Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Journey w Horus- Dissolving Separation

August 2019 | Journey with Horus - ‘Dissolving Separation’ 

The following is a transcribed account of the recorded group session I facilitated with, Falcon God, Horus. His words and message are shown within " " marks. The rest of the content is from my intuitive impressions of what He was showing to me. Visit previous blog posts for other sessions with Horus, and, The Divine Egyptian Council; Visit http://www.IntegrateHealing.com for more information.
After settling the group in….

Horus stands among us in this room in His bird man form. You can notice what you notice, how the body feels. Perhaps a subtle energy in the room, as we all gather here as a group, in our own collective.
Horus says, "I am here today to take you on a journey into the knowing of your soul Self. To bring forth knowledge into your conscious awareness so that you may live a fuller life. The life that you intended to lead. One of freedom, joy, and Truth. So that you may also share this with others. Now let us be."

He has shape shifted into His falcon form, and we are going to take flight with Him. You may or may not see a falcon in your minds eye, but you can imagine flying with Horus, as we all fly collectively as a group, and go with Him. 
He travels higher and higher into the sky, into the cosmos, into what looks like an outer space backdrop, hearing His falcon shrills. Allowing yourself to experience whatever you’re experiencing. Traveling deeper into the cosmos. He flies in a circular motion, opening up a funnel of time that He is taking us through. Deeper and deeper into our consciousness, our remembering of who you truly are beyond this personality, beyond this lifetime. Hearing some more of His falcon shrills.

He is now appearing to me in His bird man form, holding his golden staff. 'His instrument.' Hearing Him say, "You are the keepers of time and reality. You make these things up. You are the creators of this. Through the personality, your sense of time and reality is limited. Through the soul perspective, you are unlimited in your reality, there is no time. Connect to the soul awareness through your heart. I am going to take you there now."

I’m seeing a pyramid, and the tip of it is lit up with a golden light, with a purplish starry background, night time sky. The pyramid itself, is lit up too. 
(Horus) "This is your origin. Where it all began, your civilization. You’ve lived many lifetimes in this civilization, and it is  all right here now. You are just in a different reality now, and then, but it is all here now. The Mystery that you once knew, is still with you. Your recollection is there."

We are going to receive an Activation from this pyramid. Horus is standing before us, you can imagine He is standing before you, having your own individual experience with Him. Standing in front of you is, Horus, with His golden staff.

He is saying, "This is an initiation to remembering who you Truly are."

Feeling some energy coming out of this golden staff. Notice what you notice. Hearing auditory tones from this golden staff. This frequency is elevating higher and higher. Allow it to integrate into your energetic body, your soul Self, or aura. Being curious.

It looks as though our auras are expanding. Elevating in vibration. This is your Knowing. This is who you are. This is also feeling like the frequency of that pyramid. Pyramid that is also in connection and alignment with the star system. Hearing the star system, Orion. As well as Sirius. Sirius is the star system that seems as though that Horus and company are from. 
The Belt of Orion. My impression of the Belt of Orion, is it’s been an aid to humanity. Guiding us in navigation. In ancient times, before GPS, we used these stars to navigate through the waters, the sea, on foot, through the dessert, or whatever terrain, traveling by foot. This is the original map, connection to Earth, without the bombardment of electrical devices that interfere with our energetic field, as well as the planet. The planet's field. 

Feeling as though, that we are remembering this connection on a cellular level, a soul Knowing level. Bringing these upgrades to the personality. Allowing the personality to bookmark this Knowing, in a sense. Notice what you’re noticing, feeling whatever you’re feeling, just remembering to breath. Feeling rather cosmic in quality.

I’m hearing Him say, "Your fear is based off your reality that you conjure up in the brain, in your thoughts, in your belief systems. Fear and separation. Threatened by others. It’s all a facade that you’ve created. The human psyche is limited. Its serves its purpose in guiding you through the lessons of the personality but to not get mired in the personality, to rise in a higher perspective beyond the personality. The personality is what makes you unique and different, but you are still one with each other through your connection to God, all that there is. You are the knowers of Truth."

A golden Ankh is coming forward. Represents your eternal Self. He’s saying, "A tool of Knowing." A symbol of God, Creator, whatever you want to call that. And this Ankh is becoming activated. It appears white light is beginning to emanate off of it, from it, as well as some sort of code looking symbols embedded in it. It appears we are going to receive a download. 

Observing this Ankh, become stronger in its Light. Allow yourself to receive the energy, extending from this Ankh, and code, sacred code of the soul. Activating your sacred code of the soul. Basically helping you come more online, updating the personality. Allowing this energy to flow through the body, through the aura. This energy is flowing through any places where maybe you have been blocked, whether that’s physically, or emotionally, or inspirationally. This energy is like when you pour Drano through a pipe, it's flushing out anywhere you have felt blocked.

Noticing what you notice, perhaps what might come up for you, you can just acknowledge it, be curious. Any ideas you’ve been sitting on, or answers you’ve been looking for, allow those to come forward now, or at another time. Allowing those things to come through a different way of perception.

Noticing the frontal lobe of the brain, in the front of the brain, there is a point in the very front of the brain, in the frontal lobe that is lit up. If you notice any sensations or energy throughout the brain or in the frontal lobe, acknowledge and be curious. 
This Light is also traveling to hypothalamus. Believe that’s part of where we process emotion. The brain stem, receiving a healing here, a clearing. As well as the pineal gland in the center point of the brain. 

Noticing what you notice whatever you’re experiencing. Allowing the energy to travel wherever it feels like it needs to travel through your experiencing. As we receive these upgrades in our brain’s chemistry, thought patterns… thought patterns are being reconfigured to a higher state of Knowing, different reference point of a higher state of Knowing, to all that there is, how we process information.

Sensing some reverberation throughout the whole body. Feel a sense of vibration throughout the body, it’s ok. Continuing to breath, inhaling, exhaling.

Now a gift box is coming into view. It’s like a box with ribbon tied around it, with one of those lids that lift off. Noticing what you notice... just how this is showing up for me. You may have a different kind of image showing up for you or nothing at all, perhaps you’re just feeling things.

Inside this box it appears that there is a sphere. It resembles, the word I’m hearing is calcite, but it looks like a pyrite, which is a shiny, sheer kind of charcoal in color, but it’s shiny, sphere.

If you want, you can imagine you are holding this sphere that resembles pyrite. that’s shiny and sheer, charcoal colored sphere, in the palm of your hand. For me, its in my right hand but whatever hand feels right for you. I’m hearing this is a, ‘Fear Antidote.’

Hanging out with this sphere in the palm of your hand, be curious, notice what you notice about it. As if its going to act like a magnet- whenever we become fearful of the differences, or fear in general, this is going to draw it all to it, and absorb it.
This feels like as if we are going to drop this below the naval around the 2nd chakra, just below the naval. You can imagine it dropping it in, or you can literally just use your hand, and put it against your body, and imagine it dropping in, this download. 

Whenever you’re ready, here we go—inhaling, exhaling. If its feeling intense in energy, continue to breath through it, you can ask the intensity of the energy to drop down a couple notches if its too much, just breathing. 

As that integrates with our energetic Self, or energetic body. Its an upgrade for transcending fear when we’re activated by someone who’s different from us, or somebody we don’t understand, so we might react in fear. Really just upgrading fear to awareness. 

We don’t need to be in fear in order to keep our selves safe. The only thing that fear does is stress the body out, that’s it. We can still be in aware state, but minus the fear. We don’t need the fear there to be aware. This is also an upgrade for our intuitive Knowing, sensing other people's energy rather then their appearance. Experiencing people from the perspective of, 'maybe energetically it’s not a good fit, because for whatever reason we don’t line up.' Without having to be fearful of one other. 'It’s just that, that doesn’t go with me, that vibe, that frequency that this person is emanating, that’s all.' We can choose just to move right along. Respecting other people’s preferences.

We make friends with each when our preferences are compatible, or in alignment with each other, when we have things in common, we consider that person, friend. We consider other people a foe, when we don’t agree with them, or have judgement. Rather then judgement, we will sense energy, and not get stuck in the opinion, transcending a state of fear.

Bringing these changes all throughout the body, all throughout the cellular memory, your DNA, all the way through your ancestry, on your mother and father’s side, bringing these upgrades in consciousness, all through the DNA, just like dominoes falling. 

You might feel that go up and down the spine, up into the brain stem. I felt something there…

Seeing imagery of the hand, the palm of the hand, holding that up… Our humanity, in our minds eye, its like touching each others palm of the hand, like, 'Hey I’m human, you’re human.' Making the connection of being human as One, one race. One race beyond the preferences, beyond the appearances. Feel that connection of your humanity.

For fun, bring somebody up into your awareness that tends to challenge you. Let them stand before you. Practice viewing this person from a humanity standpoint, from your heart center, from a curious place, without judgement. How do you see them, now? How do you view them now? What is your experience?

They are just wounded. Wounded, similar to you. There wounds reflect your wounds. Again, there is your oneness with this person whom you thought you were separate from. Notice what happens if you stand in loving compassion before this person. What happens to your view point? This does not mean you don’t have boundaries with this person, or that you are going to be interacting with them in your life, per se. Perhaps it just means your are more accepting of their differences, that you don’t have to participate in if you don’t want to. If you want to go a step further, you can offer them free love, if you wish. Notice what happens for you. 

Now just release this person. Release them in Love. Thank them for the lessons they provided you, for everyone is a teacher. Some of our teachers we like more then others. The most difficult ones teach the biggest lessons, or maybe I should say, the most challenging lessons.

Coming back into your own sense of self. Seeing an image of the Buddha cross legged, with a cosmic background. We will let the energy of Buddha come forth. You can notice what you notice. Receive this blessing from Buddha. The blessing of non judgement. The blessing of acceptance. Acceptance of yourself. Acceptance of others. Accepting of other people’s differences.

This energy of the Buddha is lighting up our core of the body. I see this golden Light, it's opening more and more to this golden Light throughout the core. This energy is helping to integrate and gel these energetic upgrades in our consciousness so that we have access to this Knowing, in our conscious awareness, how we navigate through this Earth plane, this lifetime. This is all that you’ve known all along, its just now more in your conscious awareness, easily accessible. 

Allowing any old wounding, times when you’ve been hurt, when you’ve felt separate. Allowing this golden energy to envelop all that old wounding. Any part of that still feels separate from somebody else for whatever reason.

Master Ganesha is making an appearance, the elephant that stems form Hinduism, Ganesha. I see his trunk, he’s wearing a golden crown, holding his scepter.

Heart blessings from Ganesha. "Greetings my friends. I am happy you are here. I love you.” 

Ganesha is offering His loving energy all throughout the heart, all throughout the core of  your body. Smiling. In total adoration of you. Receive this loving blessing from Ganesha. This energy from Him is also filling... its great for any aches and pains that you might have, that you carry with you. Allowing those aches and pains to meet this loving energy, any chronic physical patterns. Letting those receive, be healed by this energy from Ganesha.

Coming from that expansive state. Bringing the aura in a little bit closer to your physical self. Becoming aware of your physical self, as well as your energetic self. Noticing the difference of when you’re tuning into the body, and then extending your awareness out from the body, noticing the subtle energy that is also,You. That aura that extends out from the body, from within. Noticing that, that quality, that awareness. Then coming back into the physical body again. You can play with that. Physical body, then extending your awareness into the energetic body, that expansive Self. That All Knowing self.

There are times when it is very purposeful to be very much in your physical body, and aware of that. You can still be very much in your physical body, and still have the awareness of your energetic Self. We have a body for a reason, and so it is good to stay with it. So that you may have all levels of awareness, of the 3D, as well as, beyond. We live in the 3D physically, so it is rather important that we stay grounded in the 3D, but with the awareness to extend outside the 3D, whenever we choose.

I’m going to reference point this awareness in your consciousness. So that you can return to that awareness anytime you think about it.

Horus is letting me know that it is time to come back. He is saying, "I thank you for being here with me, and Jennifer, and Bill. Facilitators that allow Us to come through, so that we may commune with you, be with you, work with you, enlighten you, offer our love to you. Special Ones. We love you in this embodiment, and the many others you’ve been. Come forth in a new way. Come forth in your Divine Knowing. Let your Divine Knowing direct the personality. That is the configuration you have received today. Aligned in that.”

He has now shape shifted into His falcon form and we take flight with Horus hearing His falcon shrills. Seeing Him flying through blue sky now. Flying in the circular motion once again, taking us with Him through this funnel of time and space. Gradually returning us back into the reality from which we came from but now in this different perspective space knowing. You can begin to slowly notice the surface your are sitting/laying on. Noticing the body. Breathing. Wiggle your toes and fingers. Whenever you’re ready you can slowly open your eyes, taking your time coming back into this room. Stretch, as this energy continues, you can marinate in it.