Friday, December 16, 2016

12/16 Divine Council Journey

Before going into this journey, I had the impression from Vishnu and direct focus of it from Him as, "Understanding Compassionate Truth."  Rather timely teaching given the acute turmoil amongst us, post election of, Donald Trump.

This journey travel with, Horus, brought us to a building that looked like it was in the shape of a pharaoh head with the entrance entering into it. Or a building that looked similar to the Sphinx of sorts. I interpret the building depiction as possibly representative of man.

Outside the entrance, we were greeted by Isis, as usual, and saw her with a primitive tool that looked like it had a wooden handle and a blade at one end. Something like the two tools on the left in the image below.  I had never seen her holding such an object; after reflection post journey, it may of been symbolic of a 'leveling tool' for her prepping us before entering the chamber with, The Council. She also placed a small diamond in our third eye, while transmitting some sort of energy through her ice blue color eyes into ours.  Once she finished with us, we then followed, Horus, into the building.

Now in the chamber, we first, as always, came before, Lord Vishnu, for His opening blessing upon us.  He began moving all of his arms, they were very active in motion, holding the lotus, mace, chakra sphere, and conch. I had never seen all four of Vishnu's arms be active at once. Lots of energy from Him, along with high sound frequencies. During this segment, I also saw the stringed instrument of, Sarasvati, and Her lighter peach color skin. First time I had seen her in a journey,. Her name meaning is, "one who leads to essence of self knowledge," from post internet research. 
After the opening blessing from Vishnu and Sarasvati, Vishnu showed me His image in multiple mirror images, with the message that we are the same but with different and multiple reflections and preferences.  All the infighting among us of these perceived differences are a distraction from the Truth that we are all the same, just have different expressions and preferences of it.

Set then came forward concurring with Vishnu's point of the fighting we do with each other is pointless since we are essentially fighting over the same thing, caught up in how it may look different from the other, but is the same thing, just varying preferences, but there is Truth at the core level.  He depicted two people each standing in their own circle of light, signifying their own individuality/beliefs, etc. and how we can 'respectively' touch our circle with someone else's but not enter their circle, or try to pull them into ours. Respect each other's circles without having to convince or fight about it. Anubis then came forward and took us into a cosmic void, until I saw a white light through the void travel.

A male figure came through this white light that felt like it was, Source. As the figure became more clear, He looked like an elder, bald man, with a big white beard, dressed in a white robe.  It was, Melchizedek, 'God of Light.' He opened up, "The Book of Life," before us, which is also referred to as the, Akashic records.
I believe we received a healing to the cellular/DNA level with this download from, 'The Book of Life,' for all the wars of man though out time.   Melchizedek also identified Himself as, "I am the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit, a version of this."  Giving another message of, Oneness, that is expressed in multiple ways, depicting the same thing. But we get caught up in who can refer to themselves as this Trinity, some would argue that title is only reserved for, Jesus Christ. There are many depictions and versions from what the deities have shown me in many of these journeys.

After the segment with, Melchizedek, Anubis dropped what looked like a clear light bulb into the space between our heart and throat chakra. My impression was that this download was a calibration to our inner Light/Truth, a reference point for us to remember when in a state of righteousness. Anubis then took us back to the chamber with, The Council. We then did the usual transmutation cauldron segment with Isis and Ammit, followed by the Q/A portion with the deities, to answer our personal and general inquiries.

We closed with a final blessing from Vishnu that I experienced through high frequencies of energy from his conch.  After, we were escorted out of the chamber with Horus, Isis, Set, and Anubis. We gave thanks, and Horus brought us back to our 3D plane of existence, ending the journey session.

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