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Journey w Horus- Emotional Fluidity

June 2019 | Journey with Horus - ‘Emotional Fluidity’ 

The following is a transcribed account of the recorded group session I facilitated with, Falcon God, Horus. His words and message are shown within " " marks. The rest of the content is from my intuitive impressions of what He was showing to me. Visit previous blog posts for other sessions with Horus, and, The Divine Egyptian Council; Visit for more information.

After settling the group in....

Noticing Horus in the room with us, in His bird man form. Present here with the group, holding His golden staff. Telling me we are ready to begin with Him. As He appears to be holding His golden staff out before Him to the group, with energy extending out from that staff, a toning type of energy, calibrating the group, gelling us together, if you will. Notice what you notice. 

I’m hearing Him say, "I’m here to take you to another time and space, another dimension of your expression, on this journey through consciousness."
He’s now  shape shifted into His falcon form and we are going to take flight with Him as a group. You can imagine a falcon taking flight through the blue sky as you fly with Horus, hearing His falcon shrills. His wings expanded, flapping, as we go higher and higher with Him up into the sky. 

Hearing more of His falcon shrills. He begins to fly in a circular motion, opening up the funnel in which we travel through with Him. Noticing whatever you’re noticing, breathing, as we go deeper in this funnel that He’s creating, opening up.  

Seeing a starry midnight blue sky, very bright star constellation. Seeing landscape, what looks like a scene out in the PNW of the trees, looking up into the night sky when the stars are bright.  

Horus has returned back into His bird man form with the group. Appears we’re in this woodsy looking area at night time. As if we’re on the planet and He’s showing us these star constellations. ‘This is where we come from,’ is the message I’m getting, showing me the stars. 

“You were put on this Earth to remember who you Truly are while in this embodiment. That’s really what you’re here to do. To master the illusion that this Earth plane presents, in which the emotions are very integral to creating the illusions," that we live our lives through for our higher learning. So mastering of the Awakening to the illusion, and becoming the master of the illusion, is our learning, Awakening to your Truth. (Horus) “Become the master of your self. I am here to teach you this.” 

I’m seeing Horus coming around to our brow, that point there in the mid brow… all I’m seeing there is this immense bright light shining out from our third eye. This light extending out from the third eye is connected to these bright stars in the sky, that’s what He’s showing me. Star Activation.  

You can notice what you’re noticing, acknowledge what may be showing up for you, if nothing at all, that’s ok too, just allow yourself to receive. 
Feels as though Horus is attuning us to our connection with the stars through this third eye chakra that’s lit up with white light, right now. I’m seeing energy coming out from the back of the head of each us, this light energy, celestial energy…. “The matter from which you come from,” I’m hearing Him say. Almost like, stardust, He’s showing me. 

The body is really just like a piece of flimsy paper in this visual I’m seeing, like it can slough off and here we are, this magnificent light being of which you are, an extension from that star light.  
You can imagine your energetic Self, allowing That to extend, as if you’re a glowing white sphere, and the body is illusionary, because some day it will be shed. It is a temporary vessel for this white light that you are.  
I’m hearing Him say, “You have come here to play. To play through this embodiment, this expression of who’ve you chosen to be in this lifetime. You are not your scars, you are not your troubles, you are not your accomplishments. These are all identities you have taken on, chosen. Recognize that, and you are eternally free.” 

(Horus) “As a child you have learned stories about yourself. Stories that were given to you from those in your environment. Stories that were handed down from generation to generation in your family system. Stories that were not based in Truth. But stories you bought into of who you are. Many stories of limitation of what you can’t do or can do. Because those before you thought they couldn’t do whatever that was." 

As children, we buy into those stories of limitation sometimes. You grow and have your own life that reinforce those stories. Those stories tend to generate emotions that are heavier in content, that weigh you down, that attract and reinforce those stories of limitation and oppression. So the cycle begins and ends, begins and ends. Horus is saying, "I’m here today to help you get off those limiting beliefs, cycles, you’ve repeated over your lifetime thus far." 

If you have any life situation right now that you might be facing or feeling frustrated about, or limited… Maybe there’s a dream you have that feels like it is impossible to manifest… bring whatever that old belief is about yourself, that frustration, maybe it’s a project, whatever that may be for you, go ahead and acknowledge that in your consciousness. And if nothing comes to mind that’s ok too, just allow whatever needs healing to come forth. 

Imagine whatever it is, belief, in the palm of your hand, and through your minds eye, observe it, take a look as if its an object of some sort. As a matter of fact, you can just allow this belief or situation, whatever that is, you can let it morph into something, if it doesn’t make sense that’s ok too, it doesn’t have to. Just going to take a look at it from a more objective view. Notice what you notice about this object, of whatever the quality is that you’re noticing, be curious, where did this come from? Is it based off an experience you had, or something you were told? 

What’s showing up in my mind's eye is a snow globe object. Like a, containment, is what it symbolizes to me. If you like, just choose, to hand this back to whoever it might of passed on to you, or in my case I’m going to take this snow globe, and I’m going to smash it on the ground because I don’t need this containment. 

So do whatever makes sense to you. We’re going to allow this shattering of ideas to go all the way through your bloodline, all the way back to wherever the generation it first came from. Survival based beliefs, essentially. Based in a time when surviving was the only option. Let’s just evolve those patterns to a higher state of consciousness, we are going to upgrade…. This all the way down through the generations, all the way down to you, and if you have any offspring all the way to your youngest offspring, keeping all the life lessons learned.  

If that belief system that you were looking at, could evolve to a higher state of consciousness what would that be now, lets go into that state, keeping all the life lessons learned. 
Allow what presents itself in your consciousness, this higher expression. You can imagine yourself doing whatever that is that you wanted to do for a long time. We’re going to go into the possibility state of it happening now. Notice what that feels like. Imagine this possibility of your full expression doing whatever this is, and all that it brings you.  

(Horus) “You are the champion of your own life.” 
I’m seeing a visual of a person on a chariot with a couple horses and driving that chariot. Alright, lets do a little chariot download with you. You are the driving force, just going to drop this download right between your heart and clavicle space, right below the clavicle, mid-chest
Now we’re going to take the reigns of this chariot. We’re going to get a crash course in how to drive our chariot. As if you’re in an actual chariot of your own, got these leather straps with these horses that are there for you to command. 

Horus is giving the blueprint, the directions, going to put that right in the sacral chakra. Using your imagination, imagine getting to know your horses and this chariot, feeling the leather straps in your hand. Go ahead and give those straps a little light whip there, get those horses moving, let’s see where your chariot takes you. Let your imagination take you on this chariot ride, whatever shows up for you or whatever you might feel in the body.  

"You are the driver. You are the driver of your life. You get to choose your experiences. There is always choices, or a choice. Choosing to be an active participant, a conscious participant, so you can consciously choose your illusion." 

Seeing a glowing blue light show up here. Celestial looking blue light. Kind of like a star… I’m being told it’s the star Sirius, and I’m hearing the word, "Homeland," the star system from which these Higher Beings come from, our Home star to Earth. It’s like our light beacon. "The Knowers of Truth, you are, The Knowers of Truth." 
We are being attuned to this frequency of Sirius, as if Horus has extended a type of antenna out from the top of our head to tune into this frequency of Sirius. Raise our vibration, this is all with the emotional body upgrade. 

Inhaling, exhaling. Feels as though He’s hooking us up here, into, The Network. He’s going to like, flip a switch…. Here we go, 1,2, CLICK! 

Alright, we are having an energetic Activation to this star system, Sirius. Gradually raising our energetic body, our frequency of our emotional body, to this higher frequency of, Sirius. In doing so, we are going to allow old wounding patterns to evolve to a higher frequency of Knowing, keeping all the life lessons learned so we can graduate to a higher state of Knowing, a higher state of functioning. So that we can reside in our unlimited Self Knowing 

You might notice the palms of your hand, the energy there, perhaps they feel hot or nothing at all, and energy moving through the lower body, in the legs, or nothing at all, notice what you notice. As our energetic body continues to raise very gradually in this frequency. Seeing some pink and greens, hues of color coming off of us, golden color… Horus is facilitating this, just remembering who we Truly are. This being of Light. Feeling into this expanded state.  

You can adjust your frequency to your comfort level, so if its feeling too expanded to  you, you can allow it to come down a couple notches, as we simultaneously notice the flesh of the body but also recognizing this other part of us, this energetic part of us, this soul Self of us. The Light Being part of us that goes well beyond the personality, well beyond the brain, well beyond this Earth plane, this 3D matter, multi-dimensional Self. Allowing yourself to have this reference for this expanded sense of Self so that you can return back to it anytime you choose to it, referencing it in your conscious awareness. 

Feeling playful energy, almost a giddiness is what I’m feeling in this expanded state, wheeee, hahaha. 

From this expanded state, coming back to that life ultimate dream that you have. Let’s let your Higher Self show us the first step toward that dream. Notice what you notice, and if nothing comes to you right now that’s ok, you can have your eureka moment later. But notice what might present itself, it could be a word, some sort of guidance, it could be imagery. If it’s something that doesn’t’ make sense, that’s ok, don’t try to make sense out of it, just observe it, check it out. 

The first step could be something like the concept of believing in yourself, trusting in yourself. What would it feel like to believe in yourself without the noise of all the mistaken limited beliefs that might have been told to you. 

Just being in your own true belief about you. Feel the power in this expanded state. Feel the power in your Higher Self, that All Knowing. Whatever you wish to do, it is yours by choosing it. Be true to you. Take a risk. 
Ignore the naysayers. There is no failure, there is only experience. Experiences let you know if you’re in the right direction in achieving your desire. Sometimes a misstep is information for you to learn how to do it in an even better expression. It is not failure, there is no such thing, just experiences. You are very, very loved Child of God, All That there Is. 

Beautiful person. Be tender with your wounding. Be gentle with your feelings. Do not be harsh on yourself. Be a friend to yourself, so that you can be a better friend to others. We are here together living this life together. Intertwined, our paths are. We are connected in one way or another, so by lifting your own self up you lift others up, with your passion, motivation, inspiration. We are here to inspire each other.  

If you’re noticing any kind of emotion that might feel tender, allow the energy of the Higher Self to love those emotions- when you’re hurt, give that hurt, love, just as you would a small child who hurt themselves. How loving can you be to yourself? How much compassion can you have for your human side, that is very flawed, that has a hard time sometimes. 

How humorous can be with what you deem as mistakes? How quickly can you brush yourself off and get back up to live another day whatever that brings, new ideas, new thoughts, new expressions. 

Be with your sorrows in love. Let the body express itself through emotion. But be in peace with your emotions, it is part of our human make up. This is Emotional Fluidity. Not resisting, just allowing.  

If you notice an inner child aspect, a particular age or ages that happened to be difficult for you growing up, I want you to send love to those younger aspects that need a boost. Because these are the aspects that get triggered and start running the show in our adult lives. Lets just acknowledge those parts of us that need our help, need some love, and just notice what happens when you offer love to the parts of the personality.  

I’m seeing an image of a gift box with a bow- a yellow box with a red bow tied around it. Its being handed to you. Using your imagination if you like you can open that gift up, and notice what’s inside that gift box.  

I’m seeing a diamond shaped gem, almost like a diamond color, Herkimer looking in a diamond shape. Whatever was in your gift box, if it’s like what I described, cool, if its something different, cool. Go ahead and hold that in your hand and drop that into your heart, your chest whenever you are ready. This is the gift of knowing who you are. True Love that you are. This is extending all throughout your consciousness, personality, evolving any old programming that no longer applies. And this energy is also shining out to the emotional body that is looking very sheer. A nice upgrade for the emotional body. Seeing some violet and blues in the emotional body coming off of us, with some white light. You can notice what you notice. 
Give yourselves a pat on the back for how far you’ve come so far in your life. All the trials and tribulations. Give yourself some kudos, good job. Here’s to smoother sailing, more calmer seas to enjoy our sail ride through life.  

Seeing as all as a group with our own goblets giving a big group cheers! Celebration here, job well done. Feels like we’ve graduated from some sort of old school of thought. 

Seeing an image of a book with blank pages opened up. That is signifying to me we have a whole new chapter or new book, new way of relating to our self and others in these upgrades. We may go forth in more grace and ease.  

Horus is saying, “You’ve done well today in this healing.” He believes we’ve got the lesson that He wanted us to get today. 

Seeing Him still in his bird man form here with the group, with His golden staff. Feels like He is with His consciousness connecting with us, His energy. 

He’s telling me we are ready to go back with Him. He thanks us for being here today to be before Him. You can say whatever parting words you would like to say to Him before we take flight, or if you have any personal questions to ask Him, I’ll give you a couple moments. 

He has shape shifted back into His falcon form, as we take flight with Him, up into the night sky. He flies in a circular motion, right to left, around and around we go with Him, hearing His falcon shrills. We come back through that funnel of time and space. 

Coming back more so into the body, into your awareness, into this room with your Awareness. Noticing your body, fingers, toes. Taking your time. Letting this healing settle in. Gradually coming back online into this 3D embodiment, and these upgrades in your consciousness and emotional body. Whenever you are ready, you can open your eyes. Take your time.  

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Journey with Horus- 'Transformation'

The following is a transcribed account of the recorded group session I facilitated with, Falcon God, Horus. His words and message are shown within " " marks. The rest of the content is from my intuitive impressions of what He was showing to me. Visit previous blog posts for other sessions with Horus, and, The Divine Egyptian Council; Visit for more information.

This journey session took us directly to Divine Source to the soul creation for inhabiting the Earth plane. It also seems that, 'The Book of Thoth,' as it is referred to in these times, was activated in our Remembering, of the creation of humanity. The sphinx also activated our sense of Home, from where our soul self derives from, followed by an alignment into the 'Grid of Creation,' enhancing our ability to manifest our desires. Melchizedek  also came through upgrading our sense of sacred geometry, activating our inner alchemist...
May 2019
Journey with Horus- 'Transformation'

After the group centering induction....

Feeling the energy of Horus as He makes His presence known. Seeing Him in His bird man form here with the group within this room. He’s holding a piece of paper, white paper, some sort of list. I’m hearing Him say, "These are the records of time, the time of man, humanity. Those that came before you in this embodiment. The makings of your consciousness, the collective, the collective group." 

I’m getting the sense that this is outdated material, seeing Him essentially tear this paper up... “All that you have learned before no longer applies to this new paradigm..." That we are stepping through and that we already stepped through in this space time continuum.

He’s using His hand to spread this golden light energy across the group, across the room, creating a
golden iridescent sphere in the room, connecting all of us into His consciousness, His energy, a calibration. Notice what you notice. Allowing the body to adjust to this frequency from Horus.

He says, "We are ready to begin.” He shape-shifts into His falcon form and takes flight. Hearing His
falcon shrills taking us with Him. Just allow yourself to use your imagination having whatever experience you’re having as we fly with Horus higher and higher, into a cosmic scene beyond sky. Continuing to hear His falcon shrills.
Hearing Him say, "You are here now. In all time, NOW."

Feeling like we are suspended in space right now. Kind of a quality of weightlessness, beyond the body. Going deep into your consciousness. Back to remembering how you came to be before you embodied into this lifetime. This actually feels like we are going back to when the soul was created, traveling through some sort of worm hole, it appears. Noticing whatever you’re noticing, there is no right or wrong.

Seeing Horus back in His bird man form, He is showing a view of what looks like a super nova, in outer space, golden looking energy, very celestial looking.
What I can hear, “This is where souls reside,” something along those terms… material of the soul. The Divine Creator. Essentially just appears to be showing me what it looks like when a soul is created. It comes from this All Knowing Source, that is One. Its showing up as droplets of energy representing each soul, then it comes into an embodiment, DNA is designed, or you choose your DNA, the family lineage that you decide to jump into as a soul for whatever design you have chosen. Your learning for the Earth plane. 
I’m seeing the globe from this outer space viewpoint as well. As if traveling from a soul perspective headed toward earth. The message of viewing this planet Earth, ‘this is not who you are or what you are, this is just a place in time that you embody when you come here. This is not where you come from.'

Now it appears, I’m being drawn to the brow, the forehead. Seeing a purple glowing light around the brow. It appears Horus is going to do something here with our pineal gland. It’s an Activation. Something with this glowing purple light brow. Notice what you’re noticing. Its as if He is dropping something into this purple light. He’s doing something, He’s tinkering around. Felt like there was an installation of some sort. 

How it's showing up to me is a rod of some sort… structure. Learning tool… based in the ancient texts, recorded long ago. Teachings of Thoth. Information of the creation of man. Having to do with the “original blueprints.” An Activation for this Remembering, soul level Remembering is being revealed that’s been embedded in our conscious make up….information that is coming forth. This feels like it is settling in, almost like, metaphorically speaking, like when you pour wet cement and it is settling in, it’s not like cement but it’s setting, that’s what I’m’ trying to say, it’s setting.

Interesting imagery… as if our heads have been opened up, like if you were to open up a cardboard box, open the flats up, this is like our head, and what’s coming up out of it, is I’m seeing imagery of the great pyramids in Egypt, the Sphinx is with it, and they’re golden in color. I imagine what they originally looked like when they were built.

This technology that’s embedded in everyone’s consciousness but we're just having it come up to the forefront here in our Remembering… its like we have these pyramids come up out of the top of the head and are just hanging out.

And the Sphinx that’s with it, the eyes of the sphinx are activated, glowing white light, and this white light is beaming out from the sphinx eyes, like two flash lights beaming out of the eyes of the sphinx. The energy is starting to really get activated here, so remember to breath.

The color of this energy appears to be a darker red, like a maroon, it’s starting to swirl around above the Sphinx. It’s almost like the sphinx is coming to life because it’s not feeling or looking stone, it’s looking more organic. Its almost morphing into a lion because I’m seeing the lion body, the tail in its laying down position. I’m going to read this to be the energy of the sphinx is very similar to the regal power of the lion. We are just going to connect into this regal part of us that is All Powerful, All Knowing, that resides behind the ego, behind all our programming, it’s always right there, now we consciously access this, letting it come through, stripping away the rest that is totally illusionary.

Continuing to see this darker red energy come forth. Allow this energy of the Sphinx, the darker red energy to circulate throughout the body, or wherever you’re lead to go with it. You can use the breath to allow that energy to circulate all throughout the body, all throughout the cellular memory that makes the body up, we’ll even take this to a molecular level, reorder you on a molecular level….

Seeing sacred geometry, shining through, as that becomes more activated, online. This is also reprogramming parts of our personality that get in the way of our becoming One, the parts of the personality that tell you that you’re separate, better or less then. All this old false programming is being rewired, rerouted. And these changes are also going down your ancestry, the ancestors before you as well as any offspring you may have… just going to let these changes ripple out, just as if when you take a freshly washed bed sheet and you fluff it up into the air, that’s what we’re doing here with this energy and consciousness. This Remembering.

As the Sphinx comes back into focus. It appears we are standing right before the Sphinx, head on. Notice what you notice, these white glowing eyes, coming from the Sphinx.
Now being shown a celestial map of the stars, and these pyramids are markers of that map, extensions. Transmitters. Receiving this connection from the Sphinx to the pyramids up to the star system(s) where you came from, Home.

Seeing us all with a symbolic antenna extending from the top of our head so we can tune into this frequency of Home to help us remember Home, so that we can bring that Remembering here on the Earth plane through the connection of our body, this vessel. Feel your connection with HOME...
Which is your soul connection, this is a familiar connection you know. Just allow yourself to be There Now. What it is to be Home. Your connection with other beings... Who also are from from this Home, who extend from this Home. All of your brothers and sisters. To those who have a difficult time Remembering this Home, this Home frequency; those who are lost in their pain, their sorrow, their human embodiment, who have maybe lost their way, their connection to Home.... Let us all connect as a group, as a community, to other beings who vibrate to this frequency of Home, and invite in those who have maybe forgotten. And if people come to mind from your personal life, you can include them, and they can choose whether or not they want to join us. We extend this invitation to anyone and everyone that would like to receive this healing, this Remembering. Feeling our connection to All that there is, to all the people that reside on this Earth plane in love and compassion, for our own self, extended out to others.

Seeing Horus again and He has His golden staff. I’m viewing Him face to face, so if you’re seeing a bird man right in your face, that’s Horus. Its as if He’s got what appears to be a crystal quartz, diamond looking rock, in the middle of His brow, forehead, whatever you call that on a falcon head, its’ activated. It's as if He’s going to transmit this energy from His brow to our brow, so it’s a transmission of sorts.
Notice what you notice, whatever is showing up for you. And He is transmitting this frequency to us now. It has a certain sound frequency to it, feels like some sort of information. Feels like it’s for the brain, upgrading the frequency of the brain to this Home frequency.

This energy is going all through out the brain, our sensory, our nervous system, looks like the brain is being completely lit up with this crystal light energy, its beginning to extend down the brain stem, down through the nerves… its very gradually, slowly, still just hanging out in the brain stem… now it’s going all throughout our nervous system, throughout all of our nerves, its being Lit up! Remember to breath, noticing what you notice as this energy lights up the whole nervous system, all through the limbs of the body, the core of the body, all the way to the toes and the fingers.
Beautiful. I’m having a view of the outline of the body with our nervous system lit up in white light and the aura, our energy body around our physical body, a soft transparent gold color. Hearing the phrase, ‘our original mapping.’

The mapping of the celestial grid that we are built from. 'Grid of Creation.'

Now we get to play off this, 'Grid of Creation.' However this may appear or whatever you are noticing or feeling, we have this, 'Grid of Creation,' before us. Here’s where you can take whatever you have going on in your life right now that you feel like you’re in the middle of a transformation about… so whether its your career, or a place to live, or relationship, business, project, whatever that might be for you, allow that to come forth, and if you don’t have anything to identity that’s ok too. Allow a symbol or image to represent this item, and if you don’t have an item just allow a symbol or image to be shown to you. Go with whatever presents itself. Whenever you have that, throw that down on this Grid of Creation/transformation. Notice what you notice when you do that. Feeling your connection to this, Grid of Creation,
and whatever it is you tossed on there for transformation. Feeling yourself transformed into the potential of whatever this is for you.

Just allow it to unfold showing you as much as you choose to see. All the many possibility states of potential . If you like you can choose your ideal outcome allowing it to be better then what you can even imagine. Not having to do anything at all but allow and trust. You’ll know when you know, and you will be shown what to do next, what action to take if there is any action, just allowing this final outcome to come to you. It is already done. Just notice what it feels like in the body with this already done, it is complete. Your ideal outcome. It is here now. You will see your outer conditions transform to match this energetic completed state. All in Divine Timing. Divine Alignment.

Be open to things in your life rearranging themselves, perhaps even falling away, dropping fear out, just allowing and trusting that you will have an even better existence in what you came here to do and enjoy. New adventure on the horizon… that’s my sense here, and it’s coming soon, as soon as you want it, as soon as you choose it and allow it to come through, and it’s right here. Very nice. Just seeing a very lovely sparkly golden cosmic light, in a cosmic background, coming off this grid of creation. Feels like the energy of a smile. Genuine beaming smile. You’ve done it. Congratulations.

Allowing you some time to be in this energy, being wherever you want to be….

Seeing an image of our Sphinx friend again…. Doesn’t appear to be very active. Feeling rather grounded now. Feels almost as if the Sphinx represents Home. It feels like that to me. Rest easy. Seeing a small child flying a kite up into the sky, care free and wondrous, like a child.

Seems like we are in a fold of outer space blackness is what it looks like to me…. Feels like its almost time to come back with Horus…. Taking a little bit more time calibrating to this new level of awareness and Remembering in calibration to your creation. This alchemy. You are all alchemists, your own alchemist...

Melchizedek, an Ascended Master, has come forth, don’t know if He is associated with alchemy but
seeing Him with a bunch of sacred geometry. I’m seeing a bunch of shapes and all kinds of things from Melchizedek, I guess you could call a kaleidoscope of sacred geometry, feels like through the mid point of the brain… ok that was just an Activation in the midpoint of the brain from Melchizedek. We have a geometry Activation here…. Just let that take you where it takes you, it’s rather psychedelic for me. Well this is very molecular. To help us vibrate at this higher frequency at the molecular level.

And now just a final blessing from RA, with the Egyptian wings and sun disc shining on us. Allow yourself to receive this energy, blessing, from RA.

And I see Thoth now, He is recording this, He has His tablet. Reference pointing these changes in your consciousness so all of this is easily accessible, you don’t even have to think about it, you are this Now.

Horus is back into my view and He is telling me that we are ready to go, ready to return. One final blessing from Him. Showing me His staff... He hits it down onto a surface, He says, "This is you Now, this is who you are," and hits His staff, the end of it, onto the surface of whatever floor. "You are THIS. You are free to Remember. No more obstacles to this Remembering, unless you choose to have obstacles from old thinking."

My impression is, its going to be a lot harder to go into those old thinking patterns. A lot harder to return to those. He is saying, "You are altered."

He has shape shifted back into His falcon form, taking flight bringing us with Him. Flying in some loopy loops, which is different and unusual. Weaving all this energy in this flight with us. Integrating it. Down to our cellular level.

Gradually, returning back into this time and place, this current existence in this embodiment with all these alterations in our consciousness and our Knowing. Noticing the breath. Awareness of your body. Just really being present in the body, whatever you are sitting or laying on, noticing that surface. This room. The floor. Taking your time, integrating. Being here in this space with our group. Breathing. Resting. Coming back online. Whenever you’re ready you can wiggle your toes and fingers and open your eyes.