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Giza Grid Activation

February 2020
Giza Pyramids Activation with Tut
The following is a transcribed account of the recorded group journey session I facilitated with, Falcon God, Horus; featuring, Imhotep, and King Tut. This was a channeling of the sacred site of the Giza Pyramids. The words of the Beings are shown within " " marks. The rest of the content is from my intuitive impressions of what they were showing to me. Visit previous blog posts for other sessions with Horus, and, The Divine Egyptian Council; Visit previous blog posts of sessions or for more information.
After settling the group in….

Horus, falcon God, He stands here with us in His bird man form. Noticing what you notice. Feeling His grounded stable energy. His staff in His right hand. He is looking upon the room, connecting with us energetically.

He says, “I stand here before you to show you the Truth. The Truth of your Knowing. Truth of your birth. Why you have come here today. Travel with me so that we may begin in your process of Remembering your True Divine Self. The Self that you always are and have been and will never end. Come with me now. We fly.”

He’s shape shifting into His falcon form. You can imagine whatever you want to imagine. He takes flight, His wings extended. We travel with Him as a group. You can imagine flying with this falcon as He goes further up into the sky. Noticing what you notice. Being curious. Hearing His falcon shrills as He flies higher up into the sky, taking us with Him. He’s flying into a more galactic looking scene, like outer space. Hearing more of His falcon shrills as He begins to fly into a circular motion with us. Opening up a funnel of time and space. Going round and round, right to left. We travel with Him deeper into the consciousness of True Knowing through this funnel of time and space. Hearing more falcon shrills. We go deeper into this funnel.

Now the scenery is changing. I am beginning to see the pyramids in my minds eye. A more aerial view, coming in to this other place and time. It looks to be daylight. The pyramids... see a desert oasis, maybe a body of water off in the distance of these pyramids. Still an aerial view. Noticing the horizon. The sun, discerning if it’s setting or rising. Setting, is what I hear. It is a yellowish orangish in the horizon. Hearing more of Horus’s falcon shrills.
Finding us on the ground before these great pyramids. You can imagine whatever you are imagining, experiencing whatever you are experiencing. We gather as a group, Horus has shape shifted back into His bird man form. We are gathered with Horus. He’s wearing His headdress and crown- His white crown. Settling in.

He’s saying, "You’re’ here to unlock the secrets of your Knowing.” Not really secrets, but, things that have been unaware of in your consciousness, is how I interpret that. He’s saying, "Come with me." We are going to follow Him as a group as He starts walking towards these pyramids.

Seeing the one closest to us, walking toward that. I’m noticing an entrance point as we walk closer up to one of these pyramids. Guess it’d be the first on in the line. Noticing what you notice as we walk along here.

I get the impression of…. I don’t know if they’re dis-incarnates or…. Others... it’s like they’re going inside this pyramid. I’m not even sure if they’re really human. They almost look like a gorilla.. looking… it’s not a gorilla, but it resembles one. I’m hearing the phrase, “humanoid.” I keep seeing an image of this, I don’t want to call it a creature, maybe it’s an ET of some sort, a different kind of being, perhaps, who helped build these pyramids.

Continuing to be curious, seems as though we are just standing outside this first pyramid here, before this entrance. Yea, it looks like a big huge gorilla, but its not a gorilla, its upright, rather large in size, larger then a gorilla. Hhmmm, kind of different. What I’m hearing, I think it’s Horus saying this, “These are the beings that built this." "Helpers..." the Star People built these pyramids, it was not humans as those would want you to think, to believe. 

Seeing imagery of, like a laser tool, or apparatus, seeing a laser beam, showing me the side of the pyramid, and this laser focus, not sure if its cutting the blocks, not sure what, seems I’m being shown a demonstration. 

He’s saying, "the Star People built these for Earth alignment, for the humans, on behalf of the humans, the civilizations that came here to settle. These pyramids store great energy to broadcast outward for those to receive. Enhance your Knowing." Transmits a high frequency for your Knowing.

He’s saying, “Come with me now.”

What’s now coming into view... being shown to me in a glyph form, or art form… think I’m being shown a pharaoh, looks like a man with a white headdress, holding a staff in the shape of a crook, he’s got the chin beard. I believe it’s a pharaoh king. I’m hearing, "He wanted these built." Just being curious of what’s showing up for you, if anything.

“Designer.” ‘the designer. This may be… what is his name? I’m having a hard time pronouncing it… (Imhotep.) Whoever this gentleman is, he had some hand in the development of these pyramids, “the copier.” You can take note of any impressions you may be having, notice what you notice.

Still just out here before these three pyramids, the other two are in the the moment they feel somewhat dormant to me. Star alignment Activates them. And I think the same gentleman with the white headdress is coming more into view, his face, and his staff. 

He’s got a white head dress, gold headband, eye make up. He looks like he has piercing blue eyes, black eye brows, shorter chin bed. Very striking look. He’s got an intensity about him. He’s got a gold neck piece on, some sort of jewelry. Shirtless with an off white tunic. Might even have a gold ankle bracelet around one of his ankles, along with a gold wrist bracelet, both wrists. He’s standing before us. His staff, may be a carved cobra snake on the head of it. I’m seeing a cobra snake or a gold one on his headdress, trying to make this out… trying to get his name right….

He’s saying, “I am the designer. Many moons ago.” 

I’m seeing a golden ankh. He may be a high priest. I’m trying to figure out what he is... He's saying, “Welcome.” Essentially, "Thank you for journeying here, to come before me and these great pyramids."

Now I’m seeing a visual of what they maybe looked like when they were first built… when they were all gold with a gold tip. Wow. Yea, they are all with this gold outer, sheer… and gold tip. They are like 'batteries of energy,' so to speak.

We are standing before this field of pyramids. He may be a priest. Now he’s showing me a jaguar kind of headdress that he wears as well…. Notice what you notice. Feeling the golden energy coming from these pyramids, subtle waves of energy.

This man’s jaguar headdress, I guess it is… noticing the eyes on
this jaguar, being activated in this green emerald color… we are going to receive some 'magik,' some energy, from the eyes of this jaguar, from this gentleman.

You can notice what you notice, experience whatever you’re experiencing. We are going to receive an Activation with this pyramid energy and the energy of this jaguar, the eyes, this emerald green energy. Feels as though it’s targeting the throat. You can notice what you notice with this green emerald energy beaming to the throat, if you notice it somewhere else, you can go with that. Feels like healing energy that’s targeting parts of the body that can really use this healing medicine. Receive it wherever it’s needed for your physical healing.

It’s also how you move through the world. Move like the jaguar, sleek, stealth. Climb up anything you need to climb up with the stealth of the jaguar, undetected.

I’m hearing, "Tutankhamun," King Tut, keep hearing his full name. I’m seeing him, I believe it’s him. He’s wearing his white headdress. He has more regalia on then the other man that we’ve been working with. He also looks younger, like age 17, a young man. Very smooth skin. White headdress with a lot of gold regalia around the head band, he’s got the eye make up. His neck piece is more involved, there’s like blue beading, red beading, gold, he’s wearing a white tunic, but it appears to be more robe like. A lot of jewelry. He’s got earrings. Somewhat of a chin beard. He’s very boyish, he’s a young man. His features... he’s got full lips, a longer face, olive brown skin. Soft features, soft skin.

He’s saying, “I rule this land. These pyramids hold great power. They once lit up the sky for all to see. Beacon of light. 'Earthship.' Technology that has been lost. Lost in fear programming. Fearful beliefs. Lost to dictators who thought they knew best. Lost to war. Forgotten. We are here to Remember. Help you to Remember.”

Noticing his golden staff, it’s all pure gold. It’s bent, looks like a big golden snake staff, jewel eyes. And there’s electric feeling energy from this staff that he’s holding. He’s saying, “Let me help you Remember this Knowing. Linking you back to this energy, and this time when it was congruent on the planet. Looping you back."

I’m seeing a bigger picture of these pyramids. They are lit up and there is golden spirals of Light, light  in vibration, very gradual, almost unnoticeable. Continue to breath, notice what you notice within your self, your body. Receiving this subtle energy from these pyramids and their alignment with the Divine, the stars, the Earth.

Figure eights all throughout this layout of the pyramids, and we’re standing as a group within this overlay. We are essentially in the field of these pyramids with this Activation with Tut. Very subtle energy. You might notice, kind of a buzzing, a lightness in your cells, hum. Subtle higher vibration. Feels as though it’s raising...

Feeling a raise in energy throughout my chest, in my throat, up into my head. A higher vibration of subtle energy from the chest up. Notice what you notice. Like a golden energy, golden light. Feeling the top of the brow and crown, becoming lighter. Almost as if, I don’t feel like I have the top of my head attached, light headed, literally. Integrating this subtle energy. Breathing.

Tut is saying, “These are the gifts of your Knowing. The vibration beyond the body. Your true vibration. Not hindered by the mind, thoughts. The stressers. True Divine Light. Feel this now. Beyond the body. The soul Self. The depth of your Knowing. This is You.”

Pyramid Activation. I’m seeing each of the three tips, light up with white Light, with the star Orion system, Sirius/Sirian…. Looking at the stars in the night sky, as these pyramids are lit up on the tips with these white lights extending into the stars as we just stand here at the base of the pyramids.

Seeing the golden bust of Tut. We are receiving this Pyramid Activation. "The birth place from the stars." Attuning to That from which we came. "Home. Home star system. Home Kingdom."

Continuing to breath. Activating this Remembering at the cellular level. Our cells are vibrating to this frequency. Inhaling, exhaling. Allowing this energy to circulate through out the body. Breathing. Pure star Light.

Also seeing the eyes of the sphinx lit up from this star Light. Unlocking the Mystery from within, to the forefront of your Knowing. Alignment in this Knowing. The everlasting life of divine Truth.
“You are an embodiment of heaven, when you remember this Truth. Your Truth.”

Seeing a cheetah. A cheetah laying down, just hanging out. Inhaling, exhaling. We just have this cheetah among us. Notice what you notice. If you see a cheetah, just be curious. It’s almost like it’s coming around, checking us out. Noticing it’s whiskers, tail. Powerful animal. Powerful cat. Green eyes. Mystical.

Now I feel like, I’m seeing the first gentleman, I think maybe he’s a priest… standing before us. Feeling like a very peaceful presence. This man has a full white robe on. Maybe he’s someone different. Just a very peaceful, tranquil presence. Standing statuesque.

Noticing, The Activation, the pyramids, coming offline now. Noticing Horus, in His bird man form, standing. Integrating this energy. Noticing what you notice.

Have the impression from Horus saying, "We fly to journey back." Meaning, we are going to come back with Him soon. Feels like we are still collecting ourselves, here.

We will give our thanks to... seems like three gentleman, the first, shirtless man, Tut, and then this third, last guy that showed up who did the ceremony with us, I suppose. We give our thanks to these Beings. I have the impression, hearing them, "Thank you for being here. Be on your way. Go forth in this Light. Light Activation of Divine Source."

We are going to follow Horus away from these pyramids, off into the desert-scape. Staying as a group, as Horus shape shifts into His falcon form. He travels higher and higher in to the sky, the dark night sky. Ascending higher and higher to the stars, to outer space, galactic. Hearing His falcon shrills. He begins to take us back through that funnel of time of space. Flying in that circular motion, right to left, as we begin to travel in this funnel with Him. Round and round, in this swirl of time. Hearing more falcon shrills. Traveling with Horus.

Gradually coming back into this room. This space that we occupy here, in the body. Gently shifting your awareness to the body and the breath. Wiggling the toes and fingers, when you’re ready. Taking your time coming back into the physical self. Whenever you’re ready you can slowly open your eyes.

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