Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Divine Egyptian Council January 2016 Journey Highlights

During a very cosmic segment with Osiris, who brought us to Shiva/Kali, in the Egyptian journey, we were given access to, Excalibur, Sword of Truth, that has been associated with King Arthur and his knights. This energy was bestowed upon us to bring forth the Truth in our alignment to the Soul Self, to not be misdirected by planetary or individual chaos. We were gifted a Truth guiding module from this sword attunement for higher discernment and clarity in navigating our life path. I expect increased ease in identifying the best choice when faced with grand decisions.

The Egyptian journey ended with the energy of the 'Blue Buddha.' After researching the significance of this Buddha, it is recognized as, 'The Medicine Buddha.' It is said that continual meditation with this Buddha, will eventually bring enlightenment, and while in process, one will experience an increase in healing ability both for oneself and others and a decrease in physical/mental illness and suffering. This information is on par with the Truth theme of yesterday's journey.

Promptly, a few days after this journey, the truth came out in my and others' personal relationships, that set me free from an oppressive circumstance!

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