Friday, February 9, 2018

Divine Egyptian Council Journey- Christos Activation

The following entry is transcribed from a recorded hour long shamanic style group journey session, intuited and transmitted by, Jennifer Yost. You may also check out previous blog posts for past journey sessions.  The ' ' marks, indicate commentary from the deities. Italics are used for my intuitive impressions during the journey, said aloud, that are not quotes from the interaction with the deity.

Horus is in His falcon form flying in a circular motion, taking us to another plane of consciousness, hearing His falcon shrills. We fly through a funnel through time and space….
Horus now shapeshifts into His birdman form as we have entered another domain. We arrive at an outdoor landscape, blue sky on the horizon, with multiple pyramids in the distance, in a day setting. 

There is a body of water near the pyramids off in the distance. We walk with Horus as a group. He takes us to these pyramids off in the distance… Coming closer to one of the pyramids, in the forefront, with a set of stairs before us, coming to the base of the stairs, we all come together with, Horus.  
We follow Him up the stairs, up to the entry point of this pyramid, on a landing at the top of the stairs. We are greeted by Isis, who is outside with us, Her wings are expanded, She greets us. 

She is playing an instrument, some sort of flute, as She primes us to enter this pyramid structure… Receive this energy from, Isis. You may be able to hear it auditorily, or feel it, or see imagery. Her headband has a cobra on it, She is emitting energy from it to the group. Feels as though it is coming into the brow chakra, hearing Her chanting. Allow yourself to receive this energy from Isis, as she primes us to come before the, Divine Egyptian Council. They (Horus & Isis) are saying we are ready to begin.

Isis is entering first, followed by Horus, as a group we can all follow those two into this structure, entering a torch lit corridor, the walls look to be made of stone, as we single file, walk down this corridor, following Isis and Horus coming into an open chamber. Entering as a group, joined by the rest of council deities. Seeing Anubis, Set, Maat, Osiris, Ammit, and Lord Vishnu, front and center.

We stand before Lord Vishnu, God of all Gods. He extends the lotus flower before us. 'You are about to receive a blessing through time and space that alters all of what you have known before, old ways of being, that no longer serve, shall drop. This lotus flower represents your divinity all that there is and ever will be. Receive this lotus flower into your heart.’ 
Vishnu drops the lotus flower into our heart chakra, you can visualize this pinkish white flower in your heart chakra, sitting there, perhaps you are seeing it moving, the energy of it, allowing it to unfold. This is an attunement to your soul’s divinity. Hearing toning from Isis, Maat, and from, Vishnu, He says, 'Come as you are, you know no other way to be. You are It. All else is fluff, or illusionary, you are It, all knowing being. Remember who you are.’
Seeing another blue skinned Being playing a stringed instrument, his name escapes me now, some sort of stringed instrument being played to help integrate.  
More from, Vishnu, 'Notice your limits, your terms, are they serving, do they limit you? If the answer is yes, they no longer serve, the purpose has been served. You are now free to be who you Truly are, a divine being, the Knower of, ALL. You came here with a mission to fulfill and seek out, it is now time for you to fully remember that mission, more then you ever have before in any other lifetime, the time is now.’ 
I see all our lifetimes come together now into one, One time, into this crystal-clear vision. Vishnu says, ‘Come forth into your calling. Whatever has been whispering to you, that is your calling. You have known this. It is time to respond. Come forth my child. You have all that you need and that much more. It is serving to serve yourself to serve others. It is serving to serve yourself to serve others. That is not a judgment.’ Allow those words to permeate....

Seeing Osiris in my minds eye. He’s been termed as, the God of the Underworld, in Egyptian mythology. He can also be a, Father God, figure. Connecting with the energy of Osiris, He has green colored skin with His long chin beard. Noticing His golden, staff, it’s a shorter version of it. He’s working with the group, with this golden... has a long neck to it, the bottom has a ball shape to it, like four feet long size. He holds this in front of Him to the group. 
This is an Activation. Allow yourself to receive this Activation from Osiris, from this golden tool of His. Feeling the energy all through the body, vertical fashion through the core, an alignment of sorts, up and down the spine, nervous system, up into the brain stem. Right left-brain hemisphere, frontal lobe. Upgrading our nervous system, to move out of fear based believes and consciousness. 
Hearing high pitched auditory toning, from Isis. This also feels like something to do with how we hear things, our auditory sense. Perhaps this is an upgrade for how we hear something through that perception to help us see from a higher perspective- for how we listen or hear something. Also, just an upgrade to your auditory psychic sense, clairaudience.
Looks like we are going to go with Osiris, seeing Him in His golden chariot which usually signifies we are going to travel to another plane of consciousness with Him. And off we go, as a group with Osiris. 

Looks like an outer space scene, hyperspace travel looking, light through space… Slowing down here, as I see Osiris’ chariot again. 
He’s now saying, 'You’ve traveled here before. All of this is nothing new. This is, YOU. Through many many different embodiment's, this is, YOU. Different embodiment's are just like different shades of color, different experiences, lessons, all for your divine knowing, your learning. All for raising humanity in its growth. Human experiencing in an embodiment is very unique. It is a chosen set of experiences that you choose to have. The table is set before you embody. Once embodied then you choose what to add and take away from the set table. They are your lessons. None are wrong. Pure lessons, experiences. You teach others as much as you teach yourself. You hurt others when you are not Awake, but that is ok, once again, lessons. Awakening comes in the form of Knowing. And you Know when you Know. We are here to support you in your Knowing. So that you in turn can help humanity in the awakening of, The Knowing. Moving from fear and greed to an everlasting joy, abundance, enough for everyone, because you are enough. That is, All. You can remember you are enough. When you are enough, you do not need anything more. You are enough. You are enough. That is the lesson.’  
Feeling the presence of angelic energy supporting us. 
I see Osiris in the chariot again, it appears it is time to come with Him back into the chamber. We will go with Him; back into that hyper space travel state through consciousness. We drop back into the chamber, coming back into that space. As a group we enter back in, surrounded by the deities. Being wherever you are in your process, noticing what you’re noticing.
I see in my vision, a cobra snake, that Anubis is presenting before us.  
A snake of transmutation. Anything that has been poisoning our mind, heart, you may term as toxicity in your life, this cobra is going to strike and transmute that. Its another Activation, you will feel that when you feel it. It is striking my left part of my neck, but it may strike you in a different spot. Allow yourself to receive this transmutation from this cobra snake, just allowing any toxic patterns, relationships, situations, to be transmuted to a higher state of consciousness that is better serving for all involved. Feeling that energy go throughout the body, throughout the system of the veins. 
Remembering to breath, inhaling exhaling, noticing what you notice throughout the body, as we move to the cauldron segment with Isis and Ammit.
If you like, you can visualize Isis and the crocodile deity standing before you with a cauldron, notice purplish violet energy coming out of that cauldron, it may look different to you, or you may be having a completely different experience, its all fine and good. I see Her staff, and is in that cauldron that she is tending to. 
If you like, take a life situation, something that you’re trying to make decision about, something that’s been on your mind or that you’ve been feeling stifled about. Allow that situation to come forth, allow your imagination to transform it into a symbol form. Whatever comes forth allow it to be that, no right or wrong. Or if you’re not that visual that's ok too. Whenever you’re ready, you can step forward and drop it into the cauldron for Isis and Ammit to transmute for the highest good of all. 
In return, I’m seeing a golden ankh, a blessing. Allowing the energy from the ankh to receive this blessing of divinity, pure Knowing. 
Hearing more toning from Isis, as She stirs this cauldron now. And Ammit transmutes any fears, or ego limitations around the issue you dropped in, so it can be free to evolve to a higher state of consciousness. Isis says, 'You are perfect, you are not flawed. Stories say you are flawed. As a human, yes, you are imperfect, but your soul self is perfect, it cannot be shattered. It is your learning. It's not always easy. It is often difficult, otherwise it wouldn’t be learning. It is all for the good of your development. You’ve done good…. You’ve done good.’
Hearing Her say, 'bring me your questions.' This is the Q/A segment, you are welcome to have some time with any of these deities that you feel drawn to, can be with Horus, Isis, Osiris, Anubis, Set, Maat, they’re all happy to be with you. You can have your own time with any of them, whatever you desire to ask. One might just come forward to you, or there could be one that comes forward that I did not name, just allow yourself to experience what you experience... Receiving your final blessing from whoever you’ve been working with, you can ask your final question or whatever you are receiving from them. Thank them. Now our attention is returned to Vishnu. 
Noticing His cobra crown of snakes, they are all opened. Feeling a nice, content, joyful energy from Him, as He has a smile on His face, adoring outlook on all of us. Very loving energy from Him, to us. Energy of unconditional acceptance of who you are, your humanness, human ways of being, total unconditional acceptance. 
He’s offering a red rose to each of us. Resting that over your chest. The rose
from, Mother Mary. Loving Mother. Unconditional love from, Mother. Letting this healing rose take all your sorrows, your suffering, your judgments of yourself, giving that all to this loving rose from, Mother. Feeling the energy from, Mother Mary with Vishnu, how much they adore you. Give them your pain, give them your sorrow, give them your suffering, you no longer need to carry these burdens. Hand them over. Time to learn in a new way. You are loved.
Seeing a ruby colored jewel in the center of the chest, or heart charka. That is your pure, pure loving Self, bringing that forth, another, Activation. 
Letting the energy of this jewel go through out the whole entire body, your energy body, physical body. This is the Christ consciousness. (see bright light) Let that vibration go as high as you can for your comfort level. Strengthening our connection to Divine Source, remembering that connection, ability to have faith even in times of unknowing. Beautiful light that you are, a myriad of light. Basking in that Light. This is who you are.
You can imagine yourself in reverence to these Divine Beings, thanking them for their support today, for these upgrades in your consciousness. I reference point all these upgrades in your consciousness to remember.

It is time to return, we follow Horus back outside the chamber through the corridor we entered through, with Isis behind the group, escorting us out. We walk back through the torch lit corridor, one by one, stepping outside the entry. Isis comes out, after the group. She gives a final blessing, thanks us for coming today. She says, 'The gifts you received today, you already had, we just reminded you of them, go forth, be True.' 
Feeling a lot of love from Her, as we walk downstairs with, Horus, onto the ground, following, Horus as he shapeshifts back into His falcon form and takes flight, we go with Him as a group. He circles back around, flying in a circular motion, hearing His shrills, taking us back through space and time, returning us back into this 3D experiencing. Dropping back fully into your physical body, sitting in your chair in this physical room, coming back on line in the 3D, taking your time, slowly opening your eyes, relaxing.

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