Friday, October 25, 2019

Enter the Temple of Isis

September 2019
Temple of Isis Channel

The following is a transcribed account of the recorded group journey session I facilitated with, Falcon God, Horus, and Goddess of Light, Isis. This was a channeling of the sacred site, The Temple of Isis. His & Her words are shown within " " marks. The rest of the content is from my intuitive impressions of what they were showing to me. Visit previous blog posts for other sessions with Horus, and, The Divine Egyptian Council; Visit for more information.
After settling the group in.....

Horus is here in the room with us, as I see His profile in His bird man form. Hearing Him say, "I come forth with you tonight to teach you learnings of love, joy, unity to the Self, and those that you come into contact with.”

Isis is here too, 'Sister of Light,' 'Mother of Light.' She is here to enchant you, teach you, know you. I see Isis with Her long black hair, tan colored skin, golden bracelet on one of Her wrists. Appears she is holding some sort of scepter in Her left hand. Golden headband around Her forehead, some sort of magenta looking jewel in that headband, with two sapphire looking jewels beside it, as well as a golden cobra extending out from that crown. Big Green eyes.

She says, “I am here today to take you on a journey of knowing Thyself and those that have come before you on this Earth plane, as well as the rest of us. Come with me now.” 

She’s extending a golden staff before Her to us, to the group. My sense is its some sort of energetic Activation from Her and this staff. You can notice what you notice whatever experience you may be having. 

Getting a closer look at this staff. Looks like there is some sort of winged regalia on the top of this staff.  Emitting energy from this staff. Frequency. Notice what you notice, if you notice any subtle energy, that is the energy of this instrument from Isis. White light looking energy. My sense is it is a purifying light bath to prep us for the work we are going to do tonight. 

Continuing to breath. Allowing this energy to flow throughout the body wherever you may notice, going all the way to our cellular molecular level, like a clean up. I’m hearing toning from Isis, a high tone. If you happen to be auditory in your psychic awareness you may hear an octave from Her. I’m noticing from Isis, Herself, from Her headband, emitting energy to the area of our brow, pituitary gland. You may notice some activity in the brain, the temporal lobe as well. Slightly different tone, I’m hearing from Isis, a little bit lower octave then the first one. Receiving this frequency from Her. Calibrating the brain for the journey that we are going to do with these guys tonight.

Its like a 'lullaby of energy,' is the message I am getting here, so that you may connect to your Truth that much more easily. Noticing what you’re noticing. Feeling what you’re feeling. Taking in the energy. 

Isis is now saying, “Come with me now.” As a group we are going to follow Her. It appears She is walking with Her golden staff, and we are following behind Her, and Horus is going to follow in the rear of the group.

Imagine whatever you’re imagining or nothing at all. Just walking with Her to what appears to be, the environment I’m looking at, looks like a temple of sorts. Big stones with pillars, kind of a light tan in color, the stones. I’m also seeing a greenish looking hill in the background, with stairs that are embedded in this hillside. Just continuing to following Isis, a water oasis up ahead, light blue water. Notice what you notice. 
I continue to look around at these giant pillars made out of stone. Horus is in His falcon form, overseeing things, on a perch of some sort. He’s not flying. Now I’m hearing falcon shrills from Horus. He’s like above us on some sort of perch and we are down below as a group with Isis. Well perhaps we are hanging out here with these pillars with a stone ground. I don’t see a roof over our head.

Isis is now turning back around to face the group. I see Her big beautiful eyes. She is saying, “I took you here to show you the Truth of who I am, the Goddess of Light, and Truth, to come before you today. to offer you love and insight for your growth and happiness. Let us begin.”

Hearing some more toning from Her. And Horus is now flying above us, hearing His falcon shrills. He’s circling above us, the group. More falcon shrills. Feels like the energy is intensifying with Isis and Horus. Horus is opening up a vortex or portal. Feels like the scene we were in just dropped, morphed away, as we are essentially dropping down into a shoot like a worm hole. 

Continuing to breath, notice what you notice. It appears to be that we are traveling through a worm hole, something you see in a sci fi movie. Like hyper space kind of visuals. All  through your consciousness, time and space at a rapid pace. Moving through lifetimes, traveling through your consciousness of Knowing.

Its feeling like we’ve paused, dropped in somewhere. Still together here as a group. Isis is with us. Horus still in His falcon form. He has His crown on in bird form but He’s not flying, on a perch of some sort. Noticing Horus in His falcon form. He’s golden in color or maybe He has some sort of regalia on, I’m not sure, but He’s an iridescent, golden looking color. Wearing His crown. I’m noticing Isis again with Her long black hair and golden staff beside Him. We are before these two again. Isis with Horus, in His falcon form.

Isis has Her staff holding it out before Her in Her right hand, and holding a golden ankh in Her left. She is beginning to extend this golden ankh before Her in front of us. 'The Ankh of Truth, Divinity, Light.’ 
(Isis) "This is your everlasting Truth. A symbol of who you truly are, the Divinity that you are."

I’m noticing the hieroglyphs embedded in this ankh, they appear to be activated on this ankh, almost like the consciousness of these glyphs are being transferred to us, our consciousness. 

And there is a glowing hue coming off of this golden ankh and the energy of these glyphs. Hearing more toning from Isis. This is an Activation, for the heart, the cosmic heart. As if this ankh is super imposing itself in to your heart center. Notice what you notice, imagine whatever you want to imagine. Its as if this ankh is coming into the heart center, your heart center. 

Breathing connecting into the heart with the breath, as this ankh is now being embedded in our heart center. Very gradually. Now some iridescent white light is coming from the center of the ankh coming out from that, from within our heart center. This is the consciousness of Knowing, Your Truth. Feel this Activation. 

(Isis) "Remember who you are beyond this personality, beyond this lifetime, beyond any lifetime you have ever lived before. Know This. This is who you ARE. Be there now. Feel the energy, feel the power of who you Truly are. Beyond the body, beyond the personality, beyond of what you like, and don’t like. Feel the power of your Divinity.”

Being shown now, it appears we are all in some sort of temple, or stone place. There is a golden coil of rope, I’m still looking at it…. It appears what I suspected it to be, this is a serpent. It was looking like a coiled golden cordage, but now its looking like a dark green serpent. And I’m seeing its head much more closely and its teeth and tongue.
Typically when I see a serpent in these journey sessions, they represent transmutation. For those of you that have worked with snake energy, you’re going to know what this is all about. For those that aren’t familiar, the snake medicine is transmutation. It can also be an antidote to any poison in your life, which can be toxic people, toxic situations, toxic habits that no longer serve your growth, your path to your Knowing. Prepare for a strike from this serpent. My sense, it is likely going to strike on the right part of the neck. You can be open to that. It is an energetic download.

I’m going to count to three, and this serpent is going to strike each and everyone of us. You will have whatever experience you are going to have with this. I encourage you to breath.

One, two, three….. The way this snake is striking me right now, is its really chomping into the side of the right part of my neck, it’s sunk it's fangs in, and its really not letting go. Not sure what kind of experience you’re having but whatever it is, it is ok. Perhaps how deep the bite is, and however long it is, whatever you’re needing to transmute on a deep level.

And we are surrounded by gold by the way… that’s lessening in the intensity. The snake has let go of its grip, at least it has on me, now. It's retracted back into it's coiled position.

Isis is coming around and sprinkling Her magic, Her medicine into this bite where the snake struck. She’s sprinkling what looks like white crystalline energy into the bite entry point.

I’m hearing Her say, “This is to strengthen your confidence in knowing what you Know. Your Truth, your Divinity, intuition, your Knowing. And to not be afraid of that Knowing.”  

Sometimes when we don’t understand something we turn away from it. The unexplained, or we doubt what we sense, what we Know, what we feel. This snake medicine is going to help reinforce your Knowing that much more. Question less. As well as washing away any old messages, or programming you received from people that you have been connected to who have down played intuition, or told you to be fearful about it. Any old belief systems that have caused you to be fearful of intuitive Knowing, that is being transmuted.  Any and all fear programming around burying your intuition. Evolving those old belief systems, and letting them fall away that no longer serve.

(Isis) “You are safe. You do not need protection. You are safe. You are Divine Knowing beyond this body. Beyond any limitations of this 3D embodiment. You know yourself better then anyone. You are a Divine One. Rest in this. Be this. The personality is 'decoration.' Your likes and dislikes are 'decorations.' Behind those decorations is your Knowing, your Truth.”

Now noticing Horus still in His falcon form. He’s going to transmit some energy to us as well. In His falcon form wearing His crown on His little falcon head, on His perch. Again this golden hue looking, its hard to describe what these colors look like. He is looking very intently at us. So if you are seeing a bird right in your face, that is Horus.

The message from Him is, “I will teach you that which Is. That which is, You. Come forth. Come to me.”

I’m seeing energy come from His head, or His falcon brow. It’s this energy emanating out toward us. Waves of energy. Feeling it in the head, pituitary gland, as well as the throat.

He is saying, “I know you as, This. An energetic Being of Light.”

Feels as though that He is calibrating us to our Being of Light Self, or conscious awareness. An energetic alignment happening between the body and the Higher Self Knowing, the physical, and the spiritual energetic Self. You may be noticing waves of energy, or nothing at all, but noticing what you notice.

(Horus) “This is your record.” My impression is something like an Akashic Record. “Whatever lessons you have learned, you have learned them, it is time to move on to new lessons. You have graduated, my friends, to your Divine Knowing more then ever before, in your conscious Awakening. When your eyes are open you will continue to Know, you will Know your Self. On this earth plane, you will continue to know your Self. This is your Awakening into the new way of your Being. The Knowing that you are. One with everything. The cells of your body are attuned now to this Knowing, this vibration, this energetic imprint of your soul Self. Feel this alignment. Know this alignment. Feel that, anchored in the body. The body’s remembering.”

Its as if the body is coming online with our Divine Knowing. Our cells are vibrating at a higher frequency to better match our soul awareness.

The next imagery I am viewing, is within all of our foreheads… what this upgrade looks like. I see a
diamond shape, looks like a diamond, embedded in our brow, like an upgrade to that energy center of the body. Diamond light, which is a very high frequency. If your familiar with the crystal Herkimer, that’s a very high frequency stone, something along those lines, but more ethereal. Noticing what you notice, around the forehead, brow. It’s like we can see really, really well now, intuitively speaking. Much brighter. Metaphorically speaking, its as if we have big light beams extending from our foreheads. Like when you go camping you wear a head lamp, well this is an energetic head lamp for us. Can walk around, especially in the “dark,” our intuitive Knowing is going to be that much more clear and bright. That’s what this upgrade feels like to me. Tapped into the heart Knowing.

Now back to Isis, seeing Her long black hair again, and Her golden head band. Thoth, to Her side with His stone tablet, and an instrument that He uses that is recording this. Recording this in our consciousness and the collective consciousness. Allow us to extend this Knowing out to all that we are connected to, hooked into the earth grid. The Knowing of Mother Nature.

Thoth says, “You come from the stars. Many times before.”
Earth grid healing, earth grid Knowing. It is healing to the earth grid when we are conscious and connected to the earth grid. Its mutual healing for us and the earth grid. She embraces our connection. As we have forgotten about our connection to Her. Seeing a visual of planet earth. The blue waters, the continents. Such a loving planet. She allows us to treat Her the way we treat Her. Very patient, very loving. Waking up to Her.

Isis is coming forth, She is saying, "It is time to go back." She’s extending Her right hand, and arm out. You can imagine yourself as if you are shaking Her hand, grasping Her right hand. Just hold the palm of Her hand. Notice what you notice. Now She’s putting Her palm out, as if you are laying your palm to Hers, feeling the energy of Isis, palm to palm. This is Her loving connection to you, and memory of this connection to Her and earth Mother. She says, "Thank you. Thank you for coming here with us today. Thank you for sharing this with us today. We love you. You are free.” She says, “Come with me now.” She is turning, as a group we follow Her.

Horus is still in His falcon form, watching us. Now Horus comes behind us in His falcon form. And we are dropping back through that worm hole again. Once again going through consciousness. Integrating all of these changes within our own consciousness. Hearing Horus’ falcon shrills, as He is flying in a circular motion.

Noticing what you notice. If the body wants to sway, allow it to sway with this energy. Now just coming back into that first scene that we started with, I see blue sky with a few clouds, with the stone
pillars, stone ground floor, Isis is with us. Noticing Her gown for the first time, it’s like a dark royal red color, long gown, still holding Her ankh with Her staff. We’re going to leave Her at this place, this temple, as a group, and just walk off into the grassy ground, coming into an open field. Sitting down, along the shore, water is there. You can have a seat there, in this grassy hill side by the water. Breathing. Noticing the body. Whatever you are sitting or lying on, noticing that. Wiggle your toes and fingers. Taking your time, bringing your awareness back into this space, this room. Whenever you are ready you can slowly open your eyes.