Thursday, May 5, 2016

April 2016 Council Journey- ALL download

This journey was a continuation of the previous March journey with the space-time continuum, and the peak of it given by, Osiris.  In this journey, we traveled to a golden pyramid structure in the background of night, the sky was black with brightly shining stars.  As Horus led us up the stairs to the entrance, we are greeted by Isis, who has been meeting us outside before entering to meet with the rest of the Council members at the beginning of each journey.  The impression is that she connects the group up with some sort of instructions before entering.  After this segment, we enter and walk down a dark corridor, lit by burning torches along the walls into the chamber where the Council is waiting for us.  It also seems to of become customary to stand before Vishnu first to begin. This time He gave us a Light bath down to the cellular level, such a lovely frequency from Him.

Next, Anubis placed what seemed like a golden tooth in each of our hands. Believe this represented man, ego, our mortal existence in time.  Next, Anubis, hit his staff on the floor of the chamber which exploded a very bright Light- perhaps symbolic of the 'spark of life.'  This opened up into a different plane to Osiris who was on a cosmic looking chariot. It appeared He was taking us on a tour of the cosmos/Universe- we got a download from him about the timeless presence of experiencing, ALL. I saw very vividly, the word, ALL, in capitol letters. And He showed us the trinity of Him/Osiris, Isis, and then us, 'the children,' that make up ALL that there is. When these three converge together it creates One or Unity Consciousness.  He also vividly showed me his likeness affirming that He is the Father of Time- He kept saying, "I am the Father."  So my other impression is that this may of also been a healing of the divine masculine aspect and 'father/male' issues.  Osiris showed us a visual of planet Earth being held by two hands, and that our planet is viewed as a war and destructive planet- I heard the word, "demonic." I took this to mean that the demonic resides when we are out of Unity consciousness.  We were then given a golden seed of TIME, the present knowing of ALL, and that we are seed bearers to share this consciousness with others and the planet. I directed the group to envision casting these golden seeds, sprinkling the planet.

Once the segment with Osiris dissipated, we found ourselves back in the chamber with the Council. We then did the cauldron segment, that we always do, with Isis and Ammit, to transmute ego parts that no longer serve us. With this transmutation, Horus, joined in the ceremony, and updated our 3rd Eye with divine knowing awareness- I then saw a pyramid with a beam of light coming out of the top of it that started spinning in our heart chakras. With this download, I saw a visual of ancient Egyptian people with their eye sockets glowing white light- my impression is that Horus was giving us the remembering of the knowing in which the ancients lived by, along with the knowledge of aligning with the stars as a 'compass of sorts.'  After the segment with Horus, we then did the Q/A session with the deities that journey members had. Once the q/a portion was finished, we finished up by thanking them, received a final blessing from Vishnu, whereupon we were gifted with a golden necklace with a single piece of emerald on it. Then followed Horus and Isis out, taking flight back with Horus to our return to the 3D plane of experiencing.

Since this journey, I have been using the, ALL download from Osiris, as a re-centering tool when I find myself out of the present moment. It is feeling increasingly more natural and easy to maintain present moment awareness for longer periods, becoming less and less attached to a timeline.


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