Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Waking Up To Intuition

Are you suddenly discovering you can communicate psychically to animals, people, nature? Or that you are a healer of sorts, knowing how to help energetically, or through divination, and your inner knowing? Or maybe for the first time you are drawn to spirituality in some form. For those of you who are beginning to awaken to your Divine abilities that your intuition allows, you are not crazy. You are becoming aware of 4D reality states and beyond. You are becoming more aware of the Intuition Age we are merging with, from previous 3D awareness. You're not the only one, and all is well. Be curious as it all unfolds and play with it. Your life will be in more synchronicity as a result!  Don't be afraid of your intuition. Some of you may have been raised with beliefs that the spirit realm was taboo or that you 'shouldn't mess with it.'  Your psychic self is a natural part of your human make up, it is your 6th sense.  As a collective, many of us are waking up to our intuitive self, or soul self, by having experiences that are considered psychic in nature. This is really just a part of you that has been forgotten once embodied in this 3D world. As the energy on the planet increases to higher frequencies, it increases our awareness with it of other realms that go beyond the physical.  If you are realizing your divine gifts that are to be shared with the rest of the world, follow energies that feel joyful and light.  Energies that feel heavy or 'dark,' are a good idea to stay away from when you are first discovering your innate psychic abilities.  You can receive professional instruction from all kinds of different teachers, myself included. ;)  Pick an instructor that you are drawn to and resonate with. Trust your inner knowing and you will find it becoming more and more easier to discern what's in the best alignment for you, with any aspect of your life.

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