Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Heart & Integrity

I've been noticing in the past couple weeks something that really chokes me up, in a good way. When I witness and experience people showing up for each other, coming through on their word, not compromising themselves in order to honor the truth of a deception, despite what it may cost them, 'doing the right thing.' People connecting with each other genuinely and authentically without any agendas, helping others, connections based in pure love from the heart, coming together. Authentic heart connections with others, whether it's with a loved one or a stranger is what makes life feel rich. Integrity is something no one can ever take away from you and is what defines your quality of life. I much rather have fewer friends who I know are in my corner, that I can rely on, then many, who are fun on the surface but lack in integrity. The more I align in my integrity, honoring myself, the more I attract that which reflects it, and it builds; this is how we create communities based in the virtue of truth and good will- imagine that! This also is extended to those who stay in fear and deception when they are ready to try another way to receive more of what they seek in a less painful manner that deception breeds. Loving honesty isn't always easy to choose, because sometimes it means losing relationships, jobs, circumstances- but I guarantee, you will receive something in return that is so much better suited and in alignment with you that is toxic-free. I promise, after the dust settles, your life satisfaction will go up as a result of choosing love and truth!

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