Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Divine Egyptian Council Journey Highlights March 2016

In our recent journey to meet with The Divine Egyptian Council, it opened with a blessing by Vishnu with his lotus and mace. Thus far, it seems we are always come before Vishnu first upon entering the chamber of deities. He gave us a calibration to his lotus flower that represents fertility and creation. In one Hindu creation story, the lotus sprang from Vishnu's naval as he considered the creation of man. The mace that Vishnu holds symbolizes mental and physical strength. The mace also represents the strength of time in the sense that nothing conquers time and, by comparison, nothing that stands against the mace can conquer it. This was a connection to the divine presence within that is timeless.

Kuan Yin showed us, 'The Fabric of Time,' with the phrase, "A stitch in time, saves nine." We were given the paradigm of self forgiveness of all that exists in the now. Everything is simultaneous, being in the present moment transcends all in our perceived timelines that the illusion of past and future depicts. It is from the present reference point you meet your Beloved Self of True Love with nothing to forgive but your humanity, that is the pathway to the Soul Self.

Mother Mary was scene holding her cloak open with energy that showed up in multiple colors and frequencies offered to the group. Upon internet research, it is found that this act is referred to as, 'Mary's Mantle.' Mary's Mantle is said to be a protective blessing from the Mother of God, holding you close to her heart of compassion. This journey's theme was very much about the compassionate heart and True Love that the Saints and Gods/Goddesses supported us to realize in our consciousness during this group healing with them.

Divine Egyptian Council January 2016 Journey Highlights

During a very cosmic segment with Osiris, who brought us to Shiva/Kali, in the Egyptian journey, we were given access to, Excalibur, Sword of Truth, that has been associated with King Arthur and his knights. This energy was bestowed upon us to bring forth the Truth in our alignment to the Soul Self, to not be misdirected by planetary or individual chaos. We were gifted a Truth guiding module from this sword attunement for higher discernment and clarity in navigating our life path. I expect increased ease in identifying the best choice when faced with grand decisions.

The Egyptian journey ended with the energy of the 'Blue Buddha.' After researching the significance of this Buddha, it is recognized as, 'The Medicine Buddha.' It is said that continual meditation with this Buddha, will eventually bring enlightenment, and while in process, one will experience an increase in healing ability both for oneself and others and a decrease in physical/mental illness and suffering. This information is on par with the Truth theme of yesterday's journey.

Promptly, a few days after this journey, the truth came out in my and others' personal relationships, that set me free from an oppressive circumstance!

Heart & Integrity

I've been noticing in the past couple weeks something that really chokes me up, in a good way. When I witness and experience people showing up for each other, coming through on their word, not compromising themselves in order to honor the truth of a deception, despite what it may cost them, 'doing the right thing.' People connecting with each other genuinely and authentically without any agendas, helping others, connections based in pure love from the heart, coming together. Authentic heart connections with others, whether it's with a loved one or a stranger is what makes life feel rich. Integrity is something no one can ever take away from you and is what defines your quality of life. I much rather have fewer friends who I know are in my corner, that I can rely on, then many, who are fun on the surface but lack in integrity. The more I align in my integrity, honoring myself, the more I attract that which reflects it, and it builds; this is how we create communities based in the virtue of truth and good will- imagine that! This also is extended to those who stay in fear and deception when they are ready to try another way to receive more of what they seek in a less painful manner that deception breeds. Loving honesty isn't always easy to choose, because sometimes it means losing relationships, jobs, circumstances- but I guarantee, you will receive something in return that is so much better suited and in alignment with you that is toxic-free. I promise, after the dust settles, your life satisfaction will go up as a result of choosing love and truth!

Waking Up To Intuition

Are you suddenly discovering you can communicate psychically to animals, people, nature? Or that you are a healer of sorts, knowing how to help energetically, or through divination, and your inner knowing? Or maybe for the first time you are drawn to spirituality in some form. For those of you who are beginning to awaken to your Divine abilities that your intuition allows, you are not crazy. You are becoming aware of 4D reality states and beyond. You are becoming more aware of the Intuition Age we are merging with, from previous 3D awareness. You're not the only one, and all is well. Be curious as it all unfolds and play with it. Your life will be in more synchronicity as a result!  Don't be afraid of your intuition. Some of you may have been raised with beliefs that the spirit realm was taboo or that you 'shouldn't mess with it.'  Your psychic self is a natural part of your human make up, it is your 6th sense.  As a collective, many of us are waking up to our intuitive self, or soul self, by having experiences that are considered psychic in nature. This is really just a part of you that has been forgotten once embodied in this 3D world. As the energy on the planet increases to higher frequencies, it increases our awareness with it of other realms that go beyond the physical.  If you are realizing your divine gifts that are to be shared with the rest of the world, follow energies that feel joyful and light.  Energies that feel heavy or 'dark,' are a good idea to stay away from when you are first discovering your innate psychic abilities.  You can receive professional instruction from all kinds of different teachers, myself included. ;)  Pick an instructor that you are drawn to and resonate with. Trust your inner knowing and you will find it becoming more and more easier to discern what's in the best alignment for you, with any aspect of your life.