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Healing w Horus- Innate Manifesting Upgrade

The following is a transcribed account of the recorded group session I facilitated with, Falcon God, Horus. His words and message are shown within ' ' marks. The rest of the content is from my intuitive impressions of what He was showing to me/us. Visit previous blog posts for other sessions with Horus, and, The Divine Egyptian Council; or visit for more information.

We begin with Horus in His bird-man form, seeing the profile to His bird-man face. That tells me He is among us. You can use your imagination to visualize or not visualize whatever impressions come to you. 
Allow yourself to receive energy from Horus’s eye, His eyes. He is beaming energy around the room to each of us, working with the hypothalamus in the brain, pineal gland, how we see ourselves.
You may or may not feel some energy in your right and left brain hemispheres, in the frontal lobe, as He primes us to travel with Him. ‘Opening to the Truth of who you are. The knowing Being that you are. Your authentic power.’

Allow yourself to connect into your core Self. ‘You are not your personality that is not your Truth. It is part of your learning here, it is what makes you your unique human self. But it is not really you. It is not truly you, it is simply a tool for the lessons you signed up for in this lifetime.’

Hearing His falcon shrills as Horus shape shifts into His falcon bird form. He takes flight flying in a circular motion, essentially around our group from left to right motion. Flying around and around. Allow whatever energy to flow that you may be experiencing through out the body.

We come before a golden ankh, the symbol of the doorway to the soul, that everlasting life. That connection to One. Allow yourself to receive the energy that is radiating from this symbol of the ankh. Hearing more of Horus’s falcon shrills as he continues to fly in a circular motion.

We arrive, as I call it, in His cosmic classroom, this place in the cosmos, what you might see depicted as a galactic galaxy kind of picture, a black void with different stars, or reference points of pinpoint light.

‘You choose by accepting your fate. Your desire is your fate.’ Like they’re simultaneously one in the same.

I am shown an image of a new born baby.  You have the blueprint from birth of this lifetime. As it unfolds, you choose the way you move through it, the steps along the way. And those steps are shown to you. Sometimes you may or may not notice those steps, we can consider us to, “misstep,” but there really is no misstep. It’s like one way is maybe easier learning than the other way. Choose your own adventure kind of concept.  There are choices that the personality can make, and there;s choices that the
soul self can make. Since the personality is based in our ego desires, sometimes those choices are more limited vs choosing from a soul perspective, is a more unlimited state of possibility.

Seeing a multi color prism to represent the soul’s experiencing or choosing from the soul self, a myriad of moving colors. The discernment between knowing when we’re choosing from a more personality way vs the soul way, that’s what we are receiving today, is the ability to discern that more clearly to choose from a higher state of consciousness to create more grace and ease as we move through this maze of life.

If you have a life situation, be it a health issue, relationship, job, interpersonal issue, bring that forth within yourself, something that you’ve been contemplating, deciding upon, what course of action to take, how to go about something. Bring up whatever seems prominent right now, that wants to come forth, just allow that. If there’s nothing coming forth, notice what you notice, just be curious, it may present itself later.
Looking at whatever this particular item is from a soul perspective, consciously bring your awareness and breath in to your heart center because it’s a good reference point for the soul. Notice what happens with this particular life situation or decision, not having to figure anything out, just being in a curious place with it from the soul experiencing. Maybe it doesn’t make sense right now, whatever feedback you might be getting, that’s ok, it may makes sense later on when more pieces come together, shown the bigger picture.
Being shown an image of a gift, a white box with a burgundy ribbon bow tied around it. One of those gift boxes you just lift the top off it. The top of it is not completely off, but its slightly turned so that the corners of the box are openly exposed. This is a download, and you can play with the imagery however its showing up to you, noticing what you notice. ‘The gift inside is your divinity. The gift of your true knowing. You already know. It’s a matter of connecting into it.’
Sometimes we may avoid what we already know because our personality doesn’t agree with the answer or the outcome we suspect if we make a certain choice, but to trust that your divinity knows best and it will always take you to a better plane, or better outcome that you maybe haven’t thought of or imagined that could be possible.
Using your imagination or whatever visuals you may or may not have, imagine you are holding this gift box image with the box in your hand, in whatever hand feels right for you. Drop this energetic download down into the space between your heart and solar plexus, dropping it right into that entry point. This is to upgrade your divine knowing, the ability to discern from your divine self. Allowing that energy to flow throughout the body, however you experience that. That life situation that we were working with, it is also being transmuted to a higher state of knowing. I’m hearing psychic auditory toning, to help integrate this energy into your consciousness.
Seeing a vibrant image of a beautiful sunflower that holds sacred geometry in the middle part of it. The sunflower is abundant, it holds many, many seeds of creation once its peaked in its growth cycle.
It is symbolic of ourselves in how we create throughout our lifetime. We have many, many seeds like the sunflower seeds of creation that drop back into the soil to be planted to grow another creation, in this depiction, in this example, it is sunflowers. Some seeds may grow another creation and some maybe don’t and that’s
ok but each seed leads to another inspiration, idea, that is maybe better than the next, there is no right or wrong. Its nurturing and caring for those seeds, ideas you feel most drawn to. Then allowing them to unfurl at their own pace, which another way our personality can interfere with that development that creation that’s incubating and growing. Sometimes we get in the way of those creations, by either over watering it, in this example, or not giving it enough water so it dries out. Either way, it doesn’t really matter because another seed drops. Its never ending. Whatever you don’t see to fruition in this lifetime, you get to do it again, you’ll have other opportunities because this is all an illusion, this embodiment. On the other side of this embodiment is divine flow, it is constant. The 3D reality slows everything down, gives illusion of stagnation, because everything is materialized so it takes longer sometimes for things to materialize because its physical. Much more happening that sometimes our awareness allows us to know, so to trust that.
I’m seeing Horus in is His bird-man form and He is coming around to each of us in
the room, in the front of you, with your third eye chakra located in the mid brow of the forehead. He’s doing something with the pineal gland that is central to your intuitive awareness. Allow yourself to experience whatever you are experiencing. He is making an adjustment, or upgrade to your intuitive knowing so that psychic site can be that much more clear to you. As if he’s cleaning, I see a diamond looking jewel, like he’s polishing it, upgrading that jewel represented by the pineal gland, that brow chakra.

This is also going to enhance your clairaudience, your ability to hear divine guidance, that inner voice, that is usually from your higher self, you may have had that experience in your lifetime where you heard some direct clear voice come through to you, whisper something to you, some insight, that is now going to become stronger for your divine knowing. Hearing some more toning for integration.
Energy running through the cerebral hemisphere of the brain, upgrading any old belief systems that have programmed you to think that you cannot have what you desire for whatever the story has been through your ancestry messaging, that is being upgraded, because that’s not true, that programming, its limited. We are not limited beings, as I’ve said before, the personality is limited, not your, True Self. We are doing an adjustment with the programming of the personality, the mental body, the emotional body, mom and dad’s ideas, all the way back through your ancestry, collapsing a quantum wave of light through all of that.

The symbolism coming to me is a really nice circular sphere, that’s always flowing, from creation back to the void, from creation back to the void. That’s just the cycle of everything, in all forms. The natural cycle, the natural stages of creation, to let that flow without any attachment or story around it. Just as the sun sets and rises and the moon comes and goes, it is the same.
We are attuning to that natural cycle, just as our ancient ancestors lived on this Earth. They were very attuned to the stars, to the planet. They knew the art of manifestation. We are going to dip back into that mastery of when that pure knowing was really prominent, plugging right into that, just as the ancients have done.

Now, imagine yourself, or maybe you already find yourself in a chamber of sorts, shaped as if it’s like a pyramid, this is your time to have your communion, your own private interaction with Horus. You can imagine that however it shows up to you. This is time to ask Him whatever you want to ask Him. Allow yourself to have whatever experience you’re going to have. You may be able to hear him directly speak to you, it may be more of an impression, or maybe its just energy. Allow yourself to have whatever experience with Him that is right for you…… You can wrap up with Him by asking if there is anything else for you to know or receive from Him. Thank Him for whatever He imparted, and He thanks you for being you. Much love. You are very loved.

Seeing a glowing white sphere, representing our akashic record history that we all hold, our blue print of our soul, all the lessons we’ve learned embodied and not embodied. Each previous circle, Horus has done a file cleanup, if you will, I’ll term it that way. My sense is that’s what this is. You can imagine this white sphere, or whatever is showing up in your awareness, if anything. ‘The gift of pure knowing.’

This also has to do with being able to speak your truth in order to receive your Truth. We are taking this energy that is being represented as this white glowing sphere, dropping it into our throat, to help us to have the ability to speak our truth, to be able to carry ourselves in a way that honors our own self, so that we can better move in that flow, that serves us better that’s maybe different from another’s. Once again, old stories are unraveling about setting boundaries, being comfortable doing that. This is just your truth, that’s all it is, let the rest fall away. Follow that knowing, even if you’re not sure where its going to lead you, trust it. These changes are occurring throughout all time, through all lifetimes, all experiencing, parallel lives, it’s all syncing up into, One. Also, all the reference points for this lifetime, and other lifetimes when you have followed your truth, remembering what that felt like, that’s also becoming very succinct. That remembering from other lifetimes, so you can remember it now in this lifetime. Let that expand throughout your core, like a big column of light coming through your whole core, a “pillar of knowing.”

‘You have done well. You are GREAT. You always have been, because there is no other way to be. You are GREAT. Don’t let the personality trick you into telling you anything different, you are GREAT. Emotions are emotions, that’s all that they are. It is not necessary to attach thoughts to the emotions, just let them come through and let them come out. You are Great. You are a Great One. Follow your heart’s desire, that is the key. Be open to receive. You already have it. Great Ones be True. Magnificent beings, joyful beings. Beautiful beings. Thank the body. It is where your being-ness rests. Thank the body and all the lessons it possesses for you, your learning in this life. It is your ally, it is your friend. Pay attention to all that it has to offer you, it is your guide through this Earth plane, this life.’

Looks as though we are wearing a crown of sorts, a golden band with jewels hanging off of it. We all have one we’re wearing. I take it as a symbol of this initiation ceremony today, of the gifts that we remembered, symbol of your true divinity, that majesty that you are.  ‘True love that you are. Blessings. Blessed.’

Horus now shapeshifts back into His falcon bird form as He flies around our group, right to left, in a circular motion hearing His shrills. Taking with us all the lessons given to us. Coming back into this time and space as we travel with Him. Integrating. Resting softly in the body as you come back fully into this room.

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