth, Osiris, they’re all present, or maybe one I did not mention speaks to you. Take a moment to directly connect with who ever comes to you or, whom you are drawn to. 

Group member asks, "Directly from us or through you?" My response: "Either way."
Group member, "How do I overcome the hurdles that are stopping me from fulfilling my, Divine Purpose?"

Thoth is addressing:  "These so-called hurdles are merely information. If something is hard or feels like its blocking you- what is that information giving you? What is the information? If what you’re doing makes you happy, you are on your way, or are fulfilling your Divine Purpose. If what you are engaging in, is pulling you down, or draining you, it is most likely not your Divine Purpose. Your Divine Purpose should feel elevating, fun, joyful. A block can point you in a different direction because there is nothing there for you except for frustration, and a wall. So, what next? What might you do differently? Trust in your Knowing. If you feel it is not right for you, it most likely is not. If it is limiting, most likely it is not your Purpose.  Your Purpose is unlimited because You are unlimited. Your Purpose may not make sense in the moment, but as you trust it, it begins to become clearer, and come together. And you begin finding your way, as you begin following that open energy, that open doorway. But to find the open door, look to where if feels freer, or more joyful, and do that. Even if its something very simple, and mundane. If it feels light and free, that is the way. In your current job if there is any aspect of it that feels more light and free, do that more, and see where that leads you. The things you feel stuck in, are teaching you a lesson. Have you learned the lesson? Or do you remain stuck? You choose. Try something different if you feel stuck, to find your way. And if its unclear in what to do, just ask for guidance, and we will support you. We will help you find your way. You are already finding your way. You may not realize it, but you are. You are not really stuck, its just energy that has a heavier quality to you. That’s information. Does that energy resonate with you? Taken down to an energetic level, does that feel right to you? If not, find what does. Experiment. See what fits. Follow your joy, that is the way.”

Are there any other questions? Or, you may continue to have your own internal experience….
...We now close the Q/A forum. Wrap up if you have been having a conversation with a deity, thank them.

Group message I'm hearing from them: “Trust us. We are here for you to access anytime just by thinking about us, by choosing. We love you. You are our essence.”

I’m feeling some real loving energy off the whole group that’s with us today, supporting us in Their loving energy. I’m seeing the deity, Ganesh, the elephant looking God, come forward. The impression from Him, He’s here to remove the obstacles that you feel are blocking you from knowing your Truth. I’m seeing Him holding a stringed instrument of some sort, a mandala? We are receiving this support from Ganesh. 

Now Vishnu is holding His conch shell. Some sort of energy coming out of the conch shell. Think He’s actually blowing into it as if He’s playing it like an instrument. He is closing out the ceremony with His conch, and Ganesh is accompanying Him with the stringed instrument. A female deity, I believe its Lakshmi, she’s also joining, so its this trio of these three. We are receiving divine blessings from Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. She has almost like gold coin looking energy around her, I don’t know how to describe what I’m seeing, but it’s cool. All this energy being offered to us from this closing blessing. 

Vishnu says, “Walk freely on your path uninhibited by fear. Trust the process, your journey, realizing your Divinity. Come to us anytime, just by thinking about us. Any one of us, or all of us. You have access to our energy in knowing anytime you choose to tune in, to allow. Staying out of judgement will strengthen the connection. You are very loved. Walk forth with this knowing.”

Let us thank the deities for what we received from them today as we follow Isis and Horus out of the chamber back down that darkened entry way that’s lit up by torches. As a group, follow them back outside, through that corridor. Coming back outside where it’s a lot brighter outside.

Horus and Isis are standing in front of the entry way, standing facing the group. Thanking us for coming today and for trusting them, and for trusting, Jen, me. I feel a sense of a lot of love from them to the group as we come back; love and thank you. We say thank you back to them. Isis is staying there. We are going with Horus, back down the stairs, back onto the ground, down from this pyramid structure building.

He shape shifts back into His falcon bird form, and we’re all going to fly back with Him, as a group, He takes us up into the sky. He flies in that spiral movement again, opening the portal from which we came with Him through. And away we go, traveling with Him, back to this space and time.

Notice what you notice, as we transition back into this room, this space, of the 3D, taking back all the knowledge that was imparted, and energetic healing energies that we received today, consciously and unconsciously. Let's reference point this work we did today, so you can have it accessible to you just by remembering the session, you don’t even have to be specific, just simply by asking the wisdom to come forth, and there it is. Bringing your awareness back into your body, wiggle your toes and fingers, noticing what you’re sitting on, the floor and whenever you’re ready you can open your eyes.
**(1) From what I could find on the internet about the chant I heard from Isis, is that it is possibly derived from sanskrit, Om Nasha; and a related form is, Om Namah Shivaya, which is a popular Hindu mantra that means, "O salutations to the auspicious one!" "Adoration to Lord Shiva," a holy salutation to, Shiva.  This seems to add up to coincide with the peak of the journey session when we received a healing and message from a being that resembled Shiva but the name I heard was, Brahma, who is one in the same to Shiva, from my interpretation.

**(2) Shiva was who I first thought was the Being I was seeing, due to what looked to be a coiled snake on top of His head, however, the name that came through was, Brahma, whom I was not familiar with until this session. Research from the internet revealed this: 'Shiva is the third god in the Hindu triumvirate. The triumvirate consists of three gods who are responsible for the creation, upkeep and destruction of the world. The other two gods are Brahma and Vishnu. Brahma is the creator of the universe while Vishnu is the preserver of it.'  It makes sense to me that it most likely was Brahma, who resembles Shiva, since these three gods are one in the same, from my understanding.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Healing w Horus- Higher Self Alignment

The following is a transcribed account of the recorded group session I facilitated with, Falcon God, Horus. His words and message are shown within " " marks. The rest of the content is from my intuitive impressions of what He was showing to me. Visit previous blog posts for other sessions with Horus, and, The Divine Egyptian Council; for more information.
After settling the group in, we begin…
Horus takes flight in His bird form, circling the group with His energy. Notice what you notice, as we begin to connect with Him. You might hear falcon shrills or something else psychically or nothing at all, as He continues to fly right to left, around the circle, He takes us in to open sky with Him, His wings out stretched… We travel with Him as a group, taking us off in to the horizon, toward a glowing sun, blue sky background. 

I now see Him in His bird man form, standing in front of me. You might see that too or something else, noticing what you’re noticing. I’m going to repeat the words I’m hearing from him: 

“You are the True One. All the answers lie within you. You are pure Light. All else is fake that surrounds your pure Light. You are the pure Light of your soul and all that there is and ever will be. Be in this knowing. All else is imaginary. You are the True One. Remember this. I call you to. Know this. I am here to help you today in remembering this Truth in who you are. We travel together. And we have always known each other. I have always been here, helping humanity to remember this Truth. So that you may maintain your divinity. The calling of your soul, aligning in, That, is what we are here to do today.”

I’m noticing His golden staff that He is holding as He stands here. Energy is starting to emanate from it to the group. He is using His staff to align our energy body/chakras. Allow yourself to notice what you notice, as this energy begins to come through. Coming into alignment energetically, your energetic body. You may or may not notice, things releasing from different areas of your body, near the chakra locations. Old belief systems, like sledge, stagnation. Allow yourself to experience whatever you are experiencing. 

I’m being shown an image of a kite in the sky. Classic diamond shape kite, with the tale streaming. He’s showing me this imagery of a kite flying in the sky, and a person down below holding the string that is attached to it. This person is out in an open field, and they’re flying this kite up in the sky, holding onto the string. The kite is moving around with the wind. The kite represents your Higher Self, and the person is representing your connection to your Higher Self. When you’re flying a kite, the wind is flying the kite, and your job is to respond to the moves that the kite makes with the wind, by steering it with the wind, kind of the same with a sailboat. Paying attention to the direction that the kite is moving in, then adjusting on your end to align with it, so it stays flying up in the sky. I’m taking this as a metaphor with our connection to our Higher Self; and listening to the messages from our Higher Self, as it calls us, to guide us, adjusting and moving with the Higher Self.  We are going to attune to that metaphor....  

I’m seeing an image of the Earth, like looking at it from outer space. This is a message that we are so much beyond this planet. I imagine it’s like when astronauts are out in space and they look at the earth and think, ‘Ha there is so much beyond this.’ The little problems or whatever you think are problems are minuscule compared to what’s beyond our awareness of who we are, or what else is out there. A lot of times when we are caught up in our personality/ego self, we are so limited in really what is possible, we are so much beyond that limitation. We often get stuck in, or forget that we are unlimited in possibilities to any given situation or choice. 

 We are going to come back to earth since this is where we are residing, this is the earth plane that we play on. The whole trick is remembering who we truly are, so we can navigate from this higher knowing, in 3D reality. Because really, we originate from our higher knowing. We come into the earth plane from a higher knowing, but once we embody, we forget. It is swiped out of our memory, so we spend a lifetime remembering this Truth, seeing past the illusion, to the Truth.

Recall something, if there’s anything in your current life circumstances right now that you feel like you are caught up in the outer illusion of. Or you want to cut to the truth about it… What’s true here? Call that up now, whatever life circumstance/situation that you want more insight into…. What is at the heart of this matter? Let that come up for you. Notice what you notice about this situation, whatever that might be for you. Come into your heart center with your awareness, with this situation in front of you. 
What I’m seeing is a pure glowing white light, sphere in the heart center. Allow yourself to reference
from this sphere of light in the center of your chest, while this situation is before you. You’re not thinking about anything, you’re just being before this situation in your divine presence. Notice what you notice, of just being present with the situation from this center point of light. You might ask, 'What is the truth here?' See what presents itself. Allow this truth to come forth. If you’re not noticing anything, that’s ok, it might come to you at a different point in time. Just being curious of what the truth of the matter truly is. What would it be like for this situation to transform to a higher truth for all involved? How might you show up differently? You don’t have to think about it, you’re just asking the question, and seeing what shifts or comes forth, if anything. You have all the answers, just allow them to present themselves. Another question coming forth is, ‘What kind of healing could take place if I were to get out of the way?’
The personality might not like what presents itself because it might provoke fear, fear of loss usually, is a big one for our humanity. That’s ok, lovingly embrace that fear. Continue to be in that reference point of that sphere of light in the center of your chest with any fear that comes forward, observe it, notice what you notice, and allow the fear to fall away, and be with what’s left without the fear. Don’t have to know the, ‘how,’ you’re just being present, being curious. Being in your knowing.

Now seeing an image of a basket of multi colors of flowers. This is an energetic download, it’s showing up as a brown woven basket, handle on top with all these colors, with different flowers in it. Whatever that looks like to you, if it looks like something else that’s ok too, just notice what you notice, feel what you feel. You can imagine you are holding this basket in both of your hands before you. Just imagine becoming one with this basket of flowers- allow it to come into you, through the front of your body. Allow the energy of this symbolic basket of flowers to drop into the body, come into the body. 
This has to do with your ability to trust the highest and best outcome to come forth if you follow your truth, despite having doubt or fear about it. Its like the reward, so to speak, that comes about when you follow your truth. 

I’m noticing energy being transmitted to you between the throat and heart chakra, right in the center of your clavicle, there is energy being transmitted to that spot on the body. It has to do with the gland in that area. Your thyroid is receiving an energy upgrade, the regulation of the body- computer system, if you will. 
Horus is going to do something with the thyroid- has to do with how you sense and perceive energy in your environment to transcend fear provoking situations. Alignment with your pituitary gland, all of our glandular system is getting an upgrade. The energy
is coming through, aligning with your Divine/High Self.
"Fear regulation," I hear; in your perception, how you experience the world around you. Notice what you notice, as this energy subtly, gently coming through your glandular system, pituitary gland, getting a clean off/dust off; being able to see past the veil of fear.
Ultimately an attunement to the Higher Self with the body, I hear, "Override of fear," so we are getting an ‘override system’ installed.
Horus is coming around to each one of us, working in the brow, between the eyebrows, where your brow chakra is. He is dropping a tiny opaque crystal of some sort, into the brow. This is going to upgrade our sense of perception, and maneuvering through fear, your tendency to go to a fearful place is going to be diminished.

It's also helping with spherical experiencing rather then linear, so your timelines might go out the door, to a more spherical experiencing. Your ability to be more present in the moment, circular experiencing is going to be much easier to be in, and maintain consistently, from this upgrade.

Now we are accessing sacred geometry that is within your make up. A purification of it, or an uncovering of it, remembering it, our true design of sacred geometry that we are made of; everything is made up of sacred geometry. A much clearer pathway, or connection of this sense of sacred geometry, operating from a purer connection of the blueprint that we’ve all come into this life with, our map to what we’re doing here. We get a clearer, pure sense of that, to help in navigating for why we’re here; that’s coming more to the forefront for you to access consciously, or unconsciously.

Seeing a symbol, or image coming forth from this geometry- I see an image of a pyramid with spheres, one at the top, and at each side of it and below it, maybe it is showing sacred geometry that the pyramid replicates and supports. Four spheres in the shape of a diamond around this pyramid image. And connections between the spheres, surrounding the pyramid, and a mirror inverted image underneath the pyramid, so it’s a diamond image. This is an Activation. 

‘Diamond light,’ is a phrase I’m hearing.  Where I’m seeing this show in the body is in the spot we started working in- in the middle of your clavicle, slightly above it, where your throat connects into the chest, that area in the center- we are going to get an Activation of this sacred geometry. 
Seeing the middle of it spin, helping us sync up with the sacred geometry blueprint, our Higher Self, with the planet, and all the other people we are in connection with, personally and beyond, like a synchronicity map, syncing us up with the Truth. Kind of like a compass of sorts to help in the alignment with the Higher Self in knowing what’s true and what is not for your highest and best good. This is also syncing up on the cellular level in the body, this is a major sync up on many levels of your being.
“You are a multi-sensory human being, multi-perceptual,” these are words from Horus. “You are spherical, you move in the direction of your soul." You can move in the direction of your personality, but you won’t necessarily get as far, or as easily to your destination point, there will be more trepidation with the personality. Use the personality as a tool to get what you need along the way, but do not ascribe to it. Allow it to serve you, not the other way around. The personality is a servant to the soul, look at it that way. It serves the soul. Allow the soul to be your guide, and the personality to fulfill what the guide wants, and needs along the way.

“Befriend the Higher Self. Be of service to the Higher Self, it wants to serve you. It wants to help you. It wants to bring you joy. Do not resist. Let go of all your resistance to your birthright of joy. Do not get mired in the seriousness of the personality, the limitations of the personality. You are much more than that. Way beyond that. You have forgotten but now it is time to remember. You have always been This since the beginning of time, since you were created. Remember this now. You are safe. You are here to show other people the way. Leading them to the Soul Self knowing. You choose your reality. You are free to choose. Choose your lessons, how you choose to learn. You can learn hard, or you can learn soft. You choose. Look at everything as a gift. A gift to your Knowing. A gift to your remembering. You have all that you need. Allow yourself to accept these gifts, even if they don’t feel like a gift, they are a gift because you chose it. The sun will rise again. As it sets, it rises. And the moon shines its light on the darkness. There is always Light. Because you are that Light. Forgive yourself. Only lessons of the personality, forgive yourself. You are not here to be in pain. Allow the pain to serve you. Give love to the pain to transmute it. You are here to be free out of constraints of the personality, breaking the chains of the perceived reality. You are here to be free of the constructs to live and learn, that is all that is. Remember this. Trust this. You are IT. IT is You. I love you. You are very loved. You are love. We are here to support you. We are always here for you. Turn to us when you need help in remembering, we will help you, just ask and we will guide. Trust that guidance that we give to you. We will not fail you. We know you. And you know us even if you don’t remember, you do know us. We have had many life times together. All these life times exist on the other side of this reality. You are living them all at once. But this reality, you are anchored in now. Trust. We are by your side. Trust. You are the Truth. The understanding is there. All you have to do is access it by trusting. We love you. We are here for you. Feel your pure knowing. See yourself as a transparent sphere of light, like a bubble of light. Notice that part of you as if your body is sitting in this white sphere of light. You are material and energy. Spherical and material at the same time. Two different realities, simultaneously.”

I’m seeing what looks like an old-fashioned gold pocket watch that feels like another download/upgrade, that’s going to go into the solar plexus where the stomach is located. Imagine
you’re holding this golden pocket watch in your right hand, or whatever hand feels right to you. With that hand that you’re holding this golden pocket watch, drop it into the solar plexus of the body. This has to do with our attachment to time- transcending the illusion of time is what this is going to help us with. We can get really caught up in and attached to what the time says, which is another illusion. It is a tool that we use here on this earth plane, but it is not something to be attached to, or mired in because you have plenty of time, it’s an illusion that you don’t. So, this is going to help in getting off your attachment to a timeline. You have more than enough time because you are eternal. You will accomplish all that you need to accomplish. When you are centered in your Soul Self, everything is timeless. A reference for this is if you’ve ever been so caught in something, like a project, and you lost all track of time, hours went by, but it seemed like not that much time at all. That’s what this is going to help us with, to really be able to stay in the divine presence that’s not about linear time. That sense of eternal self. That’s (download) just integrating here with the other upgrades.

And now we are receiving a blessing from the ankh that I see Horus with, He’s is bringing that forth. A blessing representing eternity of your eternal Soul Self. He is bringing that forth, this blessing of energy for this work we’ve done today, received today. I see Him coming around to everybody, and giving you a little tap on top of the forehead, with this ankh, just a light tap. So that this is information, knowing, is easily accessible in your consciousness just by remembering, that’s all you have to do, just think about it and then boom, it will reorient you if you find yourself off kilter.

Feels like Horus is giving us some healing energy from His left hand to integrate what we received today on all levels of our being…. We are getting some grounding of this energy. Putting us back together, attuning to these changes in our consciousness, in our relating to ourselves in perceptions. Gelling that all together here.

He is now in His falcon form, and is flying from left to right, around our circle, completing the circle today. Flying back with him, back away from the sun that we opened with, flying back in the direction we came with Him in the sky.
Bring your awareness back into this room, into where you’re seated or laying down, feeling the body in your chair, or on the ground, noticing your five senses, just coming back in gently, softly. Whenever you’re ready, you can slowly open your eyes and re-acclimate here in the 3D.