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Healing with Horus- Your Divine Purpose

Horus Circle | March 3 2018 | Divine Purpose Lesson Upgrade

The following is a transcribed account of the recorded group session I facilitated with, Falcon God, Horus. His words and message are shown within " " marks. The rest of the content is from my intuitive impressions of what He was showing to me/us. Visit previous blog posts for other sessions with Horus, and, The Divine Egyptian Council; or visit for more information.
Giving yourself permission to receive whatever it is you need to receive today for your highest good on all levels of your being. In order to be more clear and concise in your divine purpose to bring that through for your own evolution and evolution of humanity.
We are ready to begin…. Horus takes flight in His falcon form, hearing His auditory shrills, flying in circular motion. Opening a funnel to travel with Him into his classroom. Flying in circular motion, left to right, as we travel with Him as a group together. Notice whatever you’re noticing, connecting with His energy in whatever way feels best for you.
We drop in to a place or scene of being in the cosmos with Him- outer space, if you will, with different points of light. He is saying, "You have come here today to learn what you have already known coming into this lifetime. You are starting where you left off in previous lifetimes. This is nothing new, this is just about remembering that truth, and who you divinely are. I am here with you today to help you clear any ‘debris,’ that is in the way of your remembering."

Think back to when you were a child and your first memory of something you enjoyed doing. Or
maybe a glimmer of what you wanted to be when you grew up. We play as kids, how did you like to play, what kinds of games you liked to play with your friends, imaginary games you played with your imagination. Let whatever memory comes to mind come up. Notice what you notice. Maybe you are seeing a picture in your mind’s eye. Looking through that curiosity of an innocent child of that play time. Just observing whatever it is that’s being presented before you, in that pure innocence of play.
You might of even had an imaginary friend who actually was most likely a spirit guide that works with you still to this day. Going back to that child self, that childlike wonder with your imaginary friend, if you had one, and how you used to play, where you consciously formed a connection with that spirit guide. And perhaps you're aware of your current spirit guides that still work with you today. I would guess its still the same one you played with as a kid, at least the main one, you have several.
It is that guide, or higher self-knowing, that leads us on our path, those steps to take, those bread crumbs on the trail that we follow as we assemble our big life jigsaw puzzle, collecting the pieces. Part of the puzzle gets put together, maybe one aspect of it becomes clear as we try to piece together the rest of the picture. That is the imagery I’m seeing is this big jigsaw puzzle.
We've got one section of it kind of done. And you’re welcome to play with this imagery as well, or whatever imagery you have, if you have any. Just play with whatever is in your awareness. So, we have this one portion of it completed. I’m seeing an image of a tree and there’s this whole other part of it, I see the framework is done and we have this one section kind of completed but the rest just needs filling in with the puzzle pieces.
If you have a situation in your life right now that you’re trying to make a decision about, whether it’s a place to live, a place of business, a business decision, something in an interpersonal relationship, the next step, something like that in your life, something you are seeking more clarity on; bring that into your awareness.
Allow a puzzle piece, if you will, or whatever imagery that works for you, to come forward to make whatever this situation is for you a little bit clearer. I’m grabbing a magic puzzle piece, and this feels like this is an energetic download from, Horus. Notice your right hand, and if it’s your left hand
that's ok too, feeling energy in the hand that feels more so, than the other. Seeing this as a ball of energy, representing this puzzle piece. We are just going to drop this download from, Horus, in your heart chakra. If you are feeling this energy in your hand, you can just drop it into your heart center.

Letting that energy go throughout the body, in your consciousness, noticing what you notice. You might hear some auditory, clairaudient toning for integration.

When we’re putting together a big puzzle, its not like we can take all the pieces and dump them in the middle and have it done. It’s a process, so we have to put one piece here, another there, we have to build around it. So, to be patient when you’re creating something, enjoying that process of construction...
Going back to that playful child self. Playful children are not too concerned or worried about the end result typically, if they’re in a true playful, innocent state. They’re just in the moment, playing, one foot in front of the other, being enchanted by the magic of play.

Going back to that original inquiry... how might you be more playful with it, let the playful child aspect come forward. How might your playful child side look at your current inquiry? How might your adult self be more supportive of the playful child, and the ideas that the playful child self has? Sometimes our adult self can be quick to dismiss ideas, or things that might sound frivolous, or a waste of time. But really, the element of play can lighten things up, and open you to discovering other possibilities. If there’s any feeling of being stuck, notice that. How might you play with that? How might you trust? Maybe you’re not stuck at all, maybe you’re just in a pause while other things come into alignment for your next step to happen. How might you enjoy this place of limbo, so to speak.

Hearing more of Horus's falcon shrills, feels as though He’s going to do something with the
functioning of our brain to upgrade it. Something with the cerebral cortex, temples, feels He's running His energy, like a halo, around the mid brain. If you notice any kind of sensation around your head, or crown, notice what you notice with that. If at any point, this energy feels too intense, you can ask for it to be gentler, turn it down just by asking.
This is how we process information, how we see things, our vision. To adjust our vision of the big picture. Shown again this puzzle metaphor, maybe you’ve been intently working on the puzzle, what would it be like to step back and look at it from a larger picture kind of vision? 
Also seeing metaphorically speaking, like a camera lens adjusting our focus. We are getting some sort of upgrade with our third eye, brow chakra, how we focus, how we see the big picture, being able to see the big picture, but then also adjusting the lens to come in for a closer focus, when we need to address a detail, or take an action step. 
Third eye chakra getting an upgrade along with how the brain processes information, cerebral cortex that executive decision-making place of the brain, that’s getting a nice fine attunement with this camera lens, whatever we want to call that, the near and far vision. As well as something with the ears, hearing, listening for what you don’t hear, for being able to listen to what is not being said. Being able to listen for information that wouldn’t necessarily be apparent. Upgrade with the ability to listen. Listening in silence. Maybe when you are at a still point in your process, to be able to even have more acute awareness of listening in the silence, in order to bring forth the next guidance, or information. Increasing our ability to be able to be still,
because sometimes we are uncomfortable with that. We feel like we have to be productive, and doing something, doing this and doing that. When sometimes that’s an old identity, or belief system running, where there is great value in the stillness of listening. Because sometimes doing all this production, and these 'shoulds,' are distracting us from the real truth, because we are not able to hear, because we are busying ourselves. It seems as if we are getting a boost in the ability to be still.
Take any outdated belief systems around having to be productive to be of value, or forcing things to happen. Let's just collapse a quantum wave of light through all outdated beliefs around that way of being that no longer serves. Evolving that to a more trusting state of allowing what wants to come forth into your awareness, organically. I'm seeing fear programming coming forth. 'How will I know?' 'What if I miss something?' This stems from our parents, whoever raised you, some of their stories around being productive... 'it’s not ok to rest in the moment,' those sorts of belief systems.

We're going to do an ancestral healing. Horus is carrying in his talons, looks like an emerald, a green
colored cut emerald looking jewel. I believe this is connected to something with our ancestral patterning in following your divine purpose. Some sort of download for us. This one is going to drop between our throat and heart chakra, its going to drop in the midpoint of those locations. This is being dropped in now. This is an Activation.
I see this jewel spinning around light all throughout the body. "The Jewel of Your Knowing." This is doing a total activation all the way down to your DNA cellular level. Its purifying any old belief systems that have been passed down through your ancestry around being able to make money at what you love to do, any beliefs like, 'Oh, you can’t do that,' or, 'An artist, you’ll starve,' those kinds of things that have been passed down in your family... really doing what you love to do, and making money at it. "You can do it!" We are getting a nice purifying upgrade all the way down your ancestral linage on mom and dad's side.

We are handing this jewel off to that playful inner child that we began with, and letting him or her run off with that, and have a great time. What would it be like if you grew up with this knowing all the way to your current age- lets do that now, keeping the life lessons learned. (Horus) "Be free. Free of the constructs. Free of the limitations that other people have told you. You are free. Free to be you. Free to be happy because you get to choose. Each one of you get to choose. It is your choice in how you live your life. There is no right or wrong, it is your choice. Do what brings you joy just like that playful child while respecting others. The golden rule, treat others how you would want to be treated. The play ground of life."
Everyone is different how they play. Some people like to play on the monkey bars, some people like to swing on the swings, some people like the tire swing, everybody’s different, that’s ok however you like to play.
Feels as though there is a bit of a kundalini activation at the base of the spine, seeing that serpent energy coming up, gently. Your chakra system is getting a nice energetic upgrade. Feels like old patterns, limiting belief systems are being shed. 

Now we are going to do what I refer to as a file cleanup. Like cleaning out an old filing cabinet, we are going to delete old musty files that no longer apply to this new conscious awareness of your knowing, which can be old belief systems... 
While we’re here, you can pull out one of your files, this can be the file of your divine purpose you chose for this lifetime. You can open that up. See what’s in that file, maybe there’s just one page, or there's multiple pages, notice the writing, is it in handwriting, or is it typed... see if there is anything written there for you to know at this time to help you in your life’s mission. Take a moment to check it out…. If its unclear to you that’s ok, you’ll absorb whatever information is there for you energetically in your consciousness because you already are this information, we are just bringing it forth. Once you’re finished looking through your file, you can put it back....
I’m seeing a big fire flame that is orangish yellowish, everlasting flame. Feels like a purifying,
cauterizing of your, "True Knowing." "Flame of purification," you can visualize it, or just allow yourself to walk through it. Allow it to purify your being.
Feeling like things are being reordered, more succinct.

Seeing a golden rope, a connection to your big purpose. Imagine yourself grabbing on to this golden chord, you can give it a tug. We are going to let that energy of whatever your ultimate divine purpose is, we are just going to attune to that. It’s to help you in remembering and to help keep showing you the way.
Its like if you were a deep-sea diver and you have a life chord attached to you while you’re exploring the ocean floor, you always have this chord to keep you connected to the top. Seeing that make a nice connection with you on the mid base of the lower part of the neck in between the upper part of the shoulder blades, so you’ve got that lead, you always can defer back to if you’re feeling lost, or, 'what do I do now;' you snap back into that, "Chord of Knowing."

Seeing everyone’s spirit guides show up here. We all have our personal spirit guides that help us because we need all the help we can get being in this 3D embodiment. I see everybody’s spirit guides standing next to you.  They’re showing up to reassure you they’ve never left you, they’re always by your side, they’re your biggest cheerleader. You do have a strong relationship with this spirit guide, this is your main one. You have several over your lifetime that come in and help at different intervals. But you’re main one here, very supportive, very loving. Whether you’ve been aware of them or not. I see the spirit guides' got a hand on your shoulder in a very supportive, loving way.  
And maybe you already have a strong connection to your spirit guide, its about to become even stronger with your permission. You're going to get an upgrade to being able to hear your spirit guide that much clearer. With your permission, your spirit guide would like to adjust your energetic frequency to better match their frequency, just enhancing that relationship that much more. If you’d like a moment or two to speak with you spirit guide, or Horus, or both, I’m going to give you some time to have a conversation, feel free to have a dialogue with them about whatever it is you’d like to talk to them about….Wrap up your conversation, taking any final insights from your guide or Horus, thanking them.

Directing your attention to the body, feeling your presence within the body. Feeling your relationship with the body, the energetic being that you are that lives in the body. You are of the body. It is your vessel. The dichotomy of having the divine higher self-knowing while also being in this embodiment. It feels like we have a clear distinction of traversing in this physical awareness as well as our higher self-awareness, being able to notice that distinction that much more.
Horus is in His bird-man form, and He is coming around to each one of us. (I saw Him wearing a sun disc crown- first time He has presented to me in this form) He is doing something on the forehead, with the pineal gland. If you notice anything around your forehead, that’s Horus. The impression is that He is cleaning the crystalline structure of the pineal gland. Its like He is polishing that up for increased clarity in that divine self-awareness. It’s also clearing up the nervous system too, to help in processing fear provoking situations and to be more comfortable in that not knowing place that we all fall into at times. 

With the upgrade in our listening, there are many answers in that not knowing place. My feeling is we are going to be much more comfortable when we're in that not knowing place. Things we might hear more clearly now in that not knowing place because we’ll be more comfortable in it, we won’t be so contracted in that place. It will be like second nature, more accepting of that not knowing place, in the whole process of creating, in our life. Everything comes from the void of not knowing. "Birth, life, death, birth life death, birth life death; that is the natural cycle of any creation, going with the flow of that cycle." Not so encumbered by the death process, in that void place, much more streamlined with that flow.
The image now is a white looking sphere which I’ve grown to realize through these sessions, as representative of your Akashic records. I’m seeing that before everyone, their own Akashic record sphere. 
I invite you to allow yourself to become one with that sphere because it’s your all-knowing, your soul’s whole enchilada of your soul's Knowing and blueprint. We are integrating more with that, the lessons you learned in other lifetime embodiment's, in bringing those life missions to fruition, how you did that before.  All of that learning is going to be in your conscious and unconscious awareness now, in this lifetime. The dots are connecting. Some dots are going to connect for you in your waking life, things are gong to make more sense. That’s integrating. "Stitch through time," all
that is being woven together. "The Book of Knowledge." Its all there for you. If you’re noticing energy running throughout the body, allow that to do whatever its doing, being wherever you are. "You can say to yourself, 'I choose to allow new insight to come forward in my journey in my life’s mission that wasn’t obvious to me before.' "  This can come forward now, or later after this group.

Synthesize as a group in consciousness too. We’ll offer this Knowing out to all the other people who are on their life path of discovering their divine purpose, and carrying that through, just throwing that out to all the other people doing this work, who are awake, and wanting to be awake to their life’s work- offering that all out to the collective, for increased collaboration, cooperation... global.
Closing words from Horus: "You have what it takes to see it through. Don’t underestimate yourself. You’ve known all along. Do what feels free, do what feels fun, and trust."

Seems as though it's time to come back with Horus, seeing Him in His falcon form again, as He flies right to left. As a group we are going with Him, hearing His auditory falcon shrills, He takes us back through. Back into our 3D experiencing, but now with this different level of consciousness. 

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