Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Great Pyramid Journey Experience

October Channel Group 2019
Great Pyramid Journey 

The following is a transcribed account of the recorded group journey session I facilitated with, Falcon God, Horus, and Goddess of Light, Isis. This was a channeling of the sacred site, The Great Pyramid. His & Her words are shown within " " marks. The rest of the content is from my intuitive impressions of what they were showing to me. Visit previous blog posts for other sessions with Horus, and, The Divine Egyptian Council; Visit for more information.
After settling the group in.....
Horus is standing here with us in his bird man form, looking at His profile, the left side of His body, from where I sit. Seeing His arm. Bringing His presence more strongly in this room here, with us. 

He is saying, “I am here with you today to teach you about life on Earth, as well as from the stars, from which you came. The connection between Earth and the stars. This is what this Great Pyramid represents. It is a connector to the stars from the Earth plane. You are here today to receive this knowledge and connection. This connection to be reinforced within the body, mind, and soul. Your soul already knows this connection. This is the map of who you Truly are. We will outline it today for you to remain whole in your True Self, always. Come with me now. I will take you there.”

He has shaped shifted into His falcon form, hearing His falcon shrills, as He has taken flight. As a group, we will go with Horus. Looking at Him in flight with His wings expanded, a front view of Him, as if He’s flying at me. You can notice what you notice, hearing His falcon shrills. He’s just taking us with him, traveling through our consciousness of time and matter, letting all of that fall away. More falcon shrills. You can imagine whatever you choose to imagine, or nothing at all, just noticing what you notice. Inhaling exhaling. More falcon shrills. 
I see His talons extended with His wings expanded… it appears within His talons, looks like a perch, but His wings are expanded, showing me there’s something there. This cylinder object looks like a crystal of some sort. The color of it is not one of a human kind of color…. A crystal quartz slash green hue to it, glowing. What I’m being told is it’s “a key,” “A key to within this sacred chamber of Knowing.

The next image is, The Great Pyramid, and the group of us being there now, on the ground. You can imagine what you imagine. Dirt sandy terrain, with the Great Pyramid there before us. We are gathered as a group and Horus is in His bird man form now before us in this scene. He is facing us.

“I brought you here to show you the way. Way inside to your everlasting Knowing. This (Great Pyramid) is a symbol of it. A connection to it. Depicted on this Earth plane. Come with me. Follow me.”

He’s turning around and we are going to follow Him. You can imagine that you are walking behind Horus as He takes us to this pyramid. You can imagine yourself walking closer and closer toward this Great Pyramid. It appears we are coming to an entrance side of it. Seeing an entrance point to this pyramid, it is square in shape/structure. It is a darkened entry point, standing with Horus outside of it. 

“Let us connect as a group before entrance.”

It appears Isis is here. She’s with Horus, seeing a woman with long straight black hair, wearing a white gown, wearing a gold headband, cobra snake on it, also holding a golden chord. She is walking around the group with this gold cordage, She is circling us, calibrating us. And She’s walking three times around us. Chanting some sort of other language that I do not know, can’t even repeat it. It’s Her magic.
She’s standing before the group. Extending Her right hand, golden wrist bracelet on, golden staff in the left hand. 

She’s saying, “I am a bridge for you today. Come with me. I will show you the way inside.” 

She’s’ now doing toning with us. Noticing what you notice. You may notice subtle energy moving through the body, or nothing at all. Continue to be curious. She is continuing to tone, using Her voice. She’s bringing out Her ankh, holding that out to the group. It is beginning to emit energy, along with Her toning. You may notice subtle waves of energy. Like microwaves extending. 
Feeling this vibration all the way to the cellular level. And also an alignment of energy centers in the body. Prepping us before we enter. More toning. Energy between the temporal lobes of the brain, cerebral cortex, also the brain stem, the base of the brain. 

She is now saying, “Let us begin, we may now enter.” 

She’s entering the pyramid, we are following behind Isis and Horus, who is also entering with Her. You can imagine yourself with the group entering inward, following Horus and Isis. Noticing what you notice, as you step inside this pyramid.

I’m noticing the ground appears to be large stones. The inside walls appear to look like stone, in nature. Continuing to follow Isis and Horus, as they walk and take us as a group. It feels as if we are curving to a soft circular to the right, up some small stairs along a wall. Imagine whatever you want to imagine here. 

Ascending higher up into this pyramid. And now they’re winding again to the right at a steep incline, upward. The passage way feels more narrow. Feels as though they’re taking us up close to the top of the inside of this pyramid. Feels as thought its getting more narrow as we ascend up these stairs with them. Remembering to breath. Noticing the frequency of this energy feels higher in frequency to me. Notice what you notice. 

I’m hearing the phrase, ‘We have ascended to the "top level." We are at the "top level."  What I’m being shown is that we are right below the tip of the pyramid on a platform inside this pyramid. We are going to have an Activation up here. We are going to gather around as group, its as if there’s a large open hole or chamber in the middle of the floor that we’re standing around, what it appears to me. And the tip of this pyramid on the outside visual for me is it’s lit up with a ray of white light. Seeing a picture of the outside of the pyramid and us on the inside of it at the same time.
And we are there with Isis, and Horus is in the background. Isis seems to be the feature here. She is doing channeling again and emitting some sort of magic. Feels ceremonial. It appears to be two serpent snakes with her, they look green in color. 

Hearing, "Get ready for this Activation." Notice what you’re noticing, breathing.

Its as if there’s a ray of energy/light extending from the base of this pyramid up through the center point of this pyramid going up through this big huge cylinder in the middle of this pyramid and we’re standing on this top level point. This energy is rising up. It looks like a violet color purple, like a purplish flame, rising. You might notice some subtle energy or not so subtle energy, as it rises up. It’s just approaching the floor we’re all on, its coming up through this hole. Now it’s coming up all the way up through this hole we are all standing around extending up through the tip. 

And here comes the Activation. Noticing what you notice, as this energy flows through the body. You might notice energy extending all up through the base of the spine, all the way up through the top of the spine. Through the base of the brain, and up through the crown, top of the head. Remembering to breath, inhaling exhaling, you may feel tingling throughout the limbs of your body. Inhale, exhale, as this energy continues to flow up, and out of the body, as we are connected and supported by the group, and Isis.
Increasing our energetic frequency to a higher vibration, higher consciousness, all the way down to the cellular level, that’s vibrating at a higher rate. Psychic ability, intuition, being increased, more activated to a higher level of Knowing. Continuing to breath, inhaling exhaling, being in a state of allowing.

Horus is coming forward, He says, "This is your connection to the stars, your ethereal Self. This is You without a body. This is You beyond your five senses.” 

Looking up at the stars, outer space, a purple of hue, seeing a visual of a very cosmic scene, with a sense of weightlessness, beyond matter. A molecular state. 

Noticing what you notice. Feeling whatever you’re feeling. 

(Horus) "Rise up in your consciousness of True Knowing. Of everlasting life beyond this Earth plane. Beyond your Earth self."

I’m seeing a bunch of code come of out, ‘Code of Knowing.’ Perhaps it’s code from this pyramid that’s been embedded there, the technology of this pyramid that was put there, that is beyond human understanding.
(Horus)“Receive what you receive. Know what you Know.” 

This is going deep into your DNA. DNA is being upgraded with this code. Pyramid code, if you will. Metaphorically speaking, it’s like a pad lock that is being opened or cracked, popping the lock open. (Horus) “Unlocking your next level of Knowing.”

There is information being transmitted to you right now, allow yourself to receive. Breathing, inhaling exhaling. Being wherever you are. Receiving this transmission for your highest and best. 

This is upgrading your nervous system. Automatic nervous system that regulates your heart rate, breathing, that is also being upgraded to this new frequency, resting point of awareness. And any fear embedded, implanted programming is being popped out as well. Altering any beliefs based in fear, that is all being altered, removed from your 'hard drive,' so to speak. Using the breath to bring this energy all throughout the body, into your core, lower body. 
Allowing it to integrate. If the body wants to sway or move just allow it to do whatever feels right for you. You may notice it moving on its away, that’s ok too, just be an observer.

There’s toning from Isis again. She’s holding Her ankh in Her left hand. Feels like its to help us ground. Help bring the energy down a few notches. If any of this energy is feeling too intense for you, just ask for it to be turned down a couple notches. Breathing. You might notice your body. If it wants to rock or move, just allow it.

That energy is now gone back down into the ground beneath the pyramid. We are still in the top level chamber with, Isis and Horus.

Feels like the crown of my head is completely gone. Notice your body. Inhaling exhaling. Collect yourself. Horus and Isis seem to be supporting us right now, holding space as we collect ourselves.

Isis is saying, “You are Remembering. Good work. You are Remembering who you are and who you came to be in this lifetime. Why you are here. What you are here to do with this lifetime. You are Remembering, my friends. You Know. Embrace this Knowing. Even if you don’t think you do, you do Know. Embrace this Knowing. I am here to guide you. Do not be afraid of your path of your Knowing. Do not ask to why you came here to this Earth. You are a great Being of Light, and beyond this lifetime. Embrace your Truth. Embrace why you are here. It is all being revealed as you live this life. Embrace it. You are this Knowing. We love you. We are here for your Knowing. Access us anytime you need to Know. We are here for you to better understand who you Truly are. Why you came here to be in this embodiment. And we have known you before, many lifetimes. You have seen us before. Remember. Remember me, Remember You. You are This. I love you. This love is eternal and True. Great Knowing. Great Love. Let us return. Return you to this lifetime. Follow us. Come with me now.”

She is showing us the way out of this chamber and back down the stairs that we walked up from. So we are going to descend down these stairs along this pyramid wall. Walking back down. Making a turn back down to the right, descending further down a set of stairs. The stairwell opens up a little bit more, a bit more spacious, taking our time coming down these stairs with, Isis and Horus. Making another right turn, coming down the last flight of stairs. One by one, just coming back onto the ground floor, finding yourself here on the ground floor of this Great Pyramid. Still gathered as a group, coming together.

Seeing flashes of the head of the Sphinx. Being shown the side profile of the whole Sphinx and this
Pyramid that is in alignment with the Sphinx in the background. 

"Perpendicular," hearing that word. Seeing patterns of sacred geometry from the Sphinx and pyramids up into the heavens, or the sky… being shown sacred geometry. Sphinx monument of the Beings that are responsible for this connection and technology. Pleiadians. 

What I’m seeing up in the sky or heavens, is the Creator, its not the sun, but it’s a white light disc, Creator, or RA, as the Egyptians called it. RA, and these structures extend from RA. 

Looking at this visual, you can notice what you notice. We are still in this pyramid though. I’m hearing, 'The Map.' My impression of what I’m looking at here, is representing the upgrade that we received tonight. We are in Divine Alignment with this consciousness. It has been Activated to our cellular, molecular level. This information is no longer hidden from us, it’s been 'unlocked,' transmuted. 

You might notice how the body feels, might notice it feels lighter, or you feel lighter, that molecular quality that you’re in touch with. Being able to distinguish your Divine Self from your body that is made of matter. Just being able to distinguish between the two.

Horus is saying, "Be gentle with yourself as you come forth into this Light of Knowing. Human condition is a fragile one. The personality can be fragile at times. Bruised egos. Rise beyond that. But being gentle at the same time. Attending to feelings, emotions, your human condition. You must not forget that. You cannot skip over that. You must tend to that so that you can rise above it. But you can’t skip that step. Kind and gentle. So that you may be kind and gentle with others that you meet. Come with me. It is time to leave this place.”

It appears we are going to follow Horus back outside this great pyramid as a group. You can imagine yourself following Horus back outside the entrance. It appears Isis is following behind the group as we one by one walk, step back outside onto this sandy, tan terrain. Gathering as a group outside, still with that gold chord of Isis, as she unravels that from the group, back the other direction three times.

She says, "Thank you for coming here today, and receiving this information. We love you. Go forth in 'the sun.' The Knowing. Be That."

We are going to follow Horus, walking away from the pyramid. He has shape shifted back into His falcon form, as He takes flight, taking us with Him, we fly with Him. 

Hearing His falcon shrills. Higher and higher, into the sky. Imagining yourself flying with Horus, as He takes us back through our consciousness. Returning us back into this room. He flies in a circular motion, He is winding us back to this place of being, this 3D embodiment. Landing softly, fully in the body. Taking your time. Resting. Feeling yourself like you never have before. Integration. Breathing. Whenever you’re ready, take your time, wiggle your toes, fingers, whenever you’re ready, you can slowly open your eyes, but please do take your time.